John Bolaris, Upset about Not Getting NBC 10 Job, Ponders a Sex Change

Hey, don't sell yourself short.
Hey, don’t sell yourself short

John Bolaris apparently applied for the NBC10 job that went to new Sheena the former Miss PA NJ, ostensibly. But I don’t think he lost out on the job to Miss NJ because he doesn’t have big breasteses and long, supple legs. I think he lost out on it for exactly stuff like this… and because she’s doing traffic, not weather.

Still, I could see it:


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16 Responses

  1. I used to think the Bolaris stuff was overblown by the Philly media whores and bloggers.

    Now I just realized that he’s really is a tool that speaks too much. Enough of this guy already.

    1. I want entertainment, not this dull vanilla shit that plagues the local news. Bring Johnny B back on the air. Flank him with two of Philly’s finest 5’s (we all know if doesn’t go above a 5 in Philly!).

    2. He lost all credibility when he started schmoozing with Howard Stern on his show. Then the 2008 “Storm of the Century” which left us with about an inch was the last shovel of dirt on his grave.

  2. [Sigh]…..THANK GOD you went back to reporting about TV/Radio Gossip. I thought I was going to have to start going to another sports blog to get this coverage!

    1. Exactly which team do you want to talk about? We are in a death spiral and Philadelphia fans have to accept that and mourn. Get ready for another torturous tenure without a championship. When Chip, Ryne, Chief, and Ruben are long gone…from the ashes the Phoenix will arise. Nervin and Joel will be the next to lead a parade down Broad Street.

  3. He’s not wrong. I mean, we all know she only got hired because she looks good. Hot chicks have life on easy mode.

  4. Fuck this whining ass pussy! He doesn’t realize he’s done in the Philly area. He’s like a Tolly that didn’t get locked up………..yet.

    1. Thank God you are starting so soon. When Brace got canned I become the worst thing on 97.5

      Now that Ant is here I can go back to being the second worst host

  5. Bolaris doesn’t have a penis to cut off. The only reason I didn’t justifiably beat the shit out of that douche was because I didn’t want to deal with the corrupt Cape May County courts. Bolaris pretending to be “held back” from getting his ass kicked in front of the Princeton is something me and my friends laugh about to this day. This is back when he was 50 still trying to sneak in 18yr old girls into bars, and then be obnoxious dick about it when politely flagged on it.

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