Media Notes: 97.5 Morning Show Starts Monday, NBC 10 Has a New Sheena

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Goooooooooooooooooooooood morning everrrrrrrrybody, is what Anthony Gargano will probably say at some hellish hour Monday morning. His new live and local morning show – which seems to be a thing lately! – with co-host Jon Marks, airing from 6 a.m. – 10 a.m., will be the first legitimate direct competition the WIP Morning Show has ever had.

Since certain local media outlets and big-headed hosts just completely ignored this fact, it’s worth pointing out that we broke the news on Monday and have been writing about the potential of a Gargano-led 97.5 morning show since December, and more concretely since January. Plans weren’t finalized until just a week or two ago. I’m told staff was informed of the move at a meeting last Friday, when Gargano walked into a conference room to applause.

Gargano and Marks will be joined by Maureen Williams, who, curiously, has no known on-air experience (and has Josh Innes making not-so-subtle insinuations). Jamie Lynch, better known as Silent Bro when he produced Afternoons at WIP, will produce the show… and probably won’t be so silent anymore.

That image was sent out by a 97.5 ad sales rep. On Tuesday, advertisers or potential advertisers, it appears, will be welcomed to the studio to meet the new crew.

97.5’s lineup will be as follows:

6-10: Morning Show

10-2: Harry Mayes and Eytan Shander

2-6: Mike Missanelli

6-10: Joe DeCamara

Voila_Capture 2015-04-17_09-11-10_AM
pic from Jessica’s Facebook

That there is NBC 10’s new Sheena Parveen traffic girl, Jessica Boyington, formerly of CBS Philly, oh, and of New Jersey. Jessica is a former Miss New Jersey. And, well, I think NBC 10 has found their type:

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I see what you’re doing, NBC 10. I see it. Remember, girls, left elbow-lean pose:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-17_09-21-51_AM

[Editor’s note: No Sheenas were harmed in the hiring of this reporter. She’s still with NBC 10.]

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  1. Looks like Sheena’s breasts are maybe a C cup while the new chick has B cups. Why did they not consider getting Dawn Timmeney for the sports chick. She has nice D cups with a sweet ass to go along with it.

    1. Maybe b/c Dawn is like 50-something ???

      1. She may be close to 50, but she has a rocking body, nice tits and awesome ass. Has to be great in the sack.

  2. Josh Innes seems convinced Angelo will mop the floor with Gargano. Went out of his way the other day on his show to make that clear.

    I think it is probably true. I don’t know that Gargano/Marks can unseat the undisputed champion. But what I do know is that WIP does not have much in the way of legacy planning for that spot – unless they think it’s Innes & Bruno. In fact, that’s probably exactly what MediaMogulBloom is thinking.

    Personally I am not a huge fan of that show. It has its moments, but between Innes’ bi-polar personality from day to day (and sometimes hour by hour) and Tony Bruno’s run on sentence arguments that go round and round in circles for minutes at a time, it grates on me a bit.

    No show is perfect, so perhaps Innes & Bruno will be the best we are going to get. All I know is, I don’t see Gargano and Marks being as entertaining on the drive in (which I’ve become accustomed to). Would rather see them in the afternoon slot and have Mikey Miss pack up and leave…

    Just my 2 cents.

    1. Innes just doesn’t seem very knowledgeable and Bruno seems senile. He’ll be ‘arguing’ with Innes, but not even making a point that is on the subject matter.

      Innes will then say something to try to bring him back, but Bruno will keep going forward with his thought which is barely glancing on topic.

      Not to mention Innes’s small penis which makes him puff his chest everytime he feels slighted.

      1. You are dead on. Tony has lost a lot of Velo on his fastball. He is in the Steve Carlton White Sox period of his radio career. Last week during the Red Sox series when he tried to compare the Phils & Sawx as 2 comparably inept franchises because both were last in their divisions in 2014 but left out the Sawx won the 2013 WS and any franchise would kill for their 40 Man Roster and deep Farm System.

    2. Interesting that Angelo has not mentioned this at all. Smart move on his part and shows, despite his deplorable on air antics at times, he is way more secure and professional than Innes. Giving your competitor the time of day on your show tells me more about your insecurities and need to run someone down to make yourself look better. It doesn’t, just like an immature asshole, which is what Innes is. I don’t know how Gargano will do but something tells me the WIP morning show is not going to give them any attention.

        1. Josh, or a Josh ass-kisser – give it up. Don’t you have a kind of show or whatever to do. Can Kyle find out who this is?

          1. I know who he is.

            Seems like he made a good point. Some anonymous guy on the Internet is telling people what makes someone insecure and an a-hole, then does the exact same thing.

            I must be Josh.

            Thanks for listening Maxie Pad.

          2. A media professional who is obsessed with their competition and continually refers to their rival on-air doesn’t equate to anonymous bloggers talking trash. Two different arenas, 2 different contexts.

          3. Seriously, you have to be a much bigger gash to anonymously rip people on line. If you think about it, all radio personalities are “obsessed” with their competition. Higher ratings means higher pay. Josh seems to be doing it right. Now let’s get back to anonymously calling him fat hehehehehe.

            Josh wins. We lose.

        2. Being overweight is not the issue. I used to listen to Innes night time show. It was OK until he attracted a following of middle school kids who would call in. At first it was cute but then it became annoying. I don’t really care because I can always switch to another station. But I’m wondering if the preteen set is the demo that the radio station’s sales director is aiming at?

  3. The morning show needs somebody who can bring the funny. People want/expect some light talk and humor in the morning.

    Gargano can do light, not sure he can really bring funny. Not sure what Marks brings, though I don’t hate him.

    I have no idea who Maureen Williams is, but I guess they need a Rhea.

    And I am 100% for Sheena clones.

  4. Angelo staked out his turf on friday by lining up an all-Comcast guest list. He blatantly sucked up despite the introduction of their own competition for mornings in BOB on the CSN.

  5. This has disaster written all over it. FANATIC will have to give back 1 Milli a year they get from ESPN, AG having relations with MW behind the scenes, fragile ego of AG, not to mention giving all of the ESPN resources up to WIP ( Sal Pal, Jaworski, ect. ) Dumb Move.

    1. Pretty sure they can negotiate keeping the ESPN affiliation. Not every affiliated station carries the national shows, even Mike and Mike.

  6. -If Josh would stop obsessing about 97.5 long enough to try and actually do an entertaining show, maybe that show wouldn’t be a shitty as it is. I doubt it, but who knows.

    -Have you yet heard any host on 97.5; except for a couple innocuous mentions from MM when Innes/Bruno first started; mention anyone on WIP? No. Innes’ constant carping about 97.5 makes him sound like an ass..and yes, a Stern wannabe.

    -Gargano BLOWS!! No knowledge. No humor, unless you count being a moron as humorous. Sounds like he is gargling when he talks. fake. And no one gives a fuck about his kids.

    Marks should have stayed a producer.

    Never heard of the twat that will do updates, and don’t give a shit who the producer will be.

    Cataldi and crew do, in fact suck, but this Gargano/Marks might border on unlistenable.

    1. Innes, Bruno, MM, and this/the other morning show will all suck until any teams get good in this city. That’s the most obvious thing and the thing NO ONE talks about. Sports radio would be great if we were talking about a Sixers and Flyers playoff run, or a potential 100 win baseball season. Or it wasn’t 5 months until football season.

      I agree the “on air” wars is overdone, but when did “stern wannabe” be so derogatorily? Isn’t Howard Stern’s net worth over $550 million? That’s like making fun of a basketball player being a “MJ wannabe” or a hockey player being a “Gretzky wannabe”.

      Hey Kyle Scott stop being a “Dan Patrick /any famous sports personality” wannabe.

      In the end that’s just a compliment to Innes, so everyone needs to stop.

      1. It’s derogatory because it isn’t original. That fat slob claims to be a breath of fresh air or something but all he’s doing is ripping off schtick from 30 years ago.

        1. You guys sound like a bunch of hs girls talking about loser radio personalities. This is a post about tits & you are bitching about a guy with tits.

          1. Yeah, because when I want to see a set of tits, I come to Crossing Broad. Go spank it to the noon edition of NBC 10 local news ya weirdo.

        2. Not only isn’t it original; Innes isn’t doing it well.

          If you are going to copy a Stern; who, all of his self promotion not withstanding, did change the landscape of radio; you better have at least some ability to pull it off.

          The only way Innes is changing radio is making it worse.

          1. You guys are obsessed with big Josh. Can just picture you punching the steering wheel all fired up in traffic listening to him

        3. The true thing that set Howard Stern apart from his competition years ago, that was not only did people who loved his show list…but haters listened even longer.

          What’s happening with Innes is the same thing. People talk about how much he sucks…but then they can also tell the topic of his past month worth of shows. Hate to break it to you…but if you are tuned into Innes…love him or hate him, you are helping his ratings and affecting his show.

          I have a question for people on here…where do people not in the industry get there ratings from? When people talk about the Fanatic beating WIP in almost anything…I shake my head. There is really one source the industry gets it’s ratings from…Neilson.

          Anything else is B.S. and nothing against Kyle, cause I love his site…but when he breaks down ratings it’s a damn joke.

          Know what really matters? Advertising dollars. And here is where the battle has never, not once, not one day, been close. Missanelli may have been number one when gargano was on air…but Gargano’s show still generated more revenue.

          1. Advertising revenue is the only relevant number. Ratings are a joke. The way these guys do ratings is so ancient I don’t see how anyone can argue their relevance.

      2. No it isn’t a compliment to Innes. A wannabe is not is just that – wants to be Stern, but is not.

  7. I am going to get so mad about this blog post you have no idea, Kyle.

    I’m talking about subtle shots on air….complaining in Andy Bloom’s office….MAYBE a tweet or two. It’s on, jackass. It’s on.

    Also, anyone got any food? I’m FAT.

  8. I think they have a legitimate show at taking a big chunk of ratings. I mean, Cataldi has never had real competition in that slot so we’ll see how he does with the pressure on. Probably not so well given his erratic personality.

  9. I’m sure this new show will take a bite out of Cataldi’s ratings. I can’t stand the morning show…I split my time between Mike and Mike and Preston and Steve. I don’t really like M&M, but at least they discuss sports most of the time, vs. just about any of the dumb shit Cataldi and crew discuss.
    That said, I don’t think Gargano can unseat Cataldi, but I’m guessing that ratings-wise, 97.5 would be happy with a moderate gain on their listenership they currently get in the am. Any competition like this can perhaps bring out everyone’s A game, at least in the beginning.

  10. I would love to go ass to mouth with Sheena, then shoot my goo all over her perky breasts.

  11. I would love to smell Jillian Mele’s panties after a long morning on the set of boring on broad

      1. It is unfortunate how ugly Sarah Baicker is. Definitely not a face for tv. However, I do see Rob Ellis checking out Jillian Mele’s tits every so often during the show.

        1. Barrett is a slob. Jillian looked good today on that chair when she was interviewing that nerdy golf guy. Made me think about sucking on her pussy

  12. All I know is that as long as they don’t have those two dumbass, garden gnomes, Martinez and Younes on the air they should be ok. Both Martinez and Younes talk big but are nothing but two five foot four losers, with no knowledge, no clue and no right being on air. I met Martinez once at the station and he acted like a big shot and that same day on the air couldn’t name one player that came from the University of Virginia, Maryland or Louisville. The only thing that Martinez has going is that his wife is a hot piece of ass with a nice rack.

    1. LOL. I know his wife and you’re right. Pretty nice pull by him, he’s a short trolly looking dude.

    2. But Younes is a quality scamdicapper!

      He’s 3,567-4 in the NBA. A $100 bettor would have made $7.8 million this season!!!!!

    3. Younes loves yelling into the mic when bitching about the sixers tanking. Dude is clueless like his shitty picks

  13. Ummmm, and what about me!?!? I cant spend the rest of my life serving drinks at Pitcher’s Pub, right? Get me back on the air!

  14. I think that little wheorseeyy toofers girl stuck out in Kansas City is going to be pretty jeaouls of this new girl, time to start traffic chick wars.

  15. How can you say the idiots at WIP haven’t had direct competition? What does Preston & Steve entail? As much as I hate the failed bald comedian and the creepy radio voiced Midwestern fuck, you can’t ignore that they’ve been ruling the airwaves in this city for god knows how long.

    This is a bad move on the Fanatics part thinking they can compete in the morning with a fake South Philly Italian in Gargano and a big headed loud mouth know nothing like Jon Marks. It’s going to fail miserably and that station will sink with it.

    All morning shows in this city suck, this one won’t be any different. Podcasts and Satellite beat terrestrial radio handed my every day because people are sick of the tired formulas and non stop commercials. We can only take so much Mariota/ Chip Kelly talk before we bash our own heads in

      1. I wouldn’t exactly call Angelo and Company a sports show. It’s nonsense on top of non sense. A loud mouth out of tower, big head pervert, non speaking hockey lover, and an ugly blonde who brags about places she eats downtown and people she sees.

    1. Gargano will be broadcasting across the hall from Preston and Steve.

      Don’t be surprised to see some crossovers!

      1. There’s no may there will be crossovers with P & S on 97.5

        Gargano will be competing against WMMR, KYW, Dabella etc. He’ll be lucky to get in the top 10.

        Why does no one realize that Cataldi is a Stern clone? Instead of midgets, strippers and “mentally challenged people, Cataldi has wingettes and his callers.

        1. I’m also the voice of Philly fans.


        2. Nope, Gargano is not competing with Preston and Steve and DeBella. Gargano is competing against WIP. Missinelli appear on Preston and Steve when WIP switched sports talk. Missinelli joked about how he beat 610 so bad that it also knocked out MMR’s competition.

          It’s all one company. The company doesn’t gain money from switching listeners. They need to steal listeners.

          You’ve never noticed that MMR and MGK both air their commercials at the same time? Gargano doesn’t need to be top 10. He just needs to take listeners away from WIP.

  16. Re: Gargano in mornings {{{{{yawn}}}}}
    who cares about little Ant and little Moss, butlers, violations, Sir Bro, faux romantic looks at his stupid traditions, and all the other crap he’ll pollute the air with. As far as I’m concerned Philly sports radio right now is a toxic dump

    1. Am I the only one who can’t look at a white woman the same way after they have been with a black guy?

  17. Ewwwwww, look at how gross and fat I am with skin tags hanging off the corner of my eye – just like a real low-hygeine, tubby waste of humanity.

  18. 25 years of cataldi with no real local sports radio competition and the best 97.5 can come up with is gargano!!! i’ll give it a try, but probably be back listening to siriusxm in a few weeks.

    1. A few weeks!!!!??

      I’ll be lucky to last a few minutes of No Neck Phraud and the Angry Weasel. I don’t know who the girl is but if she is interested in “Ant” then she is a whack job. Also, who the h-e-double-hockey-sticks cares who the damn producer is? Like this guy is anything to anyone. Really? This is their great idea of competition?? Ugh, I HATE Angelo and crew but this sounds even worse. So thankful for audio books for my morning commute! God, 97.5 is turning into a train wreck like WIP. I used to love the station when it was new a fresh but now it is old and stale, good job of running into the ground…

  19. even if yo ulisten to mike and mike, is that any better? mike and mike fucking suck. vanilla bland douches.

    1. how lame are mike & mike? they not only talk about what they tweet, but they talk about what their wives tweet. that’s brilliant sports radio.

  20. Putting aside that 97.5 has a signal that barely penetrates a 10 block radius, if Kyle’s thesis that Gargano and Barkann were the only things holding WIP away from total destruction of the competition then this only makes like worse for 97.5.

  21. Holy Shit.
    What a collection of douchebags, dimwits, dullards and dunces.
    Shander, Gargano, Mike Miss, holy crap.

      1. No, but I also never said they were better.
        I was responding to the story about 97.5 your effing asshat.
        I understand it’s probably above your comprehension level, dick.

          1. The name is Francis Sawyer, but everybody calls me Psycho. You call me Francis, I’ll kill ya.

  22. I am the worst thing to happen to Philadelphia radio in decades, but even I think this show is going to be a disaster.

    And I know a thing or two or three or 345 pounds about disaster. Did you get that joke? I’m fat.

  23. What happened to me ? I was so gay and targetable that it appears I have gone gay missing . Can Bob just come back and suck on some wip dick again so we can all target his gayness . #incineratecataldi

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