Just a Reminder: Your Eagles Rumor Du Jour Was Started by a High School Senior

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I don’t know Vansh Bansal*, the PHLSportsNation.com writer who reported the following story yesterday that has social media buzzing:

According to a source with ties to NFL Films, the league has footage of running back LeSean McCoy “threatening to hit” Chip Kelly during the last game of the season against the Giants. The source claims that the league knew McCoy would “be off the team months before” the trade was announced.

Several NFL spokespeople declined to comment, as did a member of the footage licensing department.

Now, Vansh may very well be right. But, like that silly Bradford-for-Manziel-for-Mariota story from earlier this week, this is coming from a relative unknown person with no track record and, in this case,  a high school student. Vansh is a senior at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North, according to his Twitter account. His Facebook profile is dominated by pictures of a family trip to Disney World, and his Likes include a number of the characters from the movie Cars. That said, I admire his gumption, and will shower him with credit if this turns out to be true. But, before we go injecting his report into the ether, let’s….

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* I asked him to DM me this morning, but he hasn’t responded yet– quite possibly because he’s in Biology class and then it’s on to Algebra before break and recess.

UPDATE: I spoke with Bashal. He informs me that he passed Biology in the ninth grade (score!) and trusts his source. Perhaps… he wants to apply for the CB Internship Program For Students Who Can’t Read Good and Want to Do Other Stuff Good Too? I’ll keep an eye on it for you.

UPDATE 2: PHLSportsNation doing some follow-upBrian McCarthy, VP of Communications at NFL, stated: “We have not heard of anyone who has that footage at NFL Films.”


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  1. Q. Coach Parcells, what’s the first thing you do when you take over a team ?

    A. ” I get rid of all the stupid guys”

    Q. Donovan, how did you find out you were starting this Sunday ?

    A. ” The janitor told me “

  2. Dont believe anything the Fanatic says, they told me last week I was getting a promotion!

  3. I haven’t tweeted since my temper tantrum earlier this week. Anybody gonna mention that?

    Seriously is anyone gonna mention that? I….need to be given attention. I’m needy. Talk about me PLEASE

    1. I noticed Josh. I assumed that jackass Bloom told you to stop tweeting because even he thought you sounded like the little bitch you are.

    1. Culture has lost us a home playoff game and saw a 9-3 team collapse down the stretch and miss the playoffs all together. One of those losses was against the God awful Redskins where we got torched by a player who we cut because of “culture.”

      Culture means Riley Cooper as a starting wide receiver, an inability to score in the red zone when it counts, and only a handful of wins against teams who finish the season above .500.

      But sure, keep drinking that kool aid. Because after all good players don’t win football games, rigjt? Culture does.

  4. these ads are too much…this will decrease my visits while at work, and when I’m home at night, I dont check the site much. I think you should revisit your marketing strategy, and keep in mind that most of your views are probably between the times of 8-5 with people at work.

    1. I don’t care. I’ve been lying about this 6 figure thing and need to make money somehow.

    2. I know people keep saying this and I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I downloaded that adblock thing for Chrome and it makes such a difference with this site. Especially by eliminating that stupid video popup.

      1. Not only does it make this website better, but it makes every other website 100% better.

  5. For some reason, this story does not surprise me in the least, even though it is from a high school student. I think Chip wanted to trade Shady 5 games into the season for some fruit smoothies, the Oregon mascot (for Swoop to chase around) and access to the same recruiting service that he used while at Oregon (to find Shady’s replacement.) Basically, Chip grabbed his crotch aimed at LeSean, and said, “You ain’t got balls like these!!”

  6. I mean…McCoy’s nickname is Shady…I’ve been told by someone who knows, he’s not a good dude. Not to mention the tip controversy, throwing the girl off the bus…

    This doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    1. McCoy is human garbage. He was human garbage when he was an Eagle and I hated him as an Eagle. However Eagles fans loved him and only now that he’s not wearing their team’s laundry do they pipe up with the fact that the guy is a world class scum bag.

      I hope he rots in Buffalo. He deserves it.

      1. You are really a strange person. Wherever you are from is missing an idiot. We get it..you don’t like Philly teams. You aren’t from here. You feel inferior, so you spend way too much time posting stupid crap in an attempt to seem better than a Philly fan. All you do is make an ass out of yourself. Your posts are lame. You suck.

        1. /\ TACS fan I assume? They’ve both sounded like whiny bitches this week. Only thing I’m surprised by is the level of dislike they have for each other. Then again this could be the greatest radio skit of all time and they keep this “feud” going up until July when they hire Anthony back. And it all turns out to be a skit, the firing, the feud all of it.

  7. This kid clearly isn’t on Kyle’s level of legit journalistic integrity, and where can I buy some tshirts?

  8. Good riddance 25. The we find out about this guy, the more I’m ashamed to have owned one of his jerseys…

    1. Typical loser Eagles fan. Will cheer on and buy the jersey of any piece of trash as long as they are an Eagle. The minute they leave then “they are a bad person”. Let me guess, you defended McCoy over stiffing the waitress and the party bus. You also were a Vick fan. Sad.

        1. True. Doesn’t make it any less pathetic. Now go back to rooting for other men even though they are crappy human beings. Still sad.

          1. Idiot gives life lessons about being a good human while spending daily hours trying to annoy people on the internet. Pretending to be a good human, while proving yourself to be a d-bag -Saddest.

      1. No. I bought a McCoy jersey his second year before any of this garbage came to light. I liked the dude. He was electric on the field and is a PA kid that grew up an Eagles fan. Between stiffing the waitress, throwing a stripper off of a bus, being a complete ass hole at charity signings, talking all types of shit on Chip after getting traded, now THIS? The guy is a scumbag.

        As for YOU, where the fuck you draw correlation to being a Vick supporter from buying a LeSean McCoy jersey and simply stating after his many discretionary actions, you’re ashamed to have owned said jersey? Fucking rationalize that shit so I can better understand just what level of internet troll you are.

  9. Kyle, if you wait too much longer on your review of “BoB”, it will no longer be relevant as I’m sure it will be cancelled very soon.

    Though taking inference from some tweets that I read this morning, it seems like TO must have tagged Mele.

    1. I think he’s waiting b/c he wants to try and get a guest slot on there 1st. Shouldn’t take long before they get desperate enough to book him.

    2. Its on from 6-8am on TCN a channel that airs infomercials all day. It was set up to fail from the beginning. When I want Eagles news the first people I think of aren’t Jillian Mele or Sarah Baicker.

  10. Real typical for the Fanatic to pick up this story and post it to their twitter. ..no credibility, Nothing…97.5 is one step above college radio and shades below actual professional radio….you know what 97.5 ‘s problem is ? It’s fucking water cooler talk. They fill their airwaves with fuckin no-name shmucks…Joe who? Sean what? These guys are literally straight out of their college radio studio and come right to the fanatic….and 97.5, in some moronic move chooses to hire these people….say what you want about WIP, but they are much better content wise because they have recognizable talent….maybe you don’t like the names, but at least you’ve heard of them before…

    then the fanatic picks up this story — doesn’t even fact check it to see where it came from. Remember when Jeremy Maclin was still supposed to resign with philly? The great jon and Sean post something saying “it’s a done deal..Maclin is resigning” oh yeah? Who’s their source? Probably either made up or the source was a friend from school who “heard” on twitter

    I will never understand why ANYBODY chooses to listen to 97.5 over anything. I’d rather sit in my car in silence…

  11. Notice no stan hochman talk on their airwaves….no one their is old enough to remember him. Fucking embarrassing

      1. Short hand, my friend. The world doesn’t actually need grammar police so after your done critiquing English for the next 6 hours, do us all a solid and dive bomb off the top of your office building.

  12. ^^^ ur propensity for crticizing others for grammer misteaks is appauling.

    their ain’t know Mensa members here. most members are womyn.

  13. The truth will come out soon…McCoy is a great football player but a terrible human being!

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