RADIO WARS: Anthony Gargano Co-Hosted with Mike Missanelli Today

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The headline says it all, but what does it mean?

The maestro has no sheet music in front of him at the moment. He’s improvising. All sources have gone radio silent. The people who normally tell me what’s going on have stopped responding to even the most nonchalant emails and text messages. So what follows is pure conjecture, but I feel good about it: I think an announcement involving Anthony Gargano hosting either a morning or mid-day show on 97.5 is coming soon. I think Jon Marks, who hasn’t tweeted in five days except to retweet a Tweet about Julie Kramer throwing out the first pitch today, will be a part of it. Maybe Harry Mayes, too. I think that would be a good three-man combo.

Gargano sat alongside Missanelli today and neither of them made mention of any future plans. Gargano even cracked about being out of work. But it’s not a coincidence that he sat in on Opening Day, which undoubtedly meant a nice bump in listening audience at 2 p.m. as people headed down to the ballpark, and at 5 p.m. as people left early.

What does this mean for Mayes and Eytan Shander, who are hosting 10-2 this week? I’m not sure it means anything. I still think a morning show to rival Angelo Cataldi and the morning team at WIP is a possibility. It might cost 97.5 their ESPN affiliation, but it could be worth it. If not, and Gargano is part of a mid-day show, I doubt he’d take only two hours per day. I would think he’d be on 10-2 with someone. That would mean even more shuffling around, and with evenings currently in flux with Nick Kayal leaving for Sirius, I’d think Shander could join Joe Staszak and Matt Lombardo – co-hosting this week from 7-10 – in a so-called competition for that time slot.

Again, this is all my best guess. Gargano and, to a lesser extent, a morning show seemed like they were in the cards for 97.5, but I’ve heard nothing in the last week. We’ll see. NOISES:

UPDATE: Well here you go, take it for what it’s worth. Megalomanic Josh Innes, who just can’t help himself but to break news for rival stations, says it’s a done deal and I wasn’t reporting it because I’m playing favorites, obviously:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-06_08-29-14_PM

No idea if he’s right. But even if he was, I wouldn’t tell you, because I’m on the take from 97.5.

UPDATE 2: It might be happening, yeah, but it’s not happening this week or on Monday.


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    1. 440 six pack? Best I had was 383 road runner. It was badass, but not like 440 or 426.

      1. Blocking comments again Kyle without comments your site wouldn’t exist.

  1. kyle, do you honestly believe the reason they haven’t had a morning show is because they were waiting for a host to become available? i highly doubt it. if it was financially more advantageous to have a local show vs whatever benefits the espn deal gives them wouldn’t they have done it before now?

    1. Espn doesn’t let their “talent” go on non ESPN stations. For a station that is just beginning it is a nice weapon to have against Goliath. Now that 97.5 is all grown up maybe they see themselves as not needing that crutch anymore.

      1. You get Mort, Clayton, Stink, Herm. Those guys are pretty good during the NFL season.

  2. Gargano somehow seems less south Philly bo while with mike miss. Interesting vibe.

  3. “Reunited and it feels so good”. LOL, weren’t these two married on WIP, divorced and now married again on 97.5? Marrying the same woman twice is like opening the refrigerator, taking a sip of three week old sour milk, then putting the milk back hoping it will get better later. Ain’t gonna happen.

    1. Pretty sure the “divorce” wasn’t because they disagreed but because of Mike’s famous (infamous?) incident on St. Patty’s back in 2005 or 2006.

  4. Kyle, any plans to do a follow up on Sean Brace? Im very curious where he would go from here considering he was never a household name in Philly radio.

    1. Follow him on Twitter
      #FreeAgent #Progress
      Where it’s always sunny

  5. sooo i just heard Harry mayes and Eytan shander show for the first time today, Mayes doesn’t bother me but holy fuck that dude Shander is terrible. I understand that part of the job as a sports radio host is to be negative and play devil’s advocate to every caller. It’s the first two bullet points in the hacky radio host playbook, but Shander is overkill plus he has no personality and just sounds like a giant douchecanoe, maybe he’s pissed his parents named him eytan

    wow, just saw a picture of him and he’s douchier looking than i expected

    1. shander is garbage. its always seems like hes screaming to make a point. wish they had someone better to pair with harry.

  6. The Gargano experiment at 97.5 …Gulp…Disgusting to hear that voice. Mikey ….talk about a clown show. Just hope management doesn’t team the Mouth up with Mikey in the p.m. slot. That’s a certain losing proposition. Why can’t Philly radio get rid of has-beens Gargano and Macnow… .

  7. It took 2 hours but he did give us an update on one of his little meatballs. Little Ant still sucks at T Ball. Hahahaha! That’s Awwwwwwesome!

  8. From what I was told is they’re teaming them up! Listensed to the entire show today and frankly people were excited to hear these two… Old enough to remember when they were together the first time and they were great! I guess is they team up…they crush Inness and Bruno…WIP shits bricks!


    1. Yeah they had all of Ants ‘Bo’s call in blowing him. Especially douchebag Murray from Mayfair

    2. Gargano’s gurgling voice; his fucking kid’s T-ball; his stupid ass fanboy callers…….He fucking sucks, people.

      Bad enough we have Arthur, Levi, Al, Bernie, Bob from Glennmore…….now we get Murray from Mayfair, Raider Jack, Avalon Brian, and whoever that twat was that said she was the optimistic Phillies fan.

      Back to Sirius.

      1. How the hell did you forget to mention his most annoying trait ? That fake ass laugh. If it’s not funny enough to “for real” laugh, don’t laugh. It’s as simple as that. Douche nozzle.

    3. I call bullshit–no way the pay him what he would cost to add to that expensive time slot–mornings or a 10-210-2 true midday w mayes

  9. 97.5 will never have a chance until they get rid of those dickheads in the morning. Unlistenable. Rather than listen to that offering until 10am, I went with NPR.

    1. Anyone else shocked by the conclusion of this comment? The beginning really didn’t make me think an NPR mention was coming.

  10. I am pretty sure that Harry and Eytan will be the permanent 10-2 midday show (listen to their advertisements with them leading into May with a 10-2 time slot), with Anthony and Jon on a morning show from 6-10 (Jon is still doing advertisements, so he will remain with the station), and Missenalli will be solo (with Martinez) from 2-6. The wild card is who will be on at night, perhaps Ellis in 90 days or less?

    1. I don’t think so…If they’re teaming anyone with Gargano its not going to be Jon. I think 97.5 is afraid of losing 2-6p to WIP (since they are basically losing to WIP’s AM and Middays shows now). Why even try to go against Angelo or Preston & Steve, while losing the ESPN affiliation in the process? Cuz and Mikey 2-6p, trust me!

      1. Gargano is the LAST person MM would want teamed up with him. Gargano has WAY too many negatives associated with his radio act. Innes and Bruno, after maybe an initial up-tick in ratings for being new, will fail on their own. Innes has even more negatives than Gargano associated with his voice, his style, and his background.

        1. They seemed to have good chemistry today…guess it’s all a moot point since fat ass innes may have sorta confirmed it! God I hate that fat shit!

    2. Harry needs Baldy. Send the Shan Man to unemployment line.

  11. Neither did Eskin…but his ass got teamed up with Ike Reese when his ratings took a dip. 97.5 has more incentive to crush WIP in the afternoon, more so than any other time slot. WIP paired up Bruno and Inness before it became “official”.

  12. Hell, I’ll take Gargano over that pompous ass Paul Jolovitz any day. The last two nights I had to turn the radio off because he did nothing but tell every caller that Kentucky was not so great and he was not all that surprised that they lost to Wisconsin. He might be right for all I know, I don’t follow basketball. But he runs a subject right into the ground and he sounds like he is always slobbering.

    1. Right? Whenever Jolovitz is right about something he will brag about it for 4 hours straight. Then when he is wrong he will completely ignore it. Just can’t stand Jolovitz. Telling callers to “get to the point” when they have been talking for 10 seconds. Always acts annoyed at callers.

      1. He is the absolute worst. He thinks he’s the be-all end-all. He gargles balls.

    2. Paul Jolovitz? Hahaha. That guy works two hours a week and thinks he’s Mike Tirico. Hahaha. Doesn’t it annoy anyone that that fool has to be the first one to ask a question in a press conference with his stupid squeaky ass voice and he’s been a two hour a weekend guy for about 15 years? Get the message pal: you blow. That’s why nobody will give you a full time slot.

  13. I sense a pro-Gargano anti-Innes tone. You knew everything about what was happening at WIP and basically said people were losing jobs because Innes. Now, you know nothing about 97.5 and aren’t blaming Gargano for the same thing? C’mon Kyle.

    1. yep.

      one would assume plenty of positions would be lost (or transferred) if they lose the ESPN affiliation behind the scenes. Or a host (or Martinez) will be ousted for anything else reported.

      where’s that angle?!?

    2. and the WIP afternoon show would still be Ant/Rob Ellis had Gargano accepted the contract they offered him.

      It’s not like he was ousted, or Macnow was during his contract problems. They are probably just like a lot of old-media who want to get paid more than they were in 1999 when they had more than twice the audience they do now.

  14. wtf is up with those annoying ads at the bottom of every damn page? seriously. shits weak

  15. Harry is solid. His current partner is like nails on a chalkboard. Save Harry dump that fool Shander.

  16. Seriously, Innes, you are making Kyle seem all the more sane and likable.

    What the hell is the matter with Innes. He is such a small time, thin skinned little (lol, OK, not little) fairy. He’s getting his panties in a bunch because of what KYLE SCOTT, the douchebag blogger from Hatboro, is writing about his RADIO SHOW in 2015.

    Newsflash, Innes. Nobody cares. Nobody. Get. Over. Yourself. You have no room to talk bad about Missanelli. At least he keeps his madness off of Twitter. Seriously. Innes is the worst. A bad person on top of an unlistenable radio show.

  17. Innes will never make it.

    He’s losing it to what freaking Kyle writes. Wait until a real news outlet actually tries to do a story on him.

    The dude plans on calling out athletes and GMs and what not over their nonsense….but he can’t take being touched on his. No wonder Andy Bloom loves him. Two pathetic self absorbed egomaniacs. They are perfect for each other.

    1. Innes and Kyle are the same thing. One could argue that Kyle is far more petulant than Innes judging by that juicy Twitter exchange. Innes asked questions and Kyle got defensive. At the end, like the baby he is, he off handedly called Innes a weasel. Didn’t see Innes act like a child…he asked the same questions that Kyle would ask to anyone else.

      Kyle is a turd and the only weasel I know in Philly (who else would write a story about David Murphy, A PHILLIES BEAT WRITER, about how much of a douche he is when Kyle himself is a fucking GOSSIP COLUMNIST).

  18. Only I may say anything about others! Stop bullying me guys or I will cry on twitter. I mean it! I will call Andy!

  19. I still think Eytan should be canned. He should be an update guy on Sirius between 3-4am Sunday morning. It’s perfect for a man of his ability.

  20. I for one am happy that Gargano will be back on the radio. I would rather listen to my parents have sex than listen to Innes. Do people really like him? I’m shocked he is still around

  21. Gargano 10-2 with Mayes. John Marks 6pm to when ever.

    Can’t see 97.5 giving up there ESPN affiliation.
    Without it they won’t get Jaws, sal pal, Jayson Stark, etc. They are prohibited from going on non ESPN stations.

    No morning show coming to 97.5, cost prohibitive. And they won’t beat Cataldi or Preston and Steve, with the state of sports in philly. It’s not 2008.

    Gargano and a blowup doll can beat Ike and Mike. This would give 97.5 the 10-6 slot.

  22. There has to be thousands upon thousands of more talented sports talk hosts available. Its sad how they keep recycling the same old tired played-out local acts and hire old eagles players who really have no business being in the broadcasting business.

  23. What this means is that the afternoons in Philadelphia will be hosted by 4 of the biggest asshats in the business.

    When Innes is the least annoying of any foursome, you know you have major douchery.

    1. Rhea’s Meat Curtains….. I just threw up a meatball from 2 hours ago into my mouth.

      Thanks for that.

  24. Gotta say I really enjoyed Gargano on the air today. Hated him with Rob, but him and Mike Miss together reminded me of their show back at 610 in the glory days and I thought they were entertaining. Josh Innes with his tweets is just insufferable.

  25. Fat boy at it again acting like a little cry baby . I’m sure his dad has like 6 voicemails from Josh crying . I feel bad for his dad, his son is such a thin skinned bitch . If Josh was my son I’d blender my nutsack so I’d never produce another piece of shit like him again . Kyle go for the head shot and mention the number of titties you never got to touch that were smaller than his man d’s . Josh when will you learn to stop acting like such a bitch so I wouldn’t want to #incinerateinnes so much . Choke on your neck fat .

  26. WIP made a big boo-boo when they signed on to broadcast Phillies baseball. 60-102 seasons were only listenable on the radio when Harry Kalas called the games. Now they are just like watching paint dry.

    1. Great point. We’ll never again feel the chemistry of two best friends who know how to play off each other than Harry and Richie. The best broadcast team in our history. Rest in peace fellas, we miss you.

  27. There’s only 1 thing Innes will be remembered for once his few minutes of fame inevitably flame out — the slob who was able to make WIP a joke in afternoon radio. The 1 – 6 Innes variety show will eventually feature Andy friggin Bloom and his boy Innes fiddling together on air, with only their relatives and family members listening. Lack of talent just doesn’t make it for long.

  28. Innes, we all know you read every word on this blog, including the comments, so:

    You suck. Not because you are overweight; not because you aren’t from here; not because you and Bruno are about as mismatched as a radio pair can be…you just suck.

    You think you are doing a Stern reprise when he took DeBella (do you even know who that is?) down. Sending black roses. Sending interns to 97.5. Calling out the competition on the air. Singling out Missanelli.

    Stern was a) funny and b) original. You are neither, not by a long shot.

    I gave your show a shot at night. I gave you and Bruno a shot.

    Do you know how we all know that you know that you are not cut out for this size market: You are obsessing over a blog and melting down on twitter over it. It makes you look desperate for attention. It makes you look thin skinned. It makes you look insecure.

    If you had faith in what you are doing, you wouldn’t give a flying fuck about Gargano, Missanelli, or anyone else. You obviously don;t have that faith.

    That is why you will be Bloom’s last great failure.

    1. Exactly right. I had never heard this Innes clown, so I decided to give his show a try about a week ago. Jeezus, after about fifeeen minutes of no sports and a lot of morning zoo cackling bullshit, I flipped back to Missanelli. Shit, I’d rather listen to violins on NPR than endure that goddamn disaster on WIP.

  29. 1. Do you now feel about the Sean Brace HS photo post?

    2. Would you think about hiring Sean Brace over at Crossing Broad? To be fair, he/Marksy did promote you guys a ton on-air during the field of 64 last year, etc.

  30. Maybe its just me, but that Ennis dude seems to be awful obsessed with what 97.5 does. That’s so desperate and kind of pathetic. Why would anybody listen to that guy? Philadelphia sports fans deserve much better than a show like that, don’t you think?

    1. what do you want? more Mariota talk? analysis of a 3 hit performance when your ace gives up 4 HRs in what 5 innings? Sixers hour? Flyers hour? Philly Union hour?

      All sports radio (and CrossingBroad visits) must be way down, and would be trash if there wasn’t any type of “radio wars” going on.

  31. Just what the fuck I need, some faux South Philly guy talking for two hours about Little Ant taking a shit last night.

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