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The headline says it all, but what does it mean?

The maestro has no sheet music in front of him at the moment. He’s improvising. All sources have gone radio silent. The people who normally tell me what’s going on have stopped responding to even the most nonchalant emails and text messages. So what follows is pure conjecture, but I feel good about it: I think an announcement involving Anthony Gargano hosting either a morning or mid-day show on 97.5 is coming soon. I think Jon Marks, who hasn’t tweeted in five days except to retweet a Tweet about Julie Kramer throwing out the first pitch today, will be a part of it. Maybe Harry Mayes, too. I think that would be a good three-man combo.

Gargano sat alongside Missanelli today and neither of them made mention of any future plans. Gargano even cracked about being out of work. But it’s not a coincidence that he sat in on Opening Day, which undoubtedly meant a nice bump in listening audience at 2 p.m. as people headed down to the ballpark, and at 5 p.m. as people left early.

What does this mean for Mayes and Eytan Shander, who are hosting 10-2 this week? I’m not sure it means anything. I still think a morning show to rival Angelo Cataldi and the morning team at WIP is a possibility. It might cost 97.5 their ESPN affiliation, but it could be worth it. If not, and Gargano is part of a mid-day show, I doubt he’d take only two hours per day. I would think he’d be on 10-2 with someone. That would mean even more shuffling around, and with evenings currently in flux with Nick Kayal leaving for Sirius, I’d think Shander could join Joe Staszak and Matt Lombardo – co-hosting this week from 7-10 – in a so-called competition for that time slot.

Again, this is all my best guess. Gargano and, to a lesser extent, a morning show seemed like they were in the cards for 97.5, but I’ve heard nothing in the last week. We’ll see. NOISES:

UPDATE: Well here you go, take it for what it’s worth. Megalomanic Josh Innes, who just can’t help himself but to break news for rival stations, says it’s a done deal and I wasn’t reporting it because I’m playing favorites, obviously:

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No idea if he’s right. But even if he was, I wouldn’t tell you, because I’m on the take from 97.5.

UPDATE 2: It might be happening, yeah, but it’s not happening this week or on Monday.