RADIO WARS: Tony Bruno and Josh Innes Beat Mike Missanelli in March


Though his constant chest pounding of the ratings has a “he doth protest too much” quality to it, Josh Innes is right that he and Tony Bruno were the number one overall drive-time show – not just against 97.5 – among men 25-54 in March, by share, beating 97.5 from 1-6 (their full show) and 2-6 (head-to-head with Mike). We got a brief glimpse of the ratings. They did indeed win in the share column (radios tuned to WIP) in the coveted men 25-54 demo, though Mike did have a higher weekly cume (total listeners over the course of a week).

It’s like a heavyweight fight: 97.5 lands a blow with a planned morning show, WIP hits right back with a ratings win in Afternoons. If you’re one of those people who pirated the first four leaked episodes of Game of Thrones last night and now has nothing to watch for a month, this should keep you (and Kyle) going. MUSIC SOUNDS:


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  1. Josh Innes and Tony Bruno are all over the map from show to show. I swear Josh is Bi-Polar.

    We’ll see how long it lasts.

    1. Yeah he is whacked and his insecurity and center off attention needs are annoying. I wish honesty it was Bruno and Harry. Josh is Fn annoying. And corny btw.

    2. There are much more people that listen to WIP then 97.5 so it really is not a surprise. Josh may think they have made it because their ratings have surpassed Mike Miss but the overall quality of their show severely lacks. Maybe it’s Tony because I use to LOVE Josh’s night show. Very funny and a new style never heard before on Philly radio. Tony interrupts that and really doesn’t bring anything to the show. On Friday he said the Boston Red Sox are a horrible organization. WHAT?! You could hear Josh wrapping noose (sp?) around his neck. I think they will phase Tony out after a year or so. You can just tell Tony’s heart really isn’t into it, whereas Josh is incredibly driven to deliver the best show in the area.

      On the other hand, I don’t think Mike wants to go down to “a clown show” so we might get some fire out of him. The show he did with Gargano was some of the best radio I have ever listened to. Wouldn’t be surprised if Charles co-hosts in the near future and other big names to increase the listening audience.

      A new show with a polarizing figure like Innes was obviously going to draw ratings early on. Even when he started during the nights last year, I couldn’t stop listening becasue it was SO BAD and I loved listening to people rip him. Once the new show factor wears off, then who will own the ratings? Does Mike Miss still have the passion and fight to prove he’s the top dawg? We shall see on next weeks episode of RADIO WARSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

      Btw – Kyle you deserve some sorta blog MVP award for radio wars. Very interesting stuff. Oh and that Gargano/Marks show has no chance.

  2. I think radio ratings are like those Car & Driver awards. Everybody wins so they can all say they won.

  3. and somewhere, sean brace files for unemployment. glad that schmuck is out of a job

    1. Unemployment will be denied…He works at Pitchers Pub pouring drafts during boring Phillies games….Also owes us back pay for all those trips to Vegas as the ratings show his shows sucked!!!

  4. If his tweet is true, It just confirms my suspicion that there are many, many idiots in the Delaware Valley. How anyone can listen to this pussy for more than 5 min without killing themselves is beyond me. Not that Mike Miss is much better, but ANYONE is better than Innes.

    1. WIPs better ratings last month are listeners tuning in to hear Tony, who is practically non-existent. I listened here and there last month. There were a couple times where for five minutes I heard nothing but Innes, and thought Bruno was on vacation. And then he would pipe up for a sentence or three. The show is not as advertised. So when the Bruno looky-loos go away, because he really isn’t participating as much as Bruno fans are accustomed to, where do they go? Maybe back to Missanelli, maybe not.

      1. I can’t stand Innes and don’t know how anybody can. When I listen to him I just want to jump through the radio and knock his fat fucking ass out.

      2. Although I am there for 5 hours, I only actually work 2. Can’t handle more than that in a given day!

      3. The title of this post should be “RADIO WARS: Tony Bruno beats Mike Miss in March”. Innes had nothing to do with it, and I’m convinced that if the show was Tony and ANY other person other than Innes, the ratings would have been HIGHER

    1. He’s just waiting for his 90 day non-compete to expire then he’ll be right back on the air for your listening pleasure.

      1. Please tell me you’re joking. That wigger will never get a radio job again. He will be living on taxpayer money like what he pretends to be.

    2. Braces’ radio gig is up in this town. They gave him a chance and he proved he cannot host in a major market (hence why Marks is still working). But the world needs ditch diggers too, or in his case bus boys.

  5. The show is new. People will tune in then tune out and go back to Mikey Miss. Those numbers are crap anyway!

  6. Seriously, how can you people listen to that god awful show? I turned it on for 3 mins once an heard Innes say DeMarco Murray was a better RB than McCoy. Then I shit violently.

      1. LOL…Murray had a better offensive line last year. Not a better RB. Big difference

        1. and Shady had the best offensive line in the NFL two years ago (his best season).

          great argument!

  7. Hey I know a dude who still listens to sports talk radio. Oh wait it’s 2015, never mind-

  8. Known fact josh innis Turns on multiple cheap radios in his house daily. Who listens to them.. never see anyone here

  9. I’m sure this has everything to do with Josh Innes being part of the show and nothing to do with Tony Bruno being on the show.

  10. I would love if an anvil fell on Innes’ face, but really I’m content to just never listen to WIP again unless it’s Angelo or Macnow/Diddy.

    Bloom can celebrate all he wants, outside of his coke circle nobody will bat an eye.

  11. Missanelli has sucked for a while now.Wish Eskin beat his ass years ago.His boring trivia knowledge and always including that schmuck Myrtetus in the show is pathetic.But what did him in was the same callers every day from Bernie,Angry Al,Ingy,Arthur and all the other idiots who do not have a life that call in everyday with the same crap.Who wants to hear the same schtick of god awful radio…Myrtetus should do the 5-2am shift at Pitchers with Brace instead of real radio…

    1. Most common answer….because they want to see what he will say next. Private Parts is an underrated flick. It’s obvious just in this comment section that innes schtick is working. Everybody saying how bad they hate him, but i’m willing to bet their ass is listening everyday just so they can fume over something he said

    2. The “they” is Josh leaving his own comments bashing himself because he is that fucking funny.

  12. This is good that he is winning . This will make his ego even more inflated which will lead to Tony Bruno beating the neck fat off his neck after Josh gets out of line . Josh will say some crazy racist shit and be off the air by the time Mikey Miss dominates the football season airwaves .

  13. Why is Kyle letting Jim write a RADIOWARS post? wtf Kyle, don’t let him ruin the only good thing you have going.

  14. Do any other radio hosts constantly tweet about their ratings? Josh is pretty pathetic the way he is obsessed over convincing people how popular he is. He is beyond childish. Good for you Josh, you won your time slot over one competitor; that guy who is a has been. When you are actually the number 1 radio show in the city, I’ll be impressed. I am sure Andy will be giving you a big bonus, like letting you lick the bowl or something!

    1. Except they beat every show in Philly in the afternoons… Not just Mr. General Knowledge

  15. It was obvious that something different was needed. Missanelli is boring as hell. You may not like Innes, but you listen.
    He is much more entertaining than Mike. I listen to the radio for entertainment and don’t care if the guy talking is fat and from somewhere else.
    Now you call me Bloom, Innes or Robin etc…


  16. Innes and Bruno is horrible, I don’t understand how this is even possible. Mike Miss is at least listenable and has good insight into Philly sports, the WIP show is embarrassing. Anyhow, this can’t last…Bruno is ok but Josh Innes is literally terrible. Maybe the “new show” thing got some ratings for a couple months, but this won’t last. Curious to see how the new morning show will do

  17. I listened in for the first two weeks because I was excited to hear Tony Bruno again. Had to stop because of Innes. Painful listening to such a whiney, insecure, talentless hoe. Here’s to hoping he gets himself fired before Bruno has enough of dealing with such a loser and quits.

  18. I think Josh and Tony are individually awesome but I’m really hoping Josh and Tony get their own shows. I mean, that would make sense anyway since each are individually enough to carry a show, I don’t see why they don’t expand and just regularly call each other’s shows?

  19. Dude, that’s Josh fucking Innes writing all his own hate comments. That is fucking hysterical.

  20. Not that it makes a difference whatsoever but do people who stream on the interwebs count in the ratings? Just a question I’ve pondered for years since some of us don’t actually leave an office during most of the day to tune in on an actual radio. Thanks!

  21. There is a void for me in the afternoon commute home for Sports Talk Radio. Missanelli is a pompous ass, and can only be taken in small doses. He does know his sports (except Hockey), but he tries to be like Angelo and Eskin and just be controversial to drum up ratings, and that is when I turn him off.

    I gave Innes and Bruno a week and they are just terrible, and such a step down from Cuz and Ellis. Now I understand that Gargano/Ellis are not everyone’s cup of tea, but atleast they are knowledgable about sports as thats the #1 reason I listen to hosts. Guys like Angelo, Eskin, Innes, and Missanelli in some ways are just on the air to start trouble and sadly it works because you get alot of idiot callers who take the bait.

  22. That’sgreat work by you. now let me get back to agreeing with everything Mike says.

    Seriously, has anyone ever contributed to a radio show less? have your own opinion for once instead of being a lap dog

      1. It is true – I’ll start listening to Missanelli again when Myrtetis finally snaps and bites his head off. I don;t know how anyone can work with missanelli, who is the absolute definition of an asshole. I would be able to take his shit for maybe the first day then I’d get fired for beating his old ass if he talked to me like that.

  23. You two are horrible for Philly sports radio, I would not brag about it. even worse the Mike Miss. Trust me no one want to listen to that a** either.
    Philly sports radio needs an afternoon change….already!

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