Photo Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As tonight’s draft gets closer, reporters seem to be falling into camps: Those who think a deal can be done, and those who don’t. In the former camp, we have Mike Florio, Adam Schefter, Peter King, and Jeff McLane. We’re not here to talk about the latter camp.

All of those guys listed above believe the Eagles could make their way into the #2 spot, but mostly with the help of the hilariously dysfunctional Cleveland Browns. McLane lays it out like this:

If the Eagles could move Bradford – assuming he agrees to an extension – along with their second-round pick to the Browns for the No. 12 pick, it would satisfy the Titans’ apparent need to stay in the top 17. Webster said Tennessee had about 16-17 prospects with first-round grades.

Since two first-round picks won’t get it done, the Eagles will have to include their 2016 first-round pick and possibly an impact player from their roster. Defensive end Fletcher Cox would be the most valuable. The Eagles picked up Cox’s fifth-year option, which would allow the Titans to have him under contract for two years, but his 2016 salary-cap number is a pricey $7.8 million.

We know (we think) that Cleveland previously offered their #19 pick for Bradford, and doing that deal likely won’t get Chip any closer to Mariota. So they’ve gotten sweeten the pot, or convince Cleveland that Bradford is worth the #12 pick, just to even make a run at Mariota. It’s possible, but when your deal potentially hinges on Cleveland, it’s not a good sign. Unless there’s some secret Joe Banner brotherhood they share that gets the deal done.

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