Shane Victorino Told DeMarco Murray How Great Philly Fans Are

Photo Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

While former stars are out there saying Chip Kelly doesn’t appreciate them, a former Phillie is standing up for Philly fans. Shane Victorino, a lifelong Cowboy fan and confessed bandwagon jumper, said after a spanking of the Phillies yesterday that he reached out to DeMarco Murray to tell him how great Eagles fans are:

“I tell athletes all the time … (and) I texted DeMarco when he signed here. I said, ‘If there’s a city that you want to win in and understand how important as an athlete it is to win in a city like this with them falling in love with you as an athlete … this is one of the best.’ I’m very appreciative.

When you talk about winning in a city like (Philadelphia) and to be loved as an athlete, that’s what it’s all about. It’s fun. I said, ‘DeMarco, go do what you do, and you’ll be fine.’ I mean, he’s going to be loved here (in Philadelphia).”

And Shane even wants the Eagles to get Mariota, because we haven’t heard that from enough people yet. “Hopefully, that kid in Oregon (Marcus Mariota) gets an opportunity to slip down (in the NFL Draft),” Victorino said. “I’d love to see him in an Eagles uniform as much as it would kill me and haunt me being a fan of … that team.”

Hopefully DeMarco didn’t notice that fans gave Shane Victorino a standing ovation while booing current Phillie Jonathan Papelbon during introductions.


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    1. Nah I was telling him about my forthcoming book entitled “How to ruin a former teammates life(Brennan Clay) by sleeping with his wife.

  1. Wonder If Shane met up with any of his old mistresses while in town . Saw at least 2 former side pieces I know at mcfadd ballpark yesterday

  2. I don’t believe that this is an actual Victorino quote. It was coherent and didn’t use one “like I said.”

  3. Because Shane Victorino is the only ballplayer to cheat on his spouse. Give it a high holy rest. The guy is loved here.

  4. Shane is a stand up guy. What he’s done for children in Philadelphia is just awesome.

    People, enough with the “cheat” talk already… You don’t know shit. And you ain’t shit. The man may have a free pass at any tail that he wants from his wife for all you know. Shit, they both might. Think millionaire athletes don’t get to play with permission? I know some real loser dickwads who are allowed to run around so whatever.

    1. Shane has made over 65 million, does that mean he gets 130 chicks at the same time?

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