LeSean McCoy Ripped into Chip Kelly and Said He Doesn’t Respect Stars

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Jeff McLane of the Inquirer headed to upstate New York to talk with LeSean McCoy, who, in perhaps the most predictable turn of events ever, couldn’t take the high road when talking about his former coach and contradicted himself in just about as many ways possible.


Chip doesn’t like stars

“I don’t think he likes or respects the stars. I’m being honest,” McCoy told The Inquirer on Monday. “I think he likes the fact that it’s ‘Chip Kelly and the Eagles.’ ”

“It was ‘DeSean Jackson – a high-flying, take-off-the-top-of-the-defense receiver.’ Or ‘the quick, elusive LeSean McCoy,’ ” McCoy said. “I don’t think [Kelly] likes that.”

“Now you’ve got DeMarco. I think he’s a good player,” McCoy said. “But then you’ve got [quarterback Sam] Bradford. He’s in and out, banged up. The main wide receiver is [Riley] Cooper. The tight end is [Brent] Celek. . . . [Kelly] likes it like that. The tension – the this or that – he doesn’t like that. He don’t like the way you dress.”

Perhaps McCoy – who allegedly tossed a woman off a party bus, left a .10 tip for a waiter, and verbally destroyed his baby mama on Twitter – may want to check himself on giving speeches about respect. What’s more, perhaps it isn’t stars that Chip has a problem with (I feel like he’d do just fine with Russell Wilson or Jordie Nelson), maybe it’s guys who can’t help themselves but to pound their chests about their numbers when trying to explain why the coach should’ve respected them more.


Chip doesn’t respect McCoy

“Now you put my numbers up. You put my [numbers] up and you’ll see it. It tells you it. In any system – Andy or Chip. So I’m not going to go there, back and forth with that. I just feel like the only thing I didn’t like was the respect.

“For so many years I gave you all what you wanted. You know? And then for how it went down, it was like a surprise. I’m thinking, ‘Does everybody look at it how I look at it?’ “

And yet, it’s the disrespected McCoy who won’t answer Chip’s call.


LeSean won’t answer Chip’s calls

LeSean McCoy still hasn’t spoken to Chip Kelly. The running back said his former coach called him twice, but he didn’t answer. So he has yet to hear Kelly’s reason for trading him to the Buffalo Bills last month.

There’s so much here. McCoy just can’t help himself. In one sentence he goes off on Chip, in the next he says it’s no big deal and that it’s just business, and in the next he rips him again. Maybe it’s not stars Chip has a problem with, maybe it’s just jackasses. Not saying that’s the right mindset – the DeSean thing kind of backfired last year – but if McCoy could step out of his own shadow for even two seconds, he’d see that the trade allowed the Eagles to arguably upgrade at the running back position, get a linebacker, and use some of the remaining money to sign a cornerback. It’s not about respect. It’s just business, right? Full thing here.

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44 Responses

    1. And neither is Chip Kelly.Building his team with injury prone players(Sam Bradford Kiko Alonso Ryan Matthews Walter Thurmond) and our has beens(DeMarco Murray Miles Austin) does not equate to success.
      7 wins and you lapdogs will continue kissing Chip’s bloated backside(dopes).

      1. It’s clear that Chip is mailing in this season anyway. Why would he want to keep an overpaid, jackass like Shady on the team while he is in rebuild mode?

        I know we, as Philly sports fans, like to think we are “passionate” and like to give ourselves labels like “die hard” and “hard core”, but if we don’t accept that our sports teams are in rebuild mode, than we are blind.

        Let’s summarize:

        76ers – Hinkied. Full-on, obvious rebuild. Not even trying to hide it. Might not work, but love the fact that they have a method and are sticking to it.

        Philles – Ruined by an idiot GM. This is the saddest because they were such and exciting, likeable group of players that brought us our only championship. Rebuild is too secretive and inept to actually call it a rebuild. Let’s just call it denial.

        Eagles – Upgrading the defense is good, but the offense is clearly in rebuild mode and the team doesn’t have a QB. Can’t win in the NFL without an elite QB. Chip knows it and so do we. And, if you think there is any way in the world that the Eagles get Mariota, you are an idiot.

        Flyers – who cares. It’s hockey.

      2. Your post lost all credibility when you called the reigning rushing champ a has-been…

  1. how many 3rd & longs did this goofball put us in last year with his east & west running?

    selfishly tried to turn every play into a 70 yard run, rather than taking what he could get behind the best run blocking line in the NFL.

  2. McCoy sounds like the dude you dumped and told him it’s because his dick is too small. Or the girl you dumped because her puss stinks.

    Dude, suck it up and move on. Why allow yourself to be used by the media in the Philly area to fill their pages with “news”, which is no more than basic bullshit gossip anyway. You’re in Buffalo now, act like it. Tell the Jeff McLanes out there to go to hell, dumbass.

  3. The McCoy, Maclin & DSean tandem from 2009-2013 resulted in 0 playoff wins, so I have always felt this trio was vastly overrated. Now of course its a team game so you can’t put the blame squarely on them, but their failure in the playoffs meant I wasn’t as angry with Chip when he decided to remake the team in his type of players.

    1. That trio aslo literally never set foot on a football field together once under Chip Kelly. He didn’t even give the three of them one season to see what they could do in his system. LeSean and DeSean were immensely successful in Chip’s system in year one and instead of adding Maclin to that, he decided to release DeSean for “football reasons” and continue with another year of Riley Cooper as a starting WR.

  4. Jeff McLane annoys the heck out of me. I guess he’s probably a nice person but he seems out of his depth covering the Eagles. You can bet if there is a negative angle or a perception of ill will towards the organization, McLane has it covered. From the janitorial service to the front office, no rock of animosity will be left unthrown. He reminds me of Marcus Hayes when he first arrived, always wanting to be the contrarian regardless if the situation called for it. To me that’s lazy and shows a lack of journalistic prowess …..Chasing down Shady for an overreactive story is real low hanging fruit. It’s like asking Charles Barkley feelings on the state of American society. Sooner or later something crazy will come out of his mouth.

  5. And in one interview, Shady summarizes perfectly why he’s gone. Chip needs a team-first attitude from every person in the locker room, and that’s why stars like Barwin and Kelce are still there.

    1. and the NFL rushing champion, and the best offensive linemen in the NFL.

      but yeah, only 2 teams had more Pro Bowlers (first ballot) than the Eagles last year (Dallas and Denver). but, yeah, the guy HATES superstars.

      can’t wait for Shady to get 800 yards this season with “offensive mastermind” Rex Ryan.

    2. and KS thank god your website is giving me “keys to victory” for that insane showdown between Duke and Wisconsin coming up.

      These videos are horrendous, and I dont think you want your site giving “keys to victory” and “previews” for last nights game.

  6. Waaaaaa!!!!!!! That fuckin’ pussy ass whiner just keeps on going! He’s like a fuckin’ baby who had his pacifier taken away! He’s too fuckin’ stupid to realize that everyone is sick of his whining! Fuck that low life!

  7. 2015 Predicted nfc east records:
    Cowboys 12-4
    Giants 9-7
    Redskins 8-8
    Eagles 7-9

    God I hate Philadelphia fans,you guys are so unappreciative towards your great athletes.

    1. You’re wrong. We loved McCoy, but understood why the trade went down (after free agency happened anyway). But there’s a reason guys like Dawkins and Victorino got cheered when they came back with different teams and why there’s no love lost with Shady. Those guys didn’t talk shit on the city every time someone mentioned Philly to them. The left with class.

  8. Christ, Kyle, your homepage is so overrun with ads they’re dwarfing your content. It is literally all ads. Fuck you and your penny-pinching, do anything for a buck attitude.

    1. Agreed. It’s understandable that a website has advertisements, but most well-run websites choose less intrusive advertisements. This stupid box on the bottom right of the webpage can’t get closed quick enough. I have no idea what it is even advertising. I hit that X almost as quick as I click through the stupid “weekly” boxes when I visit this website.

    2. He’s gotta do something to replace all the revenue from visitors Jim’s “articles” lose while still paying him a salary…

  9. “I trust (wipe Chip’s man goo from chin) Chip. Give me (remove Chip’s finger from ass) your money sheep.”

  10. Shady looks like his pulling a Papelbon in that picture, grabbing his crotch. Probably checking to see if his balls are still there.

  11. It’s not lack of “respect” that Shady is complaining about, it’s about not being allowed to do whatever the hell he wanted to do all week between games. Because “stars,” you know, don’t need to Practice, of course.

  12. god damn this fuckin ape is bitter, how exactly can anyone defend this steaming pile of garbage? He’s going full Desean mode right now and calling out the eagles left and right because they live in reality and know this guy ain’t worth the money he wanted let alone the money he was already earning, same thing they thought about desean. As soon as they interviewed desean last year after the saints game and he started bringing up that he wanted more money in the locker room, as his teammates were cleaning out their lockers, in front of the media you had to know he was gone, what a fucking dope

    In shady’s case he just ain’t worth the money, he’s talented, but he’s going to fall the hell off in Buffalo, no line whatsoever they had to bring richie incognito out of exile and Rex don’t run the zone blocking scheme which puts guys in space to operate, unfortunately shady needs a little too much space to run through because he can’t break an arm tackle. Demarco and ryan Matthews break tackles and punish defenses where shady tries to juke defenders and then runs out of bounds…..on top of that he’s a shitty teammate and rotten human being. Now he sounds like a high school girl (desean did these same things) acting like her boyfriend was bangin someone else so she talks shit to her friends about him while the whole time wishing she was still with him. Players catching feelings…..

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