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Joe Conklin hopped on BOB this morning to promote the Sports Roast of Mitch Williams and Lenny Dykstra, which takes place tonight at the Electric Factory at 7:30 p.m. Get tickets here. And who knows… maybe one of your comments from last week will end up getting used on the dais.


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  1. joe conklin was funny about 20 years ago when he was on jody mac’s show once a week for 2 minutes.

  2. I’d rather watch a 3-way lesbian orgy featuring Rosie O’Donnell,Oprah Winfrey and 90 year old Betty White before wasting a dime to see Joe Conklin emcee a roast that includes two washed up has beens in Mitch Williams and Lenny “Cokehead” Dykstra.I mean seriously what kind of loser must you be to sit through this nonsense?

    1. Not me. But fake me has a point. These Sports Roasts are hackey and lame.

  3. Umm,.. no thanks.

    Dykstra is a burnt out douchebag.

    Williams is a jerk off.

    Conklin wasn’t really funny to begin with…and his act hasn’t been remotely relevant for 20 years.

    This only thing missing from this trainwreck is Big Daddy Unfunny.

    1. My daughter Ava will be appearing at every fuckin’ bar in Philadelphia to do whatever the fuck Quizzo is. Meanwhile, buy my book about my father, or come see me do my stage show about my father, as if anyone gives two shits about my father. And I’ll be appearing at every fuckin’ bar in Philadelphia, too, boring the living shit out of everyone with lousy jokes and stories about my shit childhood in SW Philly. But you can probably see my ass at next year’s Wing Bowl, the highlight of my miserable so-called career.

      1. LMAO! Lenny Dykstra referred to this not funny at all comic as “Fat Daddy Graham” on air last week. An evening with Joe Conklin and Al Morganti??? They should pay people to come.

      2. Well its almost summer time, and you and your crew of D-list local comedians have to get down to Wildwood so you can do the same 30 minutes that you all have been doing for 30 fucking years.

        Oh, and your daughter’s slam hole smells like English Leather.

    2. Read further – his name is on the list of appearances along with Rhea and Tony Bruno; I guess Josh wasn’t invited – waaaahhhh!

  4. Cheer up Kylee…if washed-up hack JoeConklin.com got on that shitshow, your turn’s coming soon…

  5. did anyone hear the song conklin and his daughter had on the morning show yesterday? holy fuck it was bad

    1. no, because there is no reason to listen to that morning show anymore. if i want local sports radio, i listen to 97.5. otherwise, i am on siriusxm.

      1. “Wood YI! MY MAN! HAhaaaaaaHAAAAAAAAhAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAA! Yo, Johnny Marks, MY MAN, Wood Yi is on the phone! Whaddya got for us, Wood?! Is everything Cool De Lah? You a Four for Four guy, Wood?””

        1. Yo Ant, you gettin’ Primos for lunch, bo? Yo bo, get the chicken cutlet, bo, it’s AWWWWWWWWWWESUMMMMMM!

    2. Was that awful or what? Not to be mean, but that girl is just not that good; she sounds like anyone at a karaoke bar. I couldn’t understand most of what she was saying. Angelo must be hard of hearing.

  6. Can somebody explain to me how Susie celek, John bolaris and Matt cord are involved in this? Are they funny in anyway? (Besides bolaris’s personal life and constant firings)

  7. Were Baseball George, Gus from Allentown and Kenny from the Dirty 30 busy when this pathetic roasting lineup was comprised?

    1. Spins looks like the type of guy who hangs out a school bus stops and asks kids if they want to try some candy in his window-less conversion van……

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