The Eagles’ Skyline Draft Hat Is Missing the Comcast Center

no comcast

This year’s NFL Draft hats feature each city’s skyline under the brim of the hat. They’ve already had some issues with the Jacksonville skyline (begging the question: Jacksonville has a skyline?), and the Eagles’ cap is missing Philly’s tallest tower.

As you can see in the image above, the skyline POV is roughly the same as this one (from the old South Street Bridge), but the Comcast Building is nowhere to be seen.

Was it modeled off of an old picture? Was it done on purpose because Comcast is pure evil (or for style reasons)? Is Comcast so mad? Who knows, but New Era certainly goes in the opposite direction of NBC10 here.

UPDATE: Love this theory:

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14 Responses

  1. Oh for fuck sake Jim who cares. Drink a Hamm’s Put a bootleg copy of a Mumford & Sons CD on and just go back to being a dumb fucking Hipster

  2. Holy fuck! Gotta give them credit for making something uglier and more poorly designed than one of Kyle’s t-shirts

  3. Good God, that’s the ugliest hat that I’ve ever seen. And to put it in context, I play golf.

    1. “Yeah I’ll take the new Eagles draft hat…what size? Barry Bonds. Post roids Bonds…yeah like the largest one you’ve got…”

  4. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but from my reliable sources,the Rams will package Nick Foles and their own 1st rd pick(no. 10 overall)and a future 1st rd pick to Tampa and draft Marcus Mariota.It is what it is fellow Eagles fans.

  5. Strong looking hat. Complete violation getting the skyline wrong. Also, those hats with shit under the brim are always cool looking until you buy one and either no one ever see’s the shit under the brim or it fits like shit because the brim won’t bend. At all.

    “All your QB are belong to us.”
    -Chip Kelly

  6. The Monday Night Football Mensa members designed that hat.
    the guys who said Ben Franklin sits atop City Hall.
    or the National Hockey broadcast guy who said Philly Fans threw snowballs at Santa Claus at Connie Mack.

    their hipster twitter hashtag skewered sports history guys know everything.

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