Those Metal Detectors Aren’t Working out so Well on Opening Day

Voila_Capture 2015-04-06_03-38-13_PM Voila_Capture 2015-04-06_03-38-26_PM

No doubt this will be a problem around baseball this week. That said, it was a lot easier to find Tweets about the metal detectors at CBP than at Yankee Stadium. Somehow you just knew it wasn’t going to be this easy:


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  1. Oh I get it, it’s like when you go to a club and they have the super long line behind the velvet rope, and you’re like “damn, gotta get up in thurrr” and then you pay $50 cover and you get in, and there’s no one there…..can’t even sell out opening day, especailly when a lot of kids have off school still? Thanks Reuben

  2. The detectors stay! I heard all the threats, don’t think I don’t know you all want to kill me.

  3. 2 Fucking hours and that slobbering asshole is talking about his kid’s t-ball!!!!!! Fuck off.

      1. I may be a dope for not changing the station, but that is nothing compared to the dopes waiting in that line to watch this garbage team.

  4. Just like the crack addicts in Camden, these fans have to have their fix. Have to see the green transvestite. Sad every one of you going to the game and/or not calling Comcast and demanding you don’t want to be forced to watch the Phils on Sportsnet as it is an inferior product are not helping matters. You’re enabling this bad team to remain bad.

  5. This is a Stupid, Stupid, Stupid Organization. The Philadelphia Phillies can not do anything right. You all are a bunch Fricken Morons! You make the dumbest decisions. You do not take the fans opinion what so ever. I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU! 46 years Phillies Fan and I can’t take it anymore!

    Dave Montgomery YOU SUCK!
    Bill Giles YOU SUCK!!
    Rubin Amaro YOU SUCK!!!!!!!
    88 talent Scouts YOU SUCK!!!

    Does Franzke need a radio break already?
    Jim Jackson YOU SUCK!!!!
    Matt Stairs YOU SUCK!!!!!

    SLB? All do respect… 99.9% of us don’t know who you are or even know what you look like?
    Montgomery you lose ALL patch decisions. CLUELESS piece of Shit.
    Yes YOU DAVE! I still remember 1983-1993 (lucky Steroid team) to 2006. Got lucky once in those 23 years. The rest you and Giles made clueless decisions.
    Stop already!!! Sell Sell Sell. We don’t want you anywhere near this team!

    Boston- Atlanta had no problem getting rid of high priced players. But NOOOOO we need them for Photo Day. Bleep You Phillies Owners YOU ALL SUCK!

  6. These metal detectors don’t even make sense. Someone using a weapon in the lines congregating outside the stadium will do about as much damage as inside it. How is it helping?

  7. Those line.. it’s so long! Back-up metal detectors should be ready in these kind of buildings.

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