Tommy Greene and Marlon Anderson Will Join CSN’s Phillies Coverage

After moving on from Jamie Moyer, adding Ben Davis to the Phillies broadcast booth, and doubling Schmidt’s duties, CSN had some spots to fill in their in-studio Phillies coverage. They of course used former Phils.

According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, Marlon Anderson and Tommy Greene are joining the pre- and post-game shows on CSN as in-studio analysts. Green played on the 1993 National League Championship team, and Anderson played five seasons for the Phillies in which they averaged 77 wins. They’ll both join Ricky Bottalico in trying to spin garbage into… something worthy of the NBC-CSN brand. Can’t wait.


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  1. Whatever test-run you guys are running with the way advertising is displayed on the site — this “Play Iggy Azalia, Taylor Swift, or Usher radio” and random videos that are playing in the bottom right of my screen need to stop. Now.

    1. download adblocker plus in chrome and you wont have to deal with the shit storm of ad’s on this site. It also hurts Kyles revenue which is a good thing.


        1. It is called being a AHL Assistant Coach. That is my hell!

          And I am half joking about the Ad’s. I just use adblocker for video streaming.

  2. Here’s Marlon’s first report: “A big piece of fucking monkey shit kkkkkkkkkkkkk machine has whiffed two more times today to extend his league leading total” Fuck him and his whore white wife.

    1. He’s probably made more money than you’ll ever see in your whole life. And having met him once years ago, I can say with certainty that he’s more well-spoken and classy than a douchebag knuckle-dragging racist like you will ever be. Get over yourself, it’s 2015 not 1815.

    2. If you’re gonna censor comments at least censor the ultra racist shit like this here, Jesus Christ.

  3. Greene and Anderson… evidently they don’t think watching the game broadcast itself will be punishment enough?

  4. Bottalico is a good analyst because he calls it like it is and isn’t afraid to criticize the team. Unlike the Flyers analysts who seem to find any excuse to avoid criticizing them and towing the company line most of the time.

    1. Botallico is employed by Comcast. Flyers announcers are employees of the Flyers organ-eye-zation. Which I’m guessing may have a little bit to do with it.

  5. I’m going to miss Ben Davis on post game show when he ripped the Phillies. Now that he is essentially a Phillies employee he is going to be muzzled.

  6. Marlon substituted as color guy on a couple of radio broadcasts last year when L.A. was on one of his jaunts. Maybe a series in New York? Marlon wasn’t too bad for a beginner. Had some funny stories. Not sure how that translates into a studio commentator.

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