Your Monday Morning Roundup

Photo credit: Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

That kid, is going to have some female friends. Also, a symbolic changing of the guard from Nike to Under Armour took place, as Spieth supplanted Tiger – Nike – in wonderkid lore. And you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think I’m buying the hell out of this belt from Golfsmith:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-13_08-52-06_AM


Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

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That there is the new, updated South Philly Dog and the New England Dog. Full review coming later, but spoiler: FANFUCKINGTASTIC. Service? Of course not so good.

Phillies billionaire co-owner John S. Middleton is in a legal battle with his sister. From

John S. Middleton, the billionaire part-owner of the Phillies, is battling in court with a younger sister over a 2003 deal in which he bought her and others out of the family’s conglomerate for about $200 million and then sold part of the firm four years later for $2.9 billion, according to documents filed in Montgomery County Orphan’s Court last week.

The sister, Anna K. Nupson, has yet to make specific claims of wrongdoing in court. But she said in a court document last month that she may bring “substantive claims that pertain to possible self-dealing” by her brother.

“What it boils down to is that [Nupson] has been hinting around that [her brother] bought those shares at too cheap a price,” Hussey said. “Basically, she seems to say that he was on both sides of the transaction.”

I wonder how POWERS feels about all this?

Sam Donnellon speculates that Craig Berube is about to lose his job:

Flyers general manager Ron Hextall has told us repeatedly that he doesn’t buy this, that he believes he had constructed a playoff-worthy team, albeit not an “elite” one. And so, sometime between the next few hours or next few weeks, he will decide how much of what transpired traced to a miscalculation on his part and how much falls on the coach he inherited.

You see where this is going, don’t you?

For Berube, not in a good direction.

He’s probably right. But I’m not so sure this is Berube’s fault. The Flyers don’t have a second line, their defense isn’t good, and they’re still saddled with terrible contracts. I was hard on Berube when he was hired last year, but he completely turned the team around in 2013-2014, steering them to within a couple of goals of beating the Stanley Cup runner-up Rangers. There’s a long list of blame to go around, and I think Berube is somewhere around number 7 on it. Is he a good coach? It’s hard to tell.

Meanwhile, the Kings locked Darryl Sutter out of the locker room.

Howard Eskin read the headline on the NY Times’ Sixers article last week. Problem? The article was largely positive. Howard dunt reed good:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-13_09-20-27_AM

Voila_Capture 2015-04-13_09-30-00_AM

Today in Ron Jaworski says headline-grabbing thing.

Amazon’s X-Ray feature is pretty awesome.

Stanley Cup Playoffs TV schedule. Confirming: no Flyers.

Three people have been hurt in a construction accident at the King of Prussia Mall.

Penguin delivering a baseball.

Tiger’s full of shit. Katie Nolan has balls.

A market research firm estimates Apple sold 1 million Watches in the US this weekend. One of them was me.


Liberty Broadcast


You know the drill.

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26 Responses

  1. That Conklin promo sums it up for me. Piccolo girl is but a distant memory already, 15 minutes long past. And Conklin trots it on out. 3 weeks ago called, it wants its’ relevance back. Forced to see him at a charity event not long ago. His opening acts were 5x funnier than he was. Half the room was either not from Philadelphia or too young to see the humor in tired and outdated imitations of AI, Merrill Reese and Harry Kalas. I don’t dispute the guy works hard and is probably is a good dude. His act is really friggin’ boring and unfunny – half the room was tuned out.

    1. Agreed. Back when I listened to WIP (I’m on a current boycott until Innes is gone), I couldn’t turn the station quick enough when:

      1) Conklin and one of his skits were on. Seriously. Who finds impersonations funny anymore?

      2) Shirley is on, in any capacity. Ugh.

      3) Hollis is on. I can’t take him breathing through his mouth so loudly. Can’t the guy mix in some cardio? How can you be that winded by just talking?

      1. ITA on that…I would love to see Cataldi go down just so all the “regular” callers like the dirty 30, Shirley, etc. go by the wayside.

      2. 4) cataldi is on in any capacity.
        5) r h e a is on in any capacity.
        6) moronganti is on in any capacity.
        7) macnow is on in any capacity.

  2. #Blindconsumerism, just like your #blindreporting. Spieth has a dime of a girlfriend, who he’s been with since high school. That can be your next story on him – a copy/paste extravaganza of pictures from his Instagram.

  3. How annoying is it the amount of times these current 97.5 on-air hosts constantly plug the stations’ number.It’s as if they’ve run out of show content and as a last resort blurt out the phone number over and over and over again.


    1. They do it because no one is calling in. They have to remind listeners what the number is so they can call in and get right on. 97.5 doesn’t seem to realize that the Mariota topic has been beaten to death. Notice how missanelli never has to say the number unless it’s coming out of a break. The lines are full (why I don’t know). I heard baldy with Mayes a few months ago slip up and say that no one was calling in to the show. It’s because Mayes and Shander are beyond boring. Not gonna lie I kind of wish Jon and Sean were still on. At least it was entertaining to hear Sean struggle to complete sentences and Jons voice crack

  4. Your Mothers roundup of your roundup.

    The clothes won’t make you golf any better son.

    Those shirts should make great asswipes.

    Duck. You’re about to be contacted by Disney over the duck. They’re in cahoots with the Braves anyway.

    Squints. Hate it. BTW, the camera operator at the Well is an asshole. Some poor kid was probably about to cry as everyone laughed at him Sayurday. They put his mug up on the screen with a picture of Squints next to him. Camera man deserved a kick to the sack for that one.

    The hotdogs look very cold. I love it when they’re so cold the cheese doesn’t even try to melt. I like my hotdogs hot, and throbbing. But everyone knows that.

    Piccolo girl handling a flute with tears in her eyes? I’ve seen this before, mostly in prno movies and mostly with skin flutes. Close enough.

    Howard Eskin proving again just how worthless he really is. What an extreme douche nozzle.

  5. I agree that the season is not completely Berube’s fault, BUT.

    He sat Del Zotto (you know, one of their three NHL-caliber defensemen this year) double digit times.

    He put Mason in a game where he was supposed to only enter if it was an emergency. Apparently Berube thought Zepp giving up two goals was an emergency. This like started (or deeply exasperated) the rift that lead to Reese quitting (someone who Mason gives a bunch of credit for his turn around).

    He threw Mason under the bus for one bad goal after he carried the team all year.

    He switches up lines like crazy, when the not-so-great forwards need time to gel together.

    It’s not all on Berube. But he sure as shit shouldn’t be the coach building the system over the next two years.

  6. Eskin is such an arrogant jackass, he has to insult someone who realized he never read the article to begin with. Must have been really embarrassing for him and his response was even more embarrassing.

  7. When are you going to give this snoozefest a decent burial? Right after they’re desperate enough to book you as a guest, I guess. Shouldn’t be long…

  8. Hey, when does baseball season start? Mark my words — Ryan Howard is going to turn it around this year!

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