Eagles Hire New Director of Pro Personnel, and LeSean McCoy Won’t Believe Who It Is

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The Eagles have announced the hiring of Dwayne Joseph as the team’s director of pro personnel. Joseph was most recently the associate director of pro personnel with the Chicago Bears.

Joseph, 42, began his NFL career as a cornerback for the Chicago Bears, appearing in 16 games, starting one, in the 1995 season. After his playing career, Joseph earned his master’s degree in education leadership from DePaul University. He previously earned his undergraduate degree from Syracuse in human development.

Chip Kelly hates black people.


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  1. obviously the philadelphia eagles felt the heat from the racial allegations me and my brother lesean have laid upon them. I’m happy to see a fellow brotha land a front office position because lord knows we need to see some more african americans involved in NFL managment. Although i would still like Chip Kelly to come on First Take and answer my questions regarding his “culture” and why the hell Riley COOper is still on this team even after using the most vile word bestowed upon the english language! Because where im from, HOLLIS, QUEENS!! a white man just can’t walk around throwing that word around! COME TO MY HOOD AND SEE WHAT HAPPENNS!!!

  2. I said Chip got rid of “all the GOOD black players.” How GOOD was this guy?

    See, this just confirms my point.

  3. The problem is that LeSean McCoy’s statement was idiotic AND simplistic. Additionally, it sounded all too much like an excuse coming from someone who won’t look at himself accurately.

    But, that’s not to say that there’s not a deeper point to be made.

    It seems fairly obvious that Chip Kelly (like many other coaches before him, especially from the college ranks) seems to prefer team-first, non-celebratory, professional, authority-following football players, especially on the offensive side of the football.

    Basically, he seems to like all players, regardless of their skin color, as long as on the football field they ‘act’ how veteran white players are expected to act. That is not to say that showing off or doing your own thing, or me-first is a white trait, it’s primarily the trait of being young.

    But there is a real moral question regarding whether following what your coach wants you to do and doing it in a professional manner is either removing inner city African-American values from professional football or that these are not cultural values (i.e., not white, not black, not spanish, etc) but rather they are football values that can lead to team success.

    I honestly don’t know the answer. Plenty of teams have had success letting players be themselves and allowing them to show off when needed. And plenty of other successful teams have done it the other way.

    From what I’ve seen, if a team has superior talent they can win no matter what. If teams don’t have superior talent (maybe just very good talent), then the ones who play with “Football Values” tend to do better than the teams that don’t.

  4. A token hiring nothing more nothing less and doesn’t take away from the fact I’ve already contacted Reverend Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson,and unless Jeffrey Lurie wants a huge protest march and rally not only in front of the Novacare complex but also in front of his mansion in the suburbs,he better get Chip Kelly to hold a press conference to explain himself because we’re fired up can’t take it no more!

  5. There is no Dwayne Joseph. Doesn’t exist. This is a stock photo of some guy from Chicago. They think we”re going to fall for this old trick?

  6. I remember when they poured beer on like, 30 babies, and then threw them at Richie Allen.

  7. I think Chip Kelly just doesn’t want disruptive assholes on his team, And for some reason he doesn’t feel Cooper is a disruptive asshole.

    No, that’s not it.

    It’s all about the money and the team. He’s got a salary cap and needs to build a winning team with just so much money. Add up the pay of Macklin, Lesean, DeJac. It’s not a drop in the bucket. After McCoy lashed out and couldn’t keep his mouth shut it kinda let us all see who has the real issues here.

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