Hey, Jeff Francoeur Did Something Not Awful Last Night


The Phils won last night despite Jonathan Papelbon’s best efforts to blow the game by overthrowing a pickoff attempt and putting the tying run on third with one out in the ninth. He was bailed out by Jeff Francoeur, who caught a fly ball in right and threw out the would-be tying run at home. Game over. Phils win. Papelbon becomes the Phillies’ all-time saves leader.

After the game, Papelbon thanked Francoeur (I really hate writing those two names as members of the Phillies) with a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label. Jim Salisbury, also a fan of putting fine stuff in his mouth, with the words:

So what did Papelbon have for Jeff Francoeur after the strong-armed rightfielder made the play of the game to wrap up the closer’s record-setting 113th save with the Phillies on Wednesday night?

“I’ve got something special for Frenchy,” Papelbon said.

A few minutes later, Francoeur was standing in front of his locker, talking about his game-ending throw (see game recap). Surely it would earn him dinner from Papelbon, maybe a nice Porterhouse.

Out of nowhere, Papelbon tiptoed from across the clubhouse and stuck a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label in Francoeur’s locker. They say the stuff is expensive.

“That’s even better than a Porterhouse,” Francoeur said with a smile.

Depends where the Porterhouse is from.

So congrats to Papelbon on becoming the Phillies’ all-time saves leader. The Phillies are 12-23.

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24 Responses

  1. Herra should be playing everyday. He’s a 5 tool player who deserves a shot to prove it

  2. Great play but dumb that he caught the foul ball and gave Pitsburgh a chance to score on the sac fly.

      1. It was a stupid play to catch the ball in foul territory, a play that usually backfires on the Phillies… Maybe this is when it all starts turning around and Ruben’s ridiculous hopes that this team puts out a winning product come true!!!

        1. He made a play on it because he’s too inept to discern fair from foul when it’s that close (+-10 feet). He also “had a chance to catch a ball”, which is sadly common for him.

          Agreed, situation-ally a stupid play that often backfires.

    1. He had him by like 10 – 15 feet. I’m not so sure it was dumb to catch the ball. It was a play where the guy SHOULD NOT HAVE TRIED TO SCORE. Mainly because he didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell without a throwing error from any RF the Phillies have, even Bennie.

    2. He was able to throw the runner out by 10 feet. It was not even a close play at home.

      It’s not like the ball was down in the corner. It was a weakly hit fly ball. The Pirates runner probably should not have run there.

      Papelbon wasn’t exactly pitching well last night. If you have a chance to end the game, you end the game. Why give a guy more chances to hit with 1 out and man on third?

        1. The scouting report on the Phillies outfielders is essentially ALWAYS run, they are simply some of the worst players in the league. If he had missed the throw (a very distinct possibility, and probably a 50/50 shot), you’d all be saying the exact opposite, calling it a stupid play…

          The guy ran because he also knew that Francoeur shouldnt have caught it and was trying to exploit a mistake

          1. Except that Jeff Francoeur has had one of the best arms in baseball for 10 years.

            He completely gunned A-Rod about 2 months ago in a preseason game in an almost identical play. Except the A-rod ball was fair and deeper. He once famously threw out Michael Taylor at 1st base on a ball to right field.

            Most major league scouting departments scout individual players. Not collective groups. It’s not like the 3rd base coach has a scouting report for “Phillies Outfield”.

          2. Crank Feffjour, Stop making shit up. Revere could have thrown him out from there, he’s their worst arm in the OF.

  3. Great and thrilling win last night! It’s always darkest…before it gets darker!

    1. Please don’t hit me! Innes will drop soon enough from the glucose levels.

  4. saw a guy order a double Johnny Walker Blue…..bartender said ” That’ll be $32.50″

    1. I ordered a Macallan 25 once in Vegas. It was $50 but it was comped so it was even more delicious. Enjoy your bankers club though.

    1. If he comes up to the Phillies after tomorrow, it saves them a year of arbitration eligibility. Look for him on Saturday or Sunday.

  5. Yo dees honkies is whack

    Gonna call Brother Jesse and Brother Al, Why dis cracka playin over Brother Brown? He is a former All-Star playing in the minor leagues! Brother Smith is gonna hear about this.

  6. How come I have to go through the whole survey thing everytime I leave one thread to go to another. It kept happening yesterday too. I have answered enough questions for around a month.

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