Joe Banner Teaches at Villanova Now


Really. Kyle is so furious that he’s at a doctor’s appointment right now.

According to Andrew Brandt, former Eagles exec and current Director of the Jeffrey S. Moorad Center for the Study of Sports Law, Joe Banner will be teaching Sports Law in the Fall semester at Villanova University’s School of Law. Brandt announced his new hire on twitter, where Banner has been very active since no longer working for the Cleveland Browns. Banner brings tons of experience to the new gig, from a mostly successful run as the President of the Eagles to an entirely forgettable (and brief) stint as the President of the Browns. He’s also psychic.

I think Kyle might re-enroll just to take this class (and definitely not because he pines for his ‘Nova days every day).

h/t reader Dave

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38 Responses

  1. -Kyle is so furious that he’s at a doctor’s appointment right now-

    “Ok, son, now just relax and you won’t feel a thing.”

    “No problem, doc. But both of your hands are still on my shoulders.”

    1. Kyle @ Doctors appt….hmmm I sense a baby CB popping out of Ms.CB is on the horizon.

        1. Bets can be submitted at the South Philly Turf Club or P&P Men’s Room:

          LeSean McCoy ………. 7-to-2
          Claude Giroux…………5-to-1
          John Clark……………….. 10-to-1
          Kyle Scott…………………..12-to-1
          Jim Adair…………………….13-to-1
          Ryan Howard…………….15-to-1
          Riley Cooper………………16-to-1
          Mayor Nutter……………17-to-1
          Tim Tebow………………..50-to-1
          Josh Innes…………………1000-to-1

          1. You forgot to add

            Mike Missanelli (or however the hell its spelled)……..2-1

    2. In the case of little La’Ell. Kyle Scott. You are NOT the father.

  2. Aaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    PS: Can this damn school become anymore laughable? Have a nice weekend commenters. Cheers!!


  3. When’s the last time Kyle tried with a post? Like the BoB review?

    I really, really doubt it can be that hard stringing together 2 incoherent paragraphs on Bill Simmons or some other story he saw on Deadspin, Twitter or Like really.

    I know the comments have gotten away from “Kyle is lazy” and “Jim sucks” so we can keep this roast gag going, but come on. The content on this site is really, really weak. There is nothing of substance.

    1. What do you want them to talk about on a Friday in May w/ no relevant games for the city happening until September. Kyle and Jim are better suited doing behind the scenes work on days like this getting new sponsors, developing new ideas for the site, etc. It’s a blog, not where they really try hard to make something out of nothing.

      1. I can assure you that Delco hack and that hipster doofus are playing Xbox right now.

        It’s not specifically about today. An individual Friday in May is whatever. Every post on this site is some quick reaction to news you already saw. The so infrequently do something truly original. I come here to make joke in the comments section.

        I mean look at the roast … nobody covered that. It was a trainwreck. That’s CB’s wheelhouse but that Springfeld skeeze Kyle was too lazy to bother even sending his sweatpants wearing lacky.

  4. Any truth to the rumor that they are starting a podcast called Into the Oven with Joe and Andrew?

  5. Anyone who has the opportunity to attend college, congradulations and good luck. Villanova is a great school and even though I was unable to attend college (kid from south philly who enlisted ) I hope one day to see my son there. Go cats !

  6. Who cares? Famous people teach at colleges all the time. Mikey miss taught at st joes when I was there, kal penn teaches at upenn. Joe Banner sucks, that class would suck, and Nova sucks.

    1. Na it was a seminar on alt music and hair dye application with a bit of general knowledge on Wednesdays.

  7. Tried to nail a fat chick last night, no luck, was only able to finger her fat pussy

    1. S a r a h wouldn’t give him any.

  8. I’m tired guys. Everything you’d imagine is true. Beard, t-shirt plus stains, and a whole lot of tv and tweets. The guy did have the steal of the last few years unloading t-rich, so you’d think he’d have some self-respect left. Nope.

  9. That era of the Eagles with banner and reid is the most overrated overhyped era of eagles football. Banner knew nothing about football and only knew about accounting which lurie kept him forever and lurie is only about the cash not the team. Reid couldn’t coach to save his life.the only time he ever won was when everything was stacked in his favor and he still had trouble winning. They could never draft And reid is a human slob. Lurie is a fraud that is why the Eagles will never win

  10. Do the 5 11 white boys at the end of the bench start waving towels in class? Sure they do.

  11. Fucking hate Sunday nites….can I get an AMEN?!

  12. just dropping by to see if the monday afternoon roundup is up yet.

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