Potential Future Sixer D’Angelo Russell was Hanging Out with Nerlens Noel

nerlens d'angelo

Presumably this picture was taken pre or post Clippers game on Sunday because Nerlens Noel is wearing that mattress pad of a shirt, but it looks like the Sixers’ Noel has been hanging around with potential future Sixer D’Angelo Russell. Russell is reportedly the Sixers’ main target in the upcoming NBA draft, so it’d be great if Nerlens was showing his potential teammate a good time. Embiid might be the best ambassador for that, though. Hashtag RiRi.

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11 Responses

    1. If you’re referring to Jahlil Okafor,I think the proper comparison would be to Charlotte Hornets big man Al Jefferson.Emanuel Mudiay or D’Angelo Russell doesn’t matter to me just as long as the Sixers get one of these potential franchise point guards.

  1. Ooooooh.

    does anyone know how I can get a hold of Russell? Or should I just Twitter-stalk him?

    1. Heard she’s been putting the pieces in place to go after that new pats starting QB handsome jimmy g

  2. You know uh, I never thought I’d say this to anybody, but you two smoke entirely too much reefer.

  3. Heard from someone that works for Sixers that Embiid absolutely hates Philly. Not a surprise though – coming from Africa to Kansas. City life may be a reality check.

    1. I heard from my aunties daughters boyfriend’s employer’s sister-in-law’s deadbeat daddy’s other son that the sky is blue and water is wet and fire is hot in other words nobody gives a fuck dude about your made-up source.

      1. A friend who works directly with the team is far from a made-up source. Just sharing what I heard. It’s not an irrational point by any stretch when you think about it. He has had to sit out all year, with an injury, for a losing team, in a city he has never been, with a culture far from one he is used to. Things may change when he gets on to the court.

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