Your Monday Morning Roundup

Photo credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

Our top posts last week:

Chip Kelly’s email hacked.

Reviewing Breakfast on Broad.

Les Bowen is freaking out that the Eagles didn’t invite media to their playground build.


This will probably be the Phillies’ play of the year.

AP writer Dan Gelston with just a needless dig at Villanova alumni. I’m 31 and an alumni, Dan. Can you milk me?

Adrian Beltre sent Garrett Richards an invoice for breaking his bats.

UFC fighter Jon Jones wanted in potential hit-and-run.

I can’t believe basketball in Brooklyn isn’t a thing.

Shots fired at Lil Wayne’s tour bus.

A league exec says the Sixers want D’Angelo Russell.


There’s a petition for Brian Dawkins to be the Eagles defensive backs coach.

Chip Kelly expert, Bleeding Green Nation contributor, and CB podcast guest Mark Saltveit was on ESPN discussing Chip Kelly this weekend.

Cheesesteak Sports guys with their SNL-like draft day special.

Voila_Capture 2015-04-27_09-20-55_AM

This is Anthony Gargano, apparently on Sprout Kids TV. Email from reader Erik:

Hey Kyle,

Love the blog, man. So anyway, about a month ago I swore I saw the Cuz on the Sprout Kids TV Network. The promo went by so fast I did a double take and wasn’t really sure if it was him because it was so strangely out of context. I immediately texted my buddy who’s a big sports fan too and who has a daughter about the same age as mine, so we’re always watching this kids tv crap. He hadn’t seen it. Later that night I tweet Anthony and received no response.

Still curious if I imagined all this, my friend and I started setting DVR “Cuz traps” to see if we could catch the ad on Sprout. Tonight I finally got him. Anyway, thought you might get a chuckle. My friend and I sure did, just out of how quick and bizarre it all was. Like, why the hell is The Cuz on Sprout, Bo? Are stay at home parents supposed to recognize him? What is he even advertising? I’m just scratching my head at all this. But at least we now know what he was doing while his non-compete clause ran out. Haha. I attached the tweet and vid for you.


A Drexel prof is mad that students actually opened a porn link she accidentally sent them. She’s also apparently never met a college student.

Chipotle is now using non-GMO ingredients, but you’re still going to end up shoving so much food in your face there.

Leah Still scored a touchdown at Temple’s spring game.

The PA Supreme Court declined the chance to ban people from texting, tweeting, or emailing from courtrooms, which is good for reporters and bad for everyone else in that courtroom.

The Philly metro area ranks 4th in cars stolen with their keys left inside. Stop leaving your keys in your cars you dopes.

Ugh– this might be worst sports talk radio thing ever:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-27_09-26-22_AM

I’m surprised they didn’t go with Earthquake rocks Nepal… gives us the thing you think needs to be shaken up in Philly sports.

Nick Piccone’s WWE Extreme Rules recap.

Soul flex cam surprises:


Liberty Broadcast


You know the drill.

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40 Responses

  1. Nice to see what the Cuz was doing after he got canned. Now $100 to the person that gets the update on Sean Brace. I would guess instead of getting a TV commercial he is passed out behind Pitchers Pub.

    1. We got a BOB review. How about a review of Cuz 97.5 morning show? It’s absolutely ponderous to me how that phony S. Philly goombah could just show up and start mailing it in so quickly. I heard a few mins of last weeks show where Baldy stopped by. I imagine it took Cuz 20 mins to clean Baldy’s jizz out of his hair. No preparation, stupid questions on the fly, fawning over every guest and giving them his insider nicknames. It’s the same stale dreck that got him canned at WIP and Fanatic thinks this product will earn ratings? I like to think of this comments section as a decent slice of demo that any morning show would want. Based on this, I’ve NEVER read any favorable comments about the S.Jersey slob.

      1. Relax,it’s only their second week and I’m sure that in due time,they’ll pick it up and besides what’s the alternative perv radio with Angelo Cataldi?

        1. Only alternative??
          -Preston & Steve
          -Mike and Mike…as much as they suck…are on 610am…nice irony.

          I don’t see them “picking it up”. Gargano is still Gargano: fake South Philly schtick’ every caller is “Bo” and awesome, same inane questions to every guest; all of which he refers to by some stupid inside nickname. The producer and the update twat add nothing. marks is just tagging along. The rest of the hosts are acting like this show is the greatest thing ever.


          I checked out when he started the stories about taking his kid for a walk.

          Oh; and on a side tangent; and Innes doesn’t suck because he is fat or not from here. He sucks because he sucks.

          1. at least i never have to listen to cataldi and his cronies again. i can tolerate gargano for local sports fix and listen to siriusxm the rest of the time.

      2. I swear to God if his show get’s more popular than mine I’m going to punch the nearest producer in the face.

        Also, Josh Innes is fat and not from here. Oh wait, I usually change my user name to post that…

      3. I listened last week and it is so obvious that Gargano doesn’t respect Marks, or see him as an equal. Most hosts say something along the lines of “I’m Anthony Gargano, he’s Jon Marks” when they go to break. Not The Cuz, he let you know who he was and that was it. He also completely ignored multiple questions by Marks like it was beneath him to respond. I am not a Marks fan, and don’t see him as a great host, but this is what Gargano signed off on. The least he could do is hide the contempt for the first week.

    2. My son is 3, so I have been watching Sprout for at least 2 years. And Gargano has been on that commercial for as long as I remember.

    3. The “New” 97.5 morning show is really really really bad. I had high hope for a new Gargano following the show he did with Mikey Miss which was nothing short of epic. But he is the same old cuz playing the same ole south philly thing. The co-hosts are terrible too. Marks is decent but this chick MCW seems like the only reason she got the job was because she may have :O her way to the top … oh wait isn’t that what Innes was inferring?

      Back to Elvis Duran it is for me…

    1. Dude nobody gives a flying fuck about the roast,so like a disgruntled ex-girlfriend time to move on.

    2. He’s not going to post anything on the “roast”. He got invited as a “VIP” guest so he thought he was hot sh*t. When he got there he looked around at all the other “VIP”s and the cavalcade of kenzos and inbreds in the audience. He realized that despite all of his self perceived “clout”, that this is the only type of event he can get invited too and that he’s one small step above the homeless slobs, prostitutes and coke heads that were in the audience. He then went home and considered offing himself, however he wasn’t sure who else would keep his 3 website readers informed by providing them with links to other peoples work, so he thought against it. Keep up the good work Kyle!

      1. “When he got there he looked around at all the other “VIP”s and the cavalcade of kenzos and inbreds in the audience” Hahahah, very well written and so true

      2. “Cavalcade of kenzos and inbreds” may be the best line in the history of this page. Any dais featuring Joe Conklin and Big Daddy Douchebag is not worth a review; we know it sucked.

      3. Besides, the review would not be “sponsored” I imagine since they don’t give a rat’s butt about publicity after the fact and won’t pay greedy Kyle to write any of his usual dreck about it. But seriously, no one cares about the roast. Give it up already.

  2. Hey Kyle, where did you learn to write? You are a Villanova ALUMNUS (singular) not an ALUMNI (plural). Villanova English teachers must be proud.

    1. He also failed to bring up the fact that the dude ripped their season ticket holders. Which we all know Kyle isn’t one.

  3. You didn’t strain yourself posting all of those links to old stories and other peoples’ stuff, did you?

    And fuck that Tebow shirt. It is bad even by your usual standards.

    1. Kyle must have something else going on the side because the site is really mailing it in lately. It’s falling off of my “must check” list like Philebrity did. Both sites used to be pretty good and informative, but both have gotten lazy.

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