Ruben Amaro Tells Mike Missanelli That Phillies Poor Draft Spots Are Partly to Blame for Recent Struggles

Photo credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

This should (but it won’t) be the last interview MF-ing fraud Ruben Amaro does as Phillies GM. He’s a complete disgrace, a dope, a con, and in this interview came off sounding like a college kid who forgot to turn in his semester-long research paper. Amaro offered up so many excuses while he flailed during his 20-minute interview with Mike Missanellias part of his apology tour, that I honest to God thought he was going to blame Pat Burrell’s dog for eating the 2009 draft targets list before the World Fucking Champions ring ceremony that spring. Eh, sorry Mikey, we passed up on, like, six opportunities to draft Paul Goldschmidt because our scouting report was still making its way through Elvis’ digestive tract. Don’t worry– he got it up. But it was too late. Can I do anything for some extra credit? Perhaps continue to tout the potential of Domonic Brown or 46-year-old Darin Ruf?

This is Amaro explaining that one of the reasons for the Phillies’ recent struggles is they were so good, for so long, and had lousy draft slots:

“We were picking very, very late in those opportunities, sometimes picking somewhere between 25 and 30 and when you do, that it puts your club in a tough position. Paul Owens used to say this all the time: You have one or two bad drafts and it sets you back four or five years. And it’s not necessarily bad drafts but drafts when you didn’t get the opportunity to pick at a higher level. When you’re winning the division every year, when you’ve got the best record in the game every year, and then on top of that you add free agents to try to continue the winning process, which we had some success doing, you’re going to pay for it in the back-end and that’s kinda what happened to us and now it’s time to turn it around.”

Yes, this, this particular thing, in a draft that has 50 rounds and is notoriously unpredictable, is what has led to the Phillies, a team with one of the highest payrolls in baseball, becoming a 100-loss contender. Fuck you, Ruben. Fuck you.

But as if that wasn’t bad enough, he then cited the Phillies’ list of middling (at best) prospects and Major League-ready warm bodies as reasons to be excited for the future:

“We have hit on some guys, at the same time we have Asche and Rupp and some other guys who are in the major leagues for us who are helping us at the big league level.”

“We’re gonna bring Brownie and Asche back to the major leagues at some point to continue their development. We’ve got kids that we’ve acquired or we have drafted or have acquired through the international program … that are having success and building our organization. We’ve got guys in double-A that we’ve talked about, the Quinns and Eflins and Nolas and etc. Lively’s pitching well there and creating some depth for us. Windle is still learning some things and he’s a young player. We got kids like Tocci and Grullon and others in Lakewood. We have guys like J.P. Crawford who is getting ready to take the next step in his process … there’s a ton of positive things that are happening I like to focus on that.”

Look, you can’t just name people who may or may not exist as reasons why things are looking up. That’s like Lycos ticking off 16 search terms entered on its site last month as reasons why they still have a fledging organic search business, but conveniently failing to mention those 16 terms represented the sum total of all searches on site and were all performed by a guy named “Joey,” apparently on a quest to find the perfect combination of keywords to get just the best picture of a cat having sex with a goat. Um, let’s see here. We have “feline ravishes goat,” “Billy gets his pussy,” and, ah, “Horns in the Litterbox,” which was apparently the working title of Dreamworks film that was never given the green light, among others. We think we’re making a comeback and in a big way.

Brownie and Asche? Brownie is a lackadaisical underachiever who was thankful just to get a free lunch out of learning the news that he wasn’t good enough to play for the worst team in baseball, two years after being named an All-Star. And Asche was sent down two weeks ago TO LEARN AN ENTIRELY NEW POSITION. He’s so good and valuable, the Phillies decided they didn’t need him for a few weeks while they fucked with his entire career in an alarmingly panicky move. And besides Nola and J.P. Crawford, the other players are just names of people who play in the Phillies minor league system. I think. Seriously, Ruben could’ve just hit “next” on the Harry Potter name generator and none of us would’ve known the difference. Think I’m joking? You tell me which of these are Lakewood Blue Claws and which are randomly generated fictitious names based on a book about an English kid gaining superpowers [answers at the end of the post!]:

  • Kevin Sprout
  • Chris Oliver
  • Shane Watson
  • Matt Hockenberry
  • Kevin Switch
  • Tom Abbott
  • Justin Thickey
  • Colin Trimble
  • Rhys Hoskins
  • Tim Zier

So yeah, consider me not impressed by Ruben just naming names. Because those guys might not even be real.

And lastly, but perhaps most maddeningly, just minutes after blaming some of the Phillies’ recent struggles on injuries to players they wanted to trade, Amaro reiterated his refusal to hedge his bets and trade Hamels before he gets hurt, and even went so far as to suggest that, hey, maybe we should just keep him:

RA: “So my question to you is should we get lesser value out of a player just because we’re worried about him getting hurt?”

MM: “I’m just saying there’ll come a time when you may have to fish or cut bait.”

RA: “We’re not in any mandate to move Cole Hamels. He could be part of the transition. But the time his contract is over, we will have been hopefully back into a position to be a contender and we may want Cole Hamels to be at the top of our rotation at that time.”

MM: “It’s not very likely though, is it?”

RA: “But it could be, and so we all know how difficult it us. When I took over and from the time I was in the front office in Philadelphia all we talked about when I came on in ’98 was “We need pitching. We need pitching. We need pitching. We need pitching. We need pitching. We need pitching.” Well, we got a lot of pitching and we had a lot of success having pitching. And when you start talking about dealing away your best pitching, you better hit a home run because this is a guy you’re gonna want sitting at the top or near the top of your rotation when it’s time for you to be a contender again. And so, you have to weigh that with the type of talent you might be able to get for a guy like that.”

Prepare for Cole Hamels injuries posts in 2017 and 2018, when he’s an overworked lefty playing his contract on a bad, bad team.

Listen to the full interview here. It’s maddening.

Sprout, Switch, Abbott, Trimble and Thickey all attended Hogwarts, probably.


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  1. JP is one of the Top 20 prospects in baseball and he’s not even out of A ball.

    Nola and Efflin aren’t Matt Harvey or Jose Fernandez, but they are tearing it up in AA and figure to be in the Bigs by next season. They could easily both me 2’s and 3’s in the rotation.

    Carlos Tocci is on his 3rd tour at Lakewood but he’s still a teenager. Not everyone is Harper or Trout.

    Not only are ignorant, stupid and lazy, Kyle. But you are gay. There are 10000 things to rip on Amaro about. Trying to belittle promising prospects but you haven’t heard of them (really?) is not the way to go.

    1. Give Kyle a break. He only watches the Phillies when they’re good… At least, he watched when they were division leaders… Well, he watched when they were World Series contenders… 2008. He watched some of the second half of that 2008 season.

      Yay sports! Right, Kyle?

      1. I really enjoy when he makes smart ass comments about players he’s never heard of on this team. Earlier this year he made a comment asking who Dustin McGowan was after the guy at that point had eight apperances. For a guy who makes his living off sports you think he would actually watch them but it is easier to steal posts and bring up the only teams he’s ever watched ( 2008 Phils, 2004 eagles, 2001 sixers “I mite cry watching this iverson stuff” and 1997 flyers). Without the message board this website would die,

    2. How did Amaro draft from 2008-2012, where are those big-league talents? What? Larry Greene?

    3. Charles From The Northeasts Dead beat Son. You are so so right.Let me tell ya thats a Great Point. Great great great point. OK Buddy.

    4. promising prospect is BS!!! remember, dom brown was rated the #1 prospect in all of baseball.

  2. you should have wrote this rant in your Desean voice, that’s what the readers want

    1. Phils didn’t have a 1st round pick that year dinkus. Can’t trade 1st round picks either because baseball is stupid. Lost the pick for signing superstar Raul Ibanez!! The pick was after Trout was selected so can’t complain about that either.

  3. Like this is so ignorant and stupid I just can’t even.

    Nobody cares if you aren’t a baseball fan but to be so proudly “I DON’T KNOW WHO TOP PROSPECTS ARE LOLZ U SUK AMARO YA BOI DJACC” or whatever notice you spew is among the many reasons nobody has one iota of respect for you.

  4. The Phillies bad drafts have more to do with their refusal to pay above their slot for talented high school players and highly touted college guys. They don’t want to ruffle the system.

  5. Rube actually has a point as far as the draft. Phillies gave a several 1st round picks by signing Class A Free Agents and when they did pick it was very late in the first round. Its very rare to get a talent like Mike Trout that far back, he is an anomally. The amateur draft is big time pedigree.

    Its the international draft and lack of Cubans where Kyle should have aimed his anger. Thats where the Phillies have been terrible.

    Their Plan A, signing free agents has been horrendously bad as well and that has helped destroyed them. Wiggington,Nix, Sizemore,jerome Williams,Francoeur etc etc..

    1. The Phillies should just follow what the St Louis Cardinals do. They’re contenders every year, continue to have great records and have plenty of great young talent. Explain that moron.

      1. “The Eagles should just follow what the Patriots do.”

        “The Flyers should just follow what the Red Wings do.”

        “The Sixers should just follow what the Spurs do.”

        See how stupid that sounds?

        Of course you want to run your team like the best team in the league does. But that’s not realistic. Of course RAJ sucks and should be fired, but expecting the team to be run like the best in the league out of thin air is a pipe dream.

        1. And yet he has a point. The Cardinals are always contenders, hence always picking low in the draft; and yet they remain contenders year after year. Even a down year for them is about a .500 season and then they are back up in it the next year. It takes a quality front office to make that work.

    2. Right on. The 2008 team had a mix of home-grown talent and low risk / high reward veterans like Werth, Victorino, Jenkins, Stairs, Moyer, Blanton, etc. When Amaro took over, his approach to building a team was to just shop off of the top shelf by making trades for expensive and proven commodities.

      He proved that’s not a sustainable strategy. For one, it depletes a farm system that already woefully neglects the international market. Secondly, it becomes a really expensive mistake when Howard starts to shit the bed or Halladay breaks down. There’s no financial latitude to correct the error so Howard becomes an albatross around the team’s neck.

      As the team’s roster started to get clogged up with under-performing / hurt guys making big money, they really needed Amaro to find gems on the second tier market to fill the gaps. Instead we got Delmon Young and the Nix brothers.

  6. That lame ass joke about forgetting to turn in a research paper was horrible enough on Twitter. Why even rehash that garbage on here???

  7. Want to point out that I’ve read several different writers and scouts discuss how far off they were on Goldschmidt. The majority didn’t like him and guys like Keith Law admit this and also note that his progression and ability to adjust at the plate has been remarkable.

    Just hilarious that Kyle picked him out of the blue since he’s a superstar who went in the 8th round. Guaranteed he googled “MLB Draft Steals” right after the Amaro interview.

    Goldschmidt is one of those anomalies, as someone above referenced Trout falling in the 1st round. Stop trying to act like this site contains sports knowledge instead of rehashed shit that was copied and pasted. Good day…

  8. You never heard of those guys Amaro named? Go look at the list of top prospects in the Phils system. Those guys are it.

  9. rube the boob never fails to disappoint…..old fartbags like Gillick and Monty probably told him to go on the radio to increase public support or they will have to fire him… big a piece of crap as rube is……gillick and monty are just as guilty for being afraid to fire him…haven’t watched 1 pitch and won’t till senor taco is put out of his misery.

  10. Love how Rube equates strong pitching to hitting a home run, which is how they actually won games.

  11. Villanova grads (too afraid to go away to school) are all the same, whiny little turds. I must admit though, trashing Rube the Boob is the only thing we got going until June 25th. Back to why the Phillies suck, real reason…. The age of the fucks in charge. 135 years of pure SUCK! They just do the same shit over and over again…. 10 years from now the odds will have them as a decent team again no matter whose in charge (higher draft picks). Hopefully they will finally just hire someone from the Cardinals or Giants organization to give them the road map…

  12. I get that you hate RAJ, we all do…but your level of ignorance about the Phils system is staggering. You almost seem proud that you know nothing about them even though you run a sports based site. Frankly it’s embarrassing. Their system is far better than you think and while certain aspect are still lacking, they have made huge strides in the last year. They will most likely have 4 guys in the top 100 when it next comes out, which is pretty damn good. Do some research before you decide you are going to trash something

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