Rumor: Sixers Home Uniform May Feature Old-School “Phila” on Front

Voila_Capture 2015-05-13_09-55-19_AM
pic via (@conradburry)

Graphic designer Conrad Burray tweeted out artwork for what he claims will be the official wordmarks on new Sixers uniforms, which will be unveiled on June 18. He told me they appear in a file containing official NBA graphics.

If true, that Phila would be a throw-back to Wilt, 60s-70s-era uniforms, which would make sense given what the Sixers put in a teasing press release yesterday:

The new uniforms are inspired by Sixers jersey designs from the eras of Chamberlain (late 1960s), Cunningham (1970s) and Julius Erving (1980s). More details on the uniform unveil are forthcoming.

We’ll file this under rumor for now, but kinda have a feeling it will turn out to be accurate. And if so, I fully support it.

Side note: I also have a feeling that, in five years, the Sixers’ brand refresh combined with a couple of young stars will make them one of the coolest teams in the NBA, a la the Warriors right now.


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  1. I got a handy once on a plane, does this count for membership in Mile High Club?

    1. Agree. More importantly, abbreviation of the city doesn’t belong anywhere on a professional uniform. PHILA was done in the old days to save some stitching. It looks awful. Not in an old-school Tampa Bays Bucs Creamsicle so bad it’s good. Just bad.

  2. Should’ve brought me back too instead of creating Franklin. I’ll shoot that dog if I have to. #BringBackBigShot

  3. Breaking News!!!! Rumor has it next year’s roast will feature an equine theme. No word on who is involved yet. But sources say a certain morning talk host and another “look at me” ho …er ..female will be roasted. Stay tuned….

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