Sixers Roundup: Lottery, D’Angelo and Dario

nerlens lottery

Draft hair

After saying Doctor J couldn’t make it and having people on Twitter suggest everyone from A.I. to Joel Embiid to Ric Flair (my choice), the Sixers have decided to send Nerlens Noel as their representative at the draft lottery. And along with what it says in the Tweet above, if the Sixers get one, six, and eleven, it should be against the law to ever get rid of Nerlens.


D’Angelo Russell

Post-lottery comes the draft, and D’Angelo Russell is reportedly one of the Sixers’ main targets. According to Keith Pompey, Russell would love to join the Sixers and he “has the best chance to become an NBA All-Star of the four projected top picks,” according to an anonymous scout. The Sixers plan to interview Russell today and I can only assume their side of the conversation will go something like this: It was you. It’s always been you. We traded MCW to make room for you.



And in interviews with former draft picks, Hoops Hype talked to Dario Saric. Saric pretty much scuttled any hope that he would be a Sixer next season, though that was always a slim possibility. “Next season?” Saric said. “I don’t know and I can’t speak about that because I don’t know yet the situation, how things are going to work out. I can say that I’m happy here at Efes and I’m also happy that people from Philadelphia came here and want me there. That’s all I can tell you right now. I don’t have any information or any feeling regarding what could happen. I’m just focused on the rest of the season.” He added that he wouldn’t mind staying in Europe to develop since he thinks he could improve his individual game in the NBA but is better off improving his team game in Europe. You really gotta like this guy. [Editor’s note: We hate Dom Brown for this sort of mentality, because we’re fickle. And because Saric has a chance to be something more than a one-time, Tinder-philanderer, all-star.]


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  1. To have Nerlens Noel represent the Sixers at the nba draft lottery,and then turn around and trade him on draft night would be an absolute disgrace on Sam Hinkies’ part;which is why I believe Sixers owner Joshua Harris and CEO Scott O’Neill have flat out told Sam Hinkie that Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid are not to be included in any trade proposals.

  2. If the sixers have a chance to draft okafor and they don’t it will be like taking greg Oden over durant

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