The Phillies 2015 Memorial Day Hats and Jerseys are Here

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Each year, I have less and less to say about these. They’re here to stay, and each year, it seems like “What’s left for the camouflage treatment?” This year, it’s the brim (last year was the crown of the hat). Next year: the button (“squatchee”) on top? And because this is the internet, I’m not done complaining. In previous years, a neat detail of these hats was stitching the special flag or camouflage pattern in the batterman logo. They’re just using the normal team colors this year. Boring.


Another interesting detail is on the jerseys; last year, the “camo’d” jersey was the pinstriped home version. 2013 and this year are the grey aways. Oddly, the 2013 used white stroke around the “Phillies” wordmark, like the normal away jerseys. The 2015 uses red stroke. I’d hate to think that this is solely to make them different than the 2013s, and this is a marketing exercise. I’d certainly hate to think that. And, it’s a visual mess because it doesn’t offset the camouflage from the grey the way the white does.

it doesn't get any better with time
they don’t get any better with time

With all these variations of hats, we now have a continuum of “bad.”  2008, 2009, 2011 get passes as they basically look like regular hats drenched in sweet, sweet, freedom (red’s already a team color, navy is close enough to blue, also a team color). 2010: yuck. Among the camouflage options, 2013 Memorial Day has ended up looking the best, as it’s fully committed to the look. The 2015 gets the slight nod (hats, get it? ugh) over the 2014 due to the marginally subtler application of the camouflage concept. 2012 is so subtle that it just looks like  a dirty “P.” Wrapping up the flag designs, 2013 gets points for originality, and 2014 is just a mess.

Even these are a sad reminder of good years past and ever distant. (click to enlarge)

h/t: uni-watch

h/t: @fittedelphia for reminding me about the pre-2008 design last year.


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  1. Even Jim thought this was impossible to read.

  2. This is my favorite post of the year. I really enjoy the nuances that you get into regarding the special jerseys and hats. No matter how bad you say they are, after reading this I want to head right to CBP and make a purchase.

  3. Why??? Really thought we were done with these dumbass posts. Then again, counting the cents for my click and comment. I guess I get it then.

  4. hopefully soon you won’t say anything


  5. Pre ’08 are the only ones I like. What’s wrong with the flag without wrecking the rest of the hat?

  6. Need this. Spending my ssi check on a hat. Jordans on layaway..cop next check.

  7. And Evil Andy Schreiber? and Juan, Andy Schreibers illegitimate son?

  8. I wish they’d wear the old ‘interleague’ hats that had the blue brim and star in the P.

  9. these are the worst ones by far. even in your joke, you pointed out a design flaw with the hat. the button should be camo. to have a completely red hat, with a camo brim, the blue button looks like it shouldnt belong. 2008 is a classic and then 13, 14 in any order top 3.

  10. So the “pre-Amaro” versions are good/decent, but the “post-Amaro” versions have had such a rapid, uncontrolled decline into despair that the faithful masses no longer pine for them ? Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

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