Memorial Day 2014

2013 on-field jersey doesn’t quite match this picture – see below

Just like last year, the Phillies will wear special camouflage jerseys for Memorial Day to go with their camouflage hat. Considering the marketing possibilities, they’re remarkably similar to last year’s jerseys, though the Phillies will be home this year, so it’s all-new. In that vein, the Memorial Day (Monday) game is at the odd start time of 5:05, which I guess answers the question of whether rare 5:05 games are considered day games in terms of wearing the non-pinstriped alternates. Anyone want to look up what they wore for playoff games that started at that time a few years ago? Anyone? Geez, Kyle needs to hire someone really bad.

Complaining about these has become comparable to screaming at a river, so feel free to spend $202.99 on yours. $202.99? The extra $2.99? Really? [end Jerry Seinfeld-ish joke here]

Unexpectedly, it looks like MLB Shop is making the same error as last year in that they’re showing the jerseys with the MARPAT woodland camouflage pattern though the hat is the desert pattern. The 2013 on-field jerseys used the desert pattern. Don’t worry, I made a graphic.


The actual on-field jersey from 2013:


2014 hat image from MLB Shop

via Uni-Watch