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Ruben Amaro greeted everyone’s work week this morning with comments that fans don’t “understand the game” and “they bitch and complain.” He then walked back those statements, saying he didn’t mean all the fans. Just the ones who complain. You know, all the fans. Unsurprisingly, most people didn’t like that.

Some local TAKES:

Ruben Amaro has “failed to remember that he’s not in a position to bitch about fans who bitch about his baseball team,” Mike Sielski wrote. “Deep down, maybe Amaro believes that he’s entitled to more latitude than he’s gotten from the Phillies’ fan base … and he’d be right if the Phillies’ subsequent collapse weren’t so predictable and preventable, if he and the team’s ownership group and decision-makers hadn’t held on too tightly to that brief period of greatness, if the Phillies hadn’t wasted the 2013 and 2014 seasons in a laughable attempt to reload instead of beginning their rebuilding then.”

Matt Mullin at the PhillyVoice called Amaro “the smartest man in baseball according to general manager Ruben Amaro, Jr.,” which hits at the core of many of the Phillies’ problems. Ruben doesn’t believe in analytics. Ruben doesn’t think the fans “get” his plan. Ruben has, in the past, said he doesn’t believe in plans. Because in Ruben’s eyes, he only has to do what Ruben wants to do. Ruben was handed a fully functioning World Series champion and has let the wheels fall off slowly, sadly, and above all else, predictably. He’s overpaid aging stars, failed to turn quasi-talented prospects into talented players, and refused to ship away talented players to acquire prospects. Yet, we don’t know the game. Ruben is the smart one.

And this plan? “There very well might be a plan,” Matt Lombardo said. “However, firing proverbial shots at a fanbase of an organization that hasn’t made the postseason since 2011 and has lost 89 games in consecutive seasons, isn’t the wisest decision. Especially, for a general manager that many of those fans wish were already on the hotseat.”

Hardball Talk’s Craig Calcaterra – a notorious troll of all things Philly – thinks Ruben might actually be right, but he’s “done nothing in the past several years which entitles him to offer these kinds of truths in as undiplomatic and as snotty a fashion as he does here.”

Ruben will be on the radio soon to once again talk about these comments, and he’ll likely dig himself even deeper into the hole he’s already dug. We’ll have those comments when he makes them.

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9 Responses

  1. For taking your mouth off Hinkie’s knob for 15 seconds to copy and paste and bunch of other people’s work.

  2. Heard RAJ has a sex tape with Leslie gudel from back in the day

  3. Kyle and Jim, you admittedly have watched almost none of the Phillies this season and now act like you know all about the team. Maybe instead of cutting and pasting opinions of legitimate journalists, you guys could watch a couple games and then form some of your own ideas.

    1. In my defense, I can’t be expected to watch sports and run a sports-themed website. Especially if one of those sports teams isn’t a title contender. What am I? A responsible blogger?


    2. i don’t watch the games either, but i am still the voice of the phillies fans…HAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. This make take a while to formulate my thoughts. We just had a bunch of great years.

    1. We arguably had our best 1st,2nd, SS, (maybe) catcher of all time on the same team. Not gonna happen very often. In order to try and capitalize on that fact they basically gave up every good draft pick in order to win multiple world series. I dont remember 1 person crying over the fact that we got roy, cliff and hunter. if they knew Ryan was gonna get hurt they wouldnt have resigned him years ago. Chase’s last contract is team friendly, so I don’t mind it. So Lets get over the fact we didnt win multiple world series. We took a shot but it cost our future.
    2. The draft. Well where is Ed Wade when you need him. He built the 2008 team. Drafting top ten a few years straight sure helped that. gillick just put the finishing touches on it and even said so himself. Any decent pick gillick had was traded on our quest for more championships. So by doing that the well is dry and now we are feeling it. We got some good young arms coming, a couple of solid position players and tons of money coming pff the books this year and next year to fill in some holes.

    So all that being said. Stop with the “it was easy to see shit”,that we should have started rebuilding in 2012. if he could have traded howard then he would of but he was hurt. if he traded utley he would have been killed. especially by you. He is right by saying where they drafted hurt because you are not getting a bryce harper with the 24 th pick. You do find gems all over the place in the draft but impact first year players are hard to find. stop righting these stupid articles, you are all butthurt because we suck and the gm isnt kissing ur ass. At least he is being honest (mostly). I dont think he has done the greatest job but i am sick and tired of everyone bashing him when just 3 or 4 years ago everyone was sucking his d$&k when he was picking up players left and right. ( sorry for punctuation. writing on my phone)

      1. Nah dummy…far from it…just a realist and not a Monday morning quarterback

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