Your Monday Morning Roundup

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Good morning. The Phillies stink, the Sixers and Flyers aren’t in the playoffs, and there’s no draft to talk about. Boy are we going to have some compelling content today.

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

New Eagle Nelson Agholor went to the Phillies game, and Nerlens Noel wore some kind of heating pad shirt to the Clippers game.

Jonathan Papelbon, everyone’s favorite guy, is now tied with Jose Mesa as the Phillies’ all-time saves leader.

This is the best catch at Citizens Bank Park this season, but it really could have ended poorly for that baby.

The Eagles will hold their joint practices this pre-season with the Baltimore Ravens.

Zach Woods, who got his Philly sports history wrong when he was on Marc Maron’s podcast, has apologized. That’s nice and all, and we’ll take it, but we’re apologizing for offhanded comments we make on podcasts now?

The Phillies have tried and failed to trade Ryan Howard and Cole Hamels, so they might as well look at deals for Aaron Harang. Sure.

Haha. Hahahaha. HAHAHAHHHAHA.

Bill Simmons, who agressively dislikes Sam Hinkie to a Howard Eskin level, had Hinkie’s former boss and current Rockets GM Daryl Morey on what will likely be the last episode of the Grantland Basketball Hour. “Defend Sam Hinkie in one sentence,” Simmons said to Morey. Morey responded:

“If I had the starting point he had, I think he made all the right choices. I think he’s made great moves. Obviously no one else appears to agree at this point, but I think it’ll be proved out over time.”

Emmanuel Acho went to prom and sang an Ed Sheeran song to his date:

Friday night:

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Maybe this was to create the illusion of a crowd.

Apparently Allen Iverson bailed on his appearance at Comic Con, disappointing a whole seven nerds… and these two readers, who are clearly very cool individuals and totally went there just to meet AI:

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Ed Rendell with a piping hot take and one of the worst ledes ever:

WRITING this column has filled me with respect, admiration and even awe for the sports writers of the Daily News. First, because I think they combine to produce, day in and day out, the best sports section in the country, and secondly, because they write several days a week or, in some cases, every day. I often find it difficult to come up with a topic once every two weeks!

At the beginning of this week, I couldn’t think of anything interesting enough for a full column. Then I get up Wednesday morning and – boom! – two megastories break out of nowhere: the “Deflategate” report and Shady McCoy’s allegations that Chip Kelly makes racially motivated decisions. Let me start with the latter first.

I’d make fun of him for losing the reader, but, of course, I started the week with a line about how absolutely nothing happened this weekend. Still, you think it’s hard coming up with content every day or week, Ed? Try multiple times per day. Hell, try just sitting through one game. Note the double tablet move her by this woman, courtesy reader Chris:

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Insider article on Bill Simmons and ESPN.

Jeremy Piven and others were stranded at the airport overnight on Friday after a flight from London to New York was diverted to Philadelphia due to weather. Passengers were forced to sit on the plane and in the terminal for five hours waiting for always friendly customs officials to arrive at 5 a.m. Can only assume that Piven threw an impromptu party with George Clinton.

Some event or graduation somewhere, displaying almost Apple’s full product lineup:

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And then the newscasters will direct you back to TV and radio– promotional circle-jerk, little actual information:

John Gonzalez’s awesome Eagles HR parody video.

Voila_Capture 2015-05-11_09-03-34_AM

I need a LeBron James-Steph Curry final. But the Clippers are going to win it all. Write that down.

Nice job by Kevin Negandhi wrapping up his commencement speech at Temple. Meanwhile, Villanova has the COO of CHOP? What? I mean, I’m sure she’s great… but no one’s ever heard of her.

DeSean Jaccson calls the Redskins the team to beat… or team to be beat. One of those.

Rickie Fowler’s girlfriend.

NFL free agency will get a kick in the pants tomorrow when signings won’t count against a team’s compensatory picks. Why do I get the feeling the Eagles are going to go after Wes Welker?

I enjoyed meeting smart kid Ben Yankelitis, who wrote an article about me for the Malvern student newspaper. #heartsandminds

Bill Simmons at the Clippers game.

Dwight Howard is such an idiot.


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24 Responses

  1. “Why do I get the feeling the Eagles are going to go after Wes Welker?”

    Because he’s white

    1. i was thinking same thing – he was definitely trying to spread his acho cheese all over that party. a black man at a white high school prom? thats like leaving mcnabb alone at popeyes! enough with the celebrities going to disabled kids proms already…

  2. This stupid foul ball catch with the baby is already worn out. Interviews in the stands during play which is annoying enough. Interviews on their front step. Coverage on NBC? Really? Not enough race baiting news for NBC to report on?

  3. Chip Kelly can’t be liking that Acho is dating a white girlfriend in HS

  4. Hey Kyle, where is the guy taking a picture with his Apple Watch???


    What a waste of money….

  5. There isn’t a more annoying laugh on radio than Eytan Shander. Dude is clearly trying to recreate the Bruno/Mayes type show. Problem is Bruno is actually funny and Mayes could play off that perfectly.

    1. Is Shander still trying to figure out ways the Eagles get Mariota?

    2. If I’m WIP, I’m getting rid of Innes immediately and going after Mayes to pair back up with Bruno.

      But seems that there’s no chance of that happening because Innes is the next Stern apparently.

      1. hes not stern hes limbaugh, obviously. just waiting for limbaugh to choke on a key lime pie. innes will be out of philly faster than ruben amaro when marshall law takes over philly.

    3. Guarantee shander has that Tom Byrne mentality where he tries to big time anyone.

  6. gonzo eagles piece best thing he’s ever done….
    also saw some clips of dykstra speaking at his roast….wtf…awful, embarrassing, puffy mess….and that was just morganti’s face in the background….

  7. I was at the Phillies game Friday. Got there at 6:50, after driving through bad I-295 traffic. And I had no wait at the Left Field Gate metal detectors, that close to game time. If people were in a long line in the 4th inning, it’s because…they were very late.

    And I’m willing to bet that many of these were the same types of people who don’t sit in their seats until the 8th inning because they are busy getting blitzed on Ashburn Alley and don’t really care about the game at all to begin with – but have no problem booing at Chase “World F’ing Champions” Utley very loudly and obnoxiously 2 feet away from my sleeping infant daughter (and yes, I’m not stupid – I know it can get loud at ballgames; but you’d think you’re safe when Mr. “You Are The Man” comes to the plate). I was embarrassed to be a Phils fan in that moment.



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