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He’s barely a high school graduate (and even less of an 18 year old) but Cornelius Randolph, the 10th overall pick in the 2015 MLB Draft, did more than smash baseballs (he hit .526 with 7 home runs in 76 ABs in his senior year). The “best (high school) bat in the country” has a very active Twitter account! In just under 3 years on Twitter, @c_randolph has accumulated over 15,000 tweets (only 1,500 less than the lame official Twitter account of your Philadelphia Phillies). Needless to say, there’s a lot to learn about the Phillies ’18 left fielder (Well, if he signs. And doesn’t turn out to be Anthony Hewitt. Or Larry Greene. Or Zach Collier. And doesn’t actually play his drafted position of short stop. Or third base. Or first base. Or right field.).

He could be the next Ryan Howard.

Or Mike Vick.

Or Tiger Woods.

Or DeSean Jackson.

Or Donovan McNabb.

Or… Barry Bonds???

Or even Bryce Harper… or is it Justin Bieber, Cornelius?

He could be a Chip Kelly guy.

Really, he could!


He gets sore.

He likes to eat.

Eat and sleep.

Wait until he has a real Philly cheese steak.

He has good taste in music.

On second thought…

Yeah… no.

He’s going to need help here.

He probably hasn’t seen “Talladega Nights”.

He’s curious.

And a deep thinker.

Real deep.

He’s got that “your” or “you’re” thing figured out.

He cares about his appearance.

He knows the kind of girl he wants.

But he has standards.

And he plans on treating them well.

But they’ll come to him… he won’t be on the hunt.

But will he get paid by the Phillies?

Philly has nothing to compete with this.


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