Hamels Hurt, Aumont Starting, Amaro Dumb

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Ruben Amaro, talking to Mike Missanelli a few weeks ago, said he can’t take the risks of players getting hurt into account when wanting to trade them. “Should we get lesser value out of a player just because we’re worried about him getting hurt?” Ruben asked Missanelli, showing what he really thought of the implication. And today, the Phillies’ most valuable trade chip is hurt.

Cole Hamels has been scratched from his planned start tomorrow due to a “mild hamstring injury.” Phillippe Aumont will make his first major league start, and Amaro will have learned nothing.


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    1. *year. Should have traded Hamels when he was pitching great now the trade value really goes down.

  1. jim, why are you killing raj when in an earlier post this week jim salisbury made it clear to john smallwood that pat gillick is running the show and makes all the decisions?

    1. Because Kyle and Jim are just as dumb and clueless as the major sports writers in this city, only they add the hipster snark whenever they can. Writers today do all they can to avoid facts or statements that go against their narrative. It’s why Chip says “no matter what i say, you guys are gonna write whatever you wanna write anyway”

    2. Is Gillick making the deals, or signing off on what RAJ brings him? I thought that he had final say, but wasn’t doing the actual legwork.

      1. raj is doing the legwork according to gillick’s direction. it’s clear gillick has no urgency to move hamels and is not worried about him getting hurt based on raj’s actions and statements.

  2. Wonder if any of the other position players know how to pitch. They’ll probably need them after Phil-Lee has a pitch count of 100 through 3 innings tonight.

  3. Yeah, let’s just dump the guy for sub-optimal value in case he gets hurt!

    No wonder the man has such disdain for fans.

    1. Sub-optimal in whose opinion? Rube’s? Ruben’s idea of player value is totally out of whack. This is the guy who asked for Seattle’s top pitching prospect in exchange for Ben Revere.

      I agree, don’t sell him for less than his real value, but have a realistic idea of what that value is to begin with.

      1. Except that he didn’t actually ask for Seattle’s top prospect. That rumor was pretty much debunked.

          1. Either way, anyone ripping on him for not trading Hamels before this injury is stupid.

            It’s well documented that no team was willing to give up 1 top 20 prospect. Even if that is Hamels’ market and no one will come up from that price (they almost assuredly would have before the trade deadline), you can’t trade him for that. You can’t let another player go (Lee first time, Pence, Victorino) and not get any worthwhile prospects out of it. It would be retarded, even if no one was willing to pay that price. At that point, yeah, keep him and have him keep throwing for you. You either do that and get nothing in 4 years or you trade him and have nothing in 4 years… I’d rather keep Hamels.

  4. 117

    His last four games. His pitch count.

    Cole Hamels has the most pitches thrown of any MLB pitcher in 2015 so far. His pitch count is 1490. How effing dumb is this entire club?

  5. Amaro is a well paid puppet at this point , he has no authority or power at this point.

    Phillies fans #1 antagonist at this point is this moth-eaten Ownership group.

    There is your problem Ownership. .End of Story.

    Phillies Fan dream right now is to hear that Phillies have been sold for $1.7 B to ……..

  6. This is definitely on Sandberg for allowing him to have the biggest pitch count in baseball. Still Fuck Rube. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE , sorry thought i saw godzilla. It was Innes.

  7. Dude is in his mid 60’s and all he does is leer and young ladies. His bubble batch thing was so creepy. He’s an old horny geezer. Surprised Reeah puts up with it, but then again she’s banging Innes on the side and he’s as misogynistic as it gets.

    1. 1. angelo is creepy, but you listened anyway. that makes you a douche bag.
      2. what else is reeah gonna do, read the news at a radio station in delaware making 30k/year?

      1. I barely listen to that clownshow in the am anymore. Sometimes ill flip it on to see id they are actually talking about something interesting or any good guests. As soon as i flipped on this morning n heard that dumbass bubblebath shit i shut it off. I cant imagine anyone enjoys listening to that. Gargano isnt much better of an alternative either. Ipod it is.

    2. This Innes/Rhea rumor is way too ridiculous to be true. He is a repulsive pig and an immature asswipe. Sorry I can’t see anyone like Rhea being attracted to this slob.

    1. F-Rhea (as long as I can gag her so she doesn’t talk)
      M- Sue, she seems nice enough.
      K- Bruno’s sloppy seconds

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