Larry Brown Has Created a Self-Perpetuating Rumor

Photo credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Goddamn you, Mr. Brown. Look at what you’ve done.

Larry Brown’s comments about self-declared basketball genius Allen Iverson (whom I totally love, by the way– don’t get me wrong) have created a monster. Last week, AI said he’d be thrilled to be the Sixers’ assistant GM (no word on if their actual GM is even remotely enthused by that idea). And now, this, from new gossip columnist Jenny DeHuff:

Former Sixer Allen Iverson was spotted day-drinking yesterday at the Ritz-Carlton (10 Avenue of the Arts) with some guys in suits.

My sources say A.I. was in town late last week celebrating his 40th birthday, stayed for a Sixers uniform unveiling and was spotted palling around with some important-looking people at the swank hotel lobby bar.

We don’t have “The Answer” to what he was doing in town, but it may be drumming up old rumors of former coach Larry Brown’s suggestion that the Sixers hire Iverson on the coaching staff.

A Twitterererererer reported, with some surprise, that Iverson was still in a Bentley and rolling with a “full squad.”

Few thoughts here:

1) AI has stepped up his drinking game big-time. Do they at least have half-price apps at The Ritz?

2) Everyone seems surprised that he has money, but AI has never been broke. A financial advisor had reportedly set aside $32 million from which he could pull interest until he’s 55.

3) Thanks to Larry Brown’s RUMINATIONS (like that word), we’ve now reached the point in Iverson’s life where if he’s seen with “important-looking people” in suits in Philadelphia we’re just going to assume that he’s talking to Sixers front office folks. Like, I’m not sure if we should be upset that this has seemingly turned into a real thing, or shake our damn heads that the first reaction upon hearing news that millionaire Iverson was having drinks with well-to-do people is to assume that he was interviewing for a job. Either way, give me a few minutes and I’ll figure out a way to make it Brown’s fault.

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  1. Hey Kyle, I heard that the ex wife is getting that $32 million. I read he signed some sort of post nuptial agreement that he wouldnt drink, cheat, stay out after midnight, etc. so that his wife would stay with him. But obviously he blew that to smitherines. Check up on that, if it’s true it would really suck for him.

    1. She apparently kicked him half of it back out of pity…and the latest now is that they’re reportedly back together.

  2. Fuck Larry Brown and his man of his word bullshit. Go smell your kids you fucking franchise killer

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