RADIO WARS: Rob Ellis Announces Regular Role on 97.5


Rob Ellis just announced his new role with 97.5 The Fanatic– he’ll co-host with Harry Mayes from 10-2.

This doesn’t come as a surprise. I speculated about it as a possibility a few months back. When Ellis filled in for Mike Missanelli a couple of weeks ago, it was clear that he was being considered for a role with the station, but no final decision had been made at that point.

They had the artwork ready to go:

Voila_Capture 2015-06-19_03-10-22_PM

Finally, 97.5 will have some stability mid-days. This, combined with a local morning show and Mike Missanelli in drive-time, will give 97.5 a consistent 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. lineup. THE NOISE:

UPDATE: I can confirm that Eytan Shander, who was previously hosting with Harry, has not been let go by the station and, as of now, is still with them in an unknown capacity.

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147 Responses

    1. And Eytan is crying up s storm on his twitter feed as he’s been relegated to fill-in status you know the Glenn Macnow/Howard Eskin treatment.

      1. Eytan has retweeted other people’s tweets–has not cried or commented on the situation–ur post is bogus

    2. Could Shander be any worse than that marble mouthed fuck and his shitty sidekicks on 97.5 in the morning

    3. You don’t have bloom to kick around for a while. He is in detox here in Arizona enjoying a nice stay in REHAB!!!!

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    1. According to Tobin’s Spirit Guide Eytan Shander was a third century Babylonian demigod who used loud incoherent sounds to enslave thousands

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  1. Maybe I’m alone but I thought Shander and Mayes were developing an awesome chemistry. I’ve really enjoyed the show for the last few weeks. I didn’t even switch to Mike and Ike during the commercials, which has been great for my mental health.

    1. no offense, but i do think you’re in the minority. Eytan is insufferable and there was no way Mayes could hold a 4 hour show down with him for an extended period of time. need something better before the Birds start.

      1. Eytan may be a great guy but Yikes he screams 24/7 and is in total disagreement with everything anybody else says. I’m not at all surprised he got demoted. You just can’t act like that on the radio and expect people to listen to your constant noise.

    2. You are not alone. Eytan is not only entertaining enough to work well with anybody at the station, he is very entertaining and creates great topics as a solo act. I hope his talent doesn’t go unappreciated by this market. It would be a huge loss if he ends up going elsewhere.


    1. WIP signed sloppy seconds Bruno first. And this assumption that Innes is worth more than nothing is implausible at best. So it seems WIP “traded” Ellis and Gargano for Fanatic’s Bruno.

      end statement- big whoop, same cast, different spots. If anything, Fanatic came out ahead on paper because they created a morning show, filling a previously uncontested slot.

      1. 97.5 had to add an entire staff of hosts and producers for a morning show compared to just feeding off ESPN, and yet the ratings haven’t improved at all in the morning slot. Lot of extra cost to the bottom line and results aren’t substantially better than what I assume they aired for free from ESPN so far.

        And miss is now losing ratings which can be somewhat accredited to Bruno.

        But they’re winning. Okay.

          1. Agreed. Not that their show was any better/worse, but it was something different. I really enjoy Angelo and the WIP morning show (because I enjoy a laugh on my way to work) , but I would flick over to 97.5 and get a national perspective on a big issue (ie deflategate, Ray Rice).

            Now it’s just either Angelo or the guy who wasn’t good enough to get ratings on the station that always gets ratings. I don’t get what 97.5 was thinking, they should of spent the time trying to find “the next Josh Innes” as in finding a young prospect who can get radio ratings instead of running out an old and tried host. That’s almost as insane as a .180 Chase Utley batting 3rd every night

            1. You admitting you enjoy listening to Cataldi makes your comments null and void. It also makes you a fucking retard.

              May god have mercy on your soul.

          2. Ant is so pandering and so pretend street that he’s hard to listen to. Love Johnny Marks though and was sad to see Marks and Brace get the boot. Ant is no match for Cataldi who may be the best ever. Dislike Missannelli personally but he’s great too as is Bruno of course. Innis is a comer. Mayes and Ellis are a nice team together–Shander was impossible to listen to with all his screaming. He likely knows his stuff but screaming 24/7 ain’t good.

    2. When will this revolving door of fail allow me to run this sinking ship into the Ben Franklin Bridge and sink in front of the Camden aquarium? Harry Mayes has had more partners than the Kardashian skanks and Kylie thinks Drab Ellis is “adding stability” to middays? Count the number of attempts to fix middays over the years. The only time the middays on 975 worked was Mayes with Bruno and the suits upstairs and butt hurt, jealous loser Mikey Pissanelli didn’t like seeing a legit talent like Bruno get traction. Now, let’s hit the re-set button again in AM, Mid-days and keep trying to convince people that 97.5 if the “football station”. Tune in Monday when we re-launch as the New-New 975 the Failnatic!

  3. This will be great for 97.5 as they call pull that huge Sarah Baicker audience from BOB over to the station.


  4. Rob Ellis is the Ryne Sandeberg of radio.
    That loser Murray from Mayfair probably happy as a pig in shit with Robbie back on the radio

    1. Yeah, Ellis is the most complete sports commentator on the radio. It’s nice that amidst all of Sandberg’s faults as a manager, you still compliment him on his HoF playing career. You Chicago much?

    1. Well said. Seems knowledgeable enough, but is about as entertaining as a colonoscopy.

      Have to admit, he was better on radio (that’s not saying much), but Breakfast on Broad is a terrible format for him. That foursome is the anti-coffee in the morning when I’m trying to get ready for work. Seriously, is this the best we have for our morning show in the entire city!?

  5. And the first call Ellis takes is that coot, Murray from Mayfair. Ellis, much like that ape in the morning is stale. ALL HAIL THE AGE OF INNES

    Eytan Shander sucks.

    See more of my work at

    1. Dude I read your piece about you ‘Speaking Candid’

      Did you get writing lessons from Jim?

      It’s amazing that somebody could speak and write so poorly and at one time have a major market media job.

      1. I tried to read the same article.
        Holy shit was that bad. Not sure English is his first language.

    2. It wouldn’t matter if Rob joined the station or not. He’s a constant irritant just like Levi. I think Rob is good breaking down football. He’s one of the few hosts who actually knows the game.

    3. For some reason, I clicked on just for giggles, and read one post. If you thought Brace had horrible grammar and no grasp of the English language on the radio….you should see him try to write. Brutal. He makes Jim/Kyle look like Hemingway.

      1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I too, had to check out It’s awful.

        1- His PI logo is as bad as “The Logo’s” logo when he had the Nick Kayal show (which I enjoyed).
        2- There is nothing influential about Sean Brace. My cat is more articulate and has more sports knowledge than that Bro.
        3- This is all I needed to see of that deuche.

        I’m dying.

        1. I got duche chills. Also, that fucking retard can’t pronounce the word influencer. No wonder the fanatic severed all ties with him, what a fucking loser.

        2. Neshaminy Creek should send a cease and desist letter to this pussy. JAWN is a great beer, they really don’t want it associated with this asshole

  6. Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus everywhere.

  7. I’m not a big Mayes fan. I find him completely annoying. However, I thought Shander and Brooks made a good team today. In my view anyone would be better to pair with Ellis than Mayes

    1. Brooks might not be an idiot, but he sounds brutal and continually acts like he has no clue what’s going on. He answers and analysis sounds like a kid in school who is asked to recap a lesson that he slept through.

      1. I think he’s just an idiot, too. His “analysis” is nothing but hyperbole and clichés. Every word of it. He must say “at the end of the day” once every five minutes.

    2. You can’t be serious. The ten minutes that I could take of these two was literally the worst ten minutes of radio I’ve ever heard.

  8. The morning show is no more and Gargano and Ellis are partners again in the afternoon.

  9. Today, Rob Ellis said Sam Bradford sucked in St. Louis because he isn’t an alpha male and that just because the team around him stunk he should of rose above it and lead the to greatness.

    Then he compared that to what LeBron did in dragging his team to the finals (!). Now, you probably realize that basketball is way different that the NFL, where LeBron has total control over what he does and Sam Brandford cannot make Kenny Britt catch the ball.

    I’m not saying Bradford is great, but the comparison was god awful. Thank you that is all.

    1. Yea it’s odd because while i don’t find Ellis entertaining at all, I do find him knowledgeable , at least more so than other radio guys. It seems since he’s been on television though, he tries to sound like the ultimate contrarian and has made an effort to dumb down the show, not that it was very smart in the first place. He sounds about as intelligent as Jillian on sports topics. I get trying to generate a discussion or even having the “hot-take” once in a while, but if he compared Bradford to Lebron, that’s just really sad………Maybe he’s getting prepared for his role on the fanatic since they talk about Lebron 24/7

  10. Best part about Rob on the radio is you don’t have to see his creepy eyes.

    I put a pic of him on my dashboard to keep me alert.

    1. thats funny, his beady eyes. I’m off from work this week and turned on BoB and it was scary they way he’s looked at the camera. He is knowledgeable, seems professional in all he does but good god, those eyes! Keep him on radio!
      What happens to Shander now? Didn’t he just sign a contract?

    2. Speaking of horrible grammatical syntax, check out Matt Lombardo’s work on I know he’s a younger guy but jesus, doesn’t someone edit his stuff?

  11. BOB is like a P0RNO to Murray from Mayfair with the way her jerks off to rob ellis.


  12. A Radio Wars post without calling referring to Innes as Andy Bloom’s guy? I’m not so sure Kyle actually wrote this…

  13. 2-6am. It’s a fertile shift. Daddy has owned it for years. Now it’s time for some real competition. Eytan can go back to his childhood.

      1. Never understood who BDG gets away with his phony schtick about being a friendly guy. Cheap SOB who treats people who work for him like absolute dog crap while laying it on thick with anyone he thinks can shovel a buck his way.

        1. I never understood how he gets away being referred to as a comedian. He is about as funny as a cancer diagnosis.

          1. Yooooooooooooo

            Dont be hating on BDG.

            He just refied with me.

            See youze guys at the new Primos with ANT

  14. Not a Shander fanboy by any stretch… but this is a downgrade in my eyes.

    Ellis is a conceited bore. Jolovitz-lite. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  15. I wanted to look at shander’s twitter and i go there and i’m blocked. i don’t even remember tweeting this lunatic, let alone anything blockworthy.

    1. Yes. Missanelli is now the fading fast after being the most dominant guy at the sinking ship the Failnatic. Doubt they pull the plug on this shitshow, but with ALT music so hot, they would get better ratings if they flipped and gave 104.5 some competition. Would be cheaper than paying for a bunch of talking heads who are struggling for ratings. Shows how hard it is to program talk/sports talk stations. Very few legit pros who can do it right and a whole bunch of desperate writers, ex jocks and mumbling fools like Gargano who are big stars in this lame ass radio town. No wonder no one ever makes it big until they leave Philly. Last radio/tv guys to bust out nationally? Bruno and Dick Clark.

  16. Mike and that fraud South Jersey Cuz both called in to gush all over Ellis and congratulate him…not sure if either one of them even knew Shander worked there or ever mentioned him at any point.

    Got the feeling Harry and Joe Y. were pretty sick of Shander talking over them, callers and guests. Harry seems pretty happy to be rid of him and have a new partner.

    Maybe a late night shift where Shander can listen to himself pontificate about nonsense and argue with whoever is awake is the best option. Or give him the Brace treatment.

  17. I like Rob way more than Shander but seriously how can you call yourselves the new 97.5. New implies something different. All they are doing is recycling WIPs trash and using it as their own. There morning show format is identical to WIP. Mayes has had how many cohosts? Sooner or later they might have to figure out that he’s the issue. Don’t even dislike him, but that’s what 5 different co hosts?

  18. The hating on Ellis here is why sports radio can’t win.

    If you don’t want “boring” and “white bread,” you get Josh Innes and Mike Missanelli and Angelo Cataldi and Howard Ekin. You get creepy fat, old men trolling it up for calls and reaction. You don’t get knowledge and level-headed insight, but that would get in the way of a 25 minute rant about hand sanitizer, Shady calling out Chip, or one of their competitors.

    You can’t have it both ways. Either sports radio isn’t for you, which is probably the best answer, or you want an entertaining show that will feature shouting, posturing and nonsense.

    1. Ellis is ‘Captain Obvious.’ He isn’t particularly insightful, witty, or even inquisitive. Just regurgitates the same warmed over superficial conversation.

  19. Sean Brace, you are a fucking bald, wigger dipshit. I give the “Philly Influencer” (whatever the hell that means) 6 months before you get lazy and give up on it.

  20. Oooooooooooooooo I’m shaking in boots.

    Me and Reeah Hewes were talking about this in my bed, no reason, and we both decided that this show sucks it’s irrelevant.

  21. Shander was so damn annoying.. He talked nonstop about tweeting, twitter, twitter handle etc…surprised he lasted this long.

    Brace still sucks…what a jerkoff that clown was.

    Pat gallen is horrible aswell. Sounds like a third grader and has no business talking sports.

    In the mornings, Bro and MCW must go…..MCW sounds pathetic on air…I would rather listen to shenna Parveen …how did MCW chick get hired? Seriously.

    Need baldy and Westbrook back for relevance and great insight.

    1. Gargano gets annoying at times but he’s sooooo much better to listen to than that piece of shit Angelo. Seriously, all Angelo does is overreact about every little thing and hit on girls 1/4 of his age. I can’t understand how he is the “ruler of sports talk.”

      But you’re right about MCW, she is God awful. I don’t know if they needed to hit a female quota to match up against Rhea but there HAD to have been someone better than MCW.

      1. MCW>rhea talking about her spoiled brat every 5 seconds.

        what’s even funnier about angelo is that 99% the girls he’s going crazy over are disgusting pigs and he only gets away with it because radio. (to be fair, stern did much the same back in the day.)

  22. Mayes is a pro. Just give him something consistent. The other decent move is to punt the Mike&Mike hacks. I would rather be soaked in honey and thrown on a red ant hill than listen to those numb nuts. Shut up, Greenberg. I’m not going to say anything else, it goes too far.

  23. Ellis is panicking. “BOB” probably tanking so he needs a fallback option.

    I actually like Ellis. I think he’s a smart guy. Just not a primetime 1/2-6 type guy. Too boring.

    I’ll turn the dial to him from 10-2 though. Ike Reese is unlistenable. WIP should have moved Ellis with Barkann and moved Ike Reese to nights. Or out the door.

      1. Harry Mayes has become the new Cuz as co-host exterminator.

        He’s gone thru slew of co-hosts.

      2. Ike Reese try to focus when interviewing guests. Questions should be short + sweet and then let the guest answer .. You cant ramble on for 2 minutes giving a question.

    1. You can just tell both Ike and barkann put zero prep-time or effort into their show. They are all over the place, and the second I start liking what they are talking about….Barkann quits making sense and Ike goes all “im smarter than you because i played” on any topic, even one outside of football. Ike was great when he preped for shows (night show and with Eskin), but he`s no where close to the same host. Ike spent more time talking about the Lakers or Sparty football/basketball than the Flyers over the last 6 months, atleast try to learn something instead of just ignoring any calls on hockey.

      If these two arent leading the midday ratings by August, something is wrong.

    2. I doubt he is panicking. Just a smart move to make more money and give himself options. Probably been lined up, since WIP let him go. Most of these guys have other gigs, or tried and failed, Gargano, Miss, Ellis on tv. Macnow has 20 other things he’s doing.
      Ellis isn’t dumb, radio is not a long term gig. BoB probably isn’t either.

    3. Mike and Ike are the most annoying phonies on philly sports radio. Mike’s shtick is worse than Gargano’s fake South Philly thing he tries to do. Ike is the worst. How have they lasted so long? I don’t get it. I hope Mayes and Ellis run them off the radio once and for all.

  24. I would have went Lombardo&Groucho 10-12

    Mayes/Ellis 12-2.

    No one in this town can hold down a 4 or 5 hour show. Start breaking these shows up into smaller better portions.

    1. In case you’ve been sleeping on a Primos hoagie Cuz, Innes and Bruno are on 5 hours and trash 97.5 all 5 hours, so nice try. Now, back to changing my oil son.

  25. How the fuck do Lombardo and staszak have jobs on the radio? I mean seriously, listening to them is like fucking Chinese water torture. I would rather put my dick and balls on a fully heated stove top then listen to that piece of shit show.

    You got aids !

  26. Shame, because Ellis was always best solo. In fact partnering him up w/ Anusonthy Garganus was the worst move for WIP and Ellis.

    Never had an issue listening to Ellis solo before the mix up at WIP. It worked for the 6pm-10pm shift- heading home, cooking dinner, drinking whiskey, rubbing one out- who wants to listen to two people bantering. I need one, quiet and thoughtful sports “DJ” to ease me into the night.

    1. Same here. That is why I can’t take that a-hole the Sludge. I never listen to that slot anymore – it is vomit worthy.

  27. Hey bros, I’m trying to fix this radio station but Mike Miss hates everybody, so I have to hire failed WIP guys because Mikey wants to make sure he’s still the king even though he’s getting his ass handed to him by Fat boy Innes and Bruno month after month.
    Boy did I blow it by fucking Bruno over to appease my former top dog Missy. Bruno goes to WIP and in no time, has MM ready to kill producers again or maybe even me now.
    I mean, like I thought Jon and Sean were like the future young stars and shit the bed on that fiasco. I even allowed these clowns to fill in for Mikey in PM drive for chrissakes!
    Now, I reach with Gargano and his remedial reading morning side piece amateur hour joke and can’t even get better ratings that the lame mike and Mike show.
    Then, I pair 4 different guys with Harry Mayes since Bruno left and I’m back to square one because Shander was toxic for ratings and now have to bring in a guy who never had ratings anywhere to compete for 4 hours. Rob Ellis will work, I guarantee it! He and Harry will both bring lots of knowledge and we know personality or compatibility don’t really matter. I mean, look at how that BOB show has taken over morning TV.
    My research shows by September, Cuz will get better enough in am drive. I’ll make sure he just has his bro guests on everyday and I hope we only lose by a little with football. BTW, don’t forget we’re the Sixers station and I have Phil from Mt Airy as my token black guy on weekends. Look at the stable of great talents I have at the new 97.5. Baby-face
    Pat Gallen, Joe Staszak, Matt Lombardo and the highly entertaining Joe DeCamera blowing up night time radio like never before. Don’t forget to tell your friends to forget about what appears to be a total panic on a monthly basis, we finally got this figured out now that we’ve been able to land WIP’s 2 top talents. Ratings, schmatings. This is the new 97.5 and I stake my reputation on it bros!

  28. Does Eytan’s new role at 97.5 involve a costume and waiving a placard & yelling at cars passing in front of the station?

  29. Contrary to popular belief, I am always hiding under Miss Robin’s skirt because I am to much of a pussy to stand up to my haters.

  30. My presence in Phila during the summer solstice will cause a solar eclipse of the sun. Please take all proper precautions at 1:45 PM today.

  31. Shander isn’t doing himself any favors on Twitter if he still wants his weekend shift…although maybe that has been stripped away too.

  32. Top 10 Sports Talk Host
    10) Angelo Caltadi (WIP)
    9) Sean Brace (Philly Influencer)
    8) Tony Bruno (WIP)
    7) Ike Reese (WIP)
    6) Harry Mayes (97.5)
    5) Rob Ellis (97.5)
    4) Jon Marks (97.5)
    3) Anthony Gargano (97.5)
    2) Mike Barkann (WIP)
    1) Mikey Miss (97.5)

  33. So glad Eytan Shander lost his midday role. The guy was a lowlife loser who was terrible at his job. This guy basically rambled about nothing almost everyday. He never got to the point. He had a terrible voice. He was so condescending to the fans where he treated them as scum. He’s a bad guy all around. It’s great to see him get fired again. So basically, he was fired by WIP, Mad Dog Radio and NBC Sports Radio. At least, he is a part-time. I wonder what does 97.5 see in this scumbag. He has no personality. He has no talent.

    I was so thrilled to see him lose his midday role.

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  35. Good News…. I just passed Missanelli in ratings.

    Bad New…. We have exactly the same political views.

  36. Bruno and Mayes was the only entertaining show on Philly sports radio, I will never understand what the fuckwits that run 97.5 are doing.

  37. this is dumb. wonder if 97.5 realizes this is why we don’t listen to wip and tune into their station? Ellis is absolute garbage. They’re like WCW doing nothing but signing castoffs. Who’s next to come 97.5? Eskin? Looks like I’m going to have to back to WIP. I rather hear Barkann get facts wrong and not know who players are than Ellis’s ramblings.

  38. It’s kinda sad to see both radio stations fighting and in hostile competition. As Philly radio they should try to work together. Instead it is pretty awkward. I really do enjoy the breath of fresh air Josh brings. Philly sports radio was becoming too “old” and stagnant. Same ol thing. I’ll never understand why people are so scared of change and so resistant to it.

    1. Tony Bruno is the reason I got into Sports Radio, I used to go out of my way to listen to him. I was sad when 97.5 let him go, and excited when 94.1 picked him up, after the 2nd day I had to stop listening because Josh Innes is the worst thing I’ve ever heard on the radio. At least Phil From Mt. Airy is funny! It’s like Bruno never came back.

  39. The Ellis hire is a “safe” move. Eytan Shander was supposed to bring a younger, more bold personality to partner with Mayes, unfortunately they had zero chemistry.
    Ellis may be a boring drone, but at least he’s not forcing himself to be “edgy”, that’s just bad radio in 2015.
    We’ll see how it plays out, but I’m surprised that so many people are groaning about it since he’s a “Philly Guy”, and not an out-of-towner.

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