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Like most of you, I love sports talk radio. I am a regular listener and caller. RADIO WARS has been deeply interesting to me as I think it raises the quality of radio programming in this city. Coming into WIP’s challenge of 97.5’s reign as the preeminent afternoon sports talk show, I felt torn. I always liked Tony Bruno but Josh Innes does stuff like this that makes it tough to get behind their show. In general, I enjoy Mike’s program more. He seems knowledgeable and he does a good job of getting to the phones with consistency. Despite this, recent ratings tell us that a show that Mike claims doesn’t exist is winning the city in terms of listeners. How could this be? I think it is because most people find Mike hard to listen to from time to time. Let’s examine three reasons:


Have you ever had a friend who knew everything about everything? You know that guy who was an equal participant in the welfare funding conversation AND the deep sea drilling conversation?

That guy is Mike Missanelli.

If I had a nickel for every time he was flat out wrong about any area I happen to be a professional in, I would have about $20. Here’s what’s scary: for every time I catch him spewing nonsense that he is well out of his depth on, there are probably 5 times in that show where I accept something as fact that may not be true.

For the most part, Mike does a good job at hiding this. He is a consummate radio professional. He can build a whole show around “The Eagles released Dawkins too early because he had a subjective value.” This sets up for 4 hours of him demolishing listeners arguments because you cant quantify “subjective value.” He can therefore move the goal posts infinitely so that he comes out on top. It is like when your older brother would change the rules of games so that you couldn’t win. This is maddening to listen to because every argument tends to follow the flow chart above.


2) He Is Difficult to Connect To

One of the things I like about Harry and Eytan is that they seem to be real guys. If you listen to their show enough, you get a feel for their personality and you almost start to feel a connection to them. I have a TOUGH time doing this with Mike. He drives luxury cars, owns shore houses, and takes backyard sports ENTIRELY too seriously. He also seems to enjoy belittling Jason Myrtetus. I have been a listener since 2008 and that is all I have on him. I connect to absolutely none of that. For someone who touts how well he represents the fans, Mike doesn’t seem like a guy that would be fun to talk sports with on SEPTA.


3) He is Better Than You 

The previous points are really subsets to this overarching point: Mike is a belittling presence. Anyone who disagrees with him is an idiot. A quick trip through his replies on twitter shows him calling at least two listeners “small minded.”  He did this to Kyle when they were having a conversation about New Media. Kyle didn’t agree with Mike’s assertion that the fans DESPERATELY NEEDED to hear from Chip. He had facts to back it up but he was just an “uneducated kid” who wasn’t a “real journalist.” It gets irritating. I never get the sense that Mike is grateful for the fact that a lot of people tune in and participate and more or less make his show happen. I would just love to see him acknowledge that fans AND his hard work help give him the job he has today.

If by some weird chance Mike reads this, Mike, I love the show. I am a regular caller and listener. However, I think the current ratings trends will continue if these things don’t change. You occasionally have that weird show where you ask what you can do better– I just saved you four hours.

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