RADIO WARS: Josh Innes Infuriated Listeners and Callers with Race-Baiting Trolling

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Josh Innes pissed off listeners, callers, and anyone tuning in to WIP yesterday expecting to hear anything remotely resembling reasonable sports talk, when he trolled listeners for the better part of an hour by shouting that Chip Kelly was a racist for once using the term jingle-footed to describe the type of running back he dislikes. Innes’ boss, Andy Bloom, called in to verbally tug Innes and inform listeners that it was all a joke.

[Background: Yesterday, a quote Chip had made at Oregon about his preference for running backs who hit the hole over guys who dance around in the backfield (jingle-footed) made the rounds. It could’ve been read as a DeMarco Murray- LeSean McCoy Mad Lib and actually provided some insight into the type of back Chip prefers, which has been speculated for some time now.]

Innes, who, like most reasonable people, thinks the Chip Kelly is a racist narrative is ridiculous, was simply trying to prove a point that you can make just about anything sound racist. The whole thing was kind of funny (though there is a point where trolling your audience has inverse consequences), but it’s a slippery slope when invoking slavery as part of your shtick. Callers were initially incensed about Innes’ (faux) opinion, and later because he dedicated 45 minutes of radio to troll listeners – and consummate professional Jody Mac, who was co-hosting with Innes yesterday – about a sensitive topic.

Innes told one outraged caller, who was black and didn’t get the joke: “You’re dumb– I’m not saying that because you’re black, but because you’re stupid.”

You can form your own opinion about the bit. But here’s one of mine: Andy Bloom is tool.

Bloom, WIP’s operations manager, who once told me on the air that Innes wasn’t “his guy” more than anyone else at WIP is his guy, called in to defend his guy and inform listeners that it was all a joke (presumably before a riot broke out). That’s when he got all sucky-sucky with his guy:

Andy: “So for those of you writing, texting, it’s a joke. You’ve had a joke played on you by the best in business– Josh Innes.”

Josh: “Well thank you, Andy, I appreciate it.”

Andy: “I’m sorry I have to end the joke, but I’m driving and I, I, I can’t text when I’m driving.”

No, but you can blow someone.

You can hear the full, hour-long segment here (5 p.m. hour).

In other news: Rob Ellis, who – true story – was once demoted by Bloom without being told about it before he read it…. here… will fill in for Mike Missanelli on 97.5 today. It’s not a permanent thing, but – just my opinion here – I wouldn’t be shocked if we eventually hear Ellis on 97.5 in a more regular role. MUSIC:

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157 Responses

    1. I seen that as wel he is slated to be on at 6pm. Probably a typo, no way Rob Ellis is coming back to WIP. They probably meant Rob Cherry. I noticed that Brian Haddad was moved out of the 6pm slot and moved back to 10pm to 2am. What is going on?

    2. Wow…checked out your link. You’re right …there’s Rob Ellis’s name, 6-7 p.m. host. Wonder how that slipped by innes’s daddy, Andy Bloom? By the way, why does Andy Bloom feel the need to constantly come to the rescue of innes? Bloom runs into the studio to confront Kyle S. during an interview w/ innes, runs incessant promo’s of the innes, innes, innes radio show, and yesterday has to call in and try to save innes from pissed off callers. Get the feeling that Bloom feels his own career is on the line in his attempt to change wip from sports talk to TMZ during afternoons.

  1. Lossen up it was hilarious. Josh’s screaming A. Smith voice is classic.

  2. Mike miss was sticking up for Bruce Jenner yesterday. Didn’t he once make g*y slurs to an emailer before . Fraud

    1. I love that you’re calling somebody a fraud in the same post where you call a transgender person, “g*y”. They are two different things. Educate yourself before calling people frauds.

        1. No. I’m just not ignorant about the subject.

          But that was a predictable response….”u must no since u r one! lolollolol”

    2. I love how Jenner is all like “look at me” without a care. He’s applauded by the prez. Everyone forgetting the asshole just rear ended some lady, pushing her into oncoming traffic and killing her. This self absorbed asshole can go to hell imo. “Yay, he mutilated himself!!! Good for him!!” How do you roll your eyes and shake your finger on these fancy computer things?

  3. He may have shot himself in the foot on this one.

    Race is a very sensitive topic these days (not that it always wasn’t), but with Missouri, Baltimore, Treyvon, etc things are always simmering under the surface.

    I’m not ultra sensitive and think are topics are up for discussion and parody, but this is the wrong person, at the wrong time to pull this off successfully.

  4. My tribe are proud people, not take lightly the hatred caused by Eats Like Bear today on radio. Chief named after the mighty jungle cat, not running back.

    First you give us disease, then you take land. Now you bring disgrace upon mighty Jingle-Foot.

  5. How can a guy that was so mad at Stephen a smith did do basically the same thing? Seems like a god awful way to make a point. I guess when you never talk sports on your sports talk show this is what you result to?

    1. he’s all about shock value and ratings. yesterday seemed quite obvious he was desperate for some attention.

    2. because there’s an article about his show on one of the top sports blogs in the city?

      and you are going to listen at 1pm to hear him address what happened yesterday.


      97.5 hasn’t been remotely interesting after Miss did exactly what Innes is doing now and “went after” Eskin.

  6. It was fairly funny until he pulled out the jingle foot term, made up historical references about its use and then kept pushing it. It wouldn’t really have been much of a problem except that he kind of has a reputation as a race baiter in my opinion.

    Josh Innes has no business in sports talk radio. He has no real knowledge of any of the 4 sports, and what’s worse, he has no substance. He can’t make historical references (especially about Philly sports) or even the most basic connections to Philly sports fans.

    His listenership seems to be comprised of people who mostly hate him (Howard Stern effect) with some completely clueless morons mixed in.

    I’ve made it clear I am not a Mike Missanelli fan, but I have been listening to him more and more. In fact, I hadn’t listened to Josh in a while. But I was bored to tears with Mikey Miss’ focus on Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner that I switched over. Just in time to catch this nonsense. A big part of me hopes it punches Josh’s ticket out of town, but I know that as long as Bloom is in charge, he’ll take care of his boy.

    Josh has taken shots at people, including his bosses and producer on a regular basis. If any of us did what he does on a regular basis at our jobs, we’d all be long gone.

    1. Satire, dude! Are you out of your mind? Are you 80-years-old?

          1. And you’re completely obesessed with carrying the water for Josh Innes.

            What’s your point, suckboy?

    2. The statement “he kind of has a reputation as a race baiter in my opinion.” is nonsensical. You could say either “he is a race baiter, in my opinion”, or “he has a reputation as a race baiter”. But when you put the two together you are inferring that a persons entire reputation is based solely on your opinion.

      So with your reasoning, i believe you have a reputation of being a douche bag because you don’t understand the concept of a joke… in my opinion.

      1. Thanks for the enlightenment.

        I stand by my statement. It’s my opinion that he’s a race baiter, and it is also my opinion that others view him the same way (forming his reputation). I say that because I don’t KNOW how people view him. I only hear what I hear from friends, bloggers, and in many articles written about him from his past.

        I understand the concept of a joke. I also understand the concept of taking a joke too far.

    3. It’s funny you say Josh has no knowledge of sports when Tony Bruno, who everyone seems to admire, gets owned by Innes on a consistent basis regarding sports knowledge. Of Missaneli, Innes, and Bruno, Innes by far has the most sports knowledge. Just because he can’t pull out Carlton Loewer’s ERA out of his ass doesn’t mean he doesn’t know sports.

      1. Many of the “Philly people” want a guy who spouts Philly experience, nonsense and/or rhetoric. They don’t give a shit about “sports’ knowledge.” They are looking for someone to tell them that their team is the greatest, or recall some asinine factoid that only a guy “from here would understand.”

        Josh is knowledgeable about sports, both nationally and locally. I love TB, but he sounds like a child when trying to debate sports with Innes.

    4. It will take a corporate dude ABOVE Andy Bloom to rid Philly of innes because innes is truly Andy’s boy. innes doesn’t want to talk about sports because in slow times that takes some hard work on his part. The truth is that sports isn’t really in Josh’s wheelhouse; he’s much more comfortable with TMZ type stuff, shock stuff that doesn’t require much prep work. innes is more like the old Don Imus …who eventually let his mouth joke about the nappy headed Rutgers players pave his way off WFAN. innes certainly does come across radio as a race baiter …and I hope every brother in Philly lets him have it on radio.

      1. Ding ding ding. Which is quite ironic considering he blasts blogs regularly (including CB) for the same shit.

  7. As opposed to Mikey Miss, who is on the opposite end of the spectrum, pandering to the black callers by kissing their ass every opportunity he gets.

    I’d rather they both stick to sports. If I want to listen to talk radio where topics of race are debated I’ll turn the dial to a political talk station. Stick to your area of expertise. I wouldn’t hire a maid to come fix my cable/internet. I don’t need to hear some afternoon sports jock debating race (as much as Mike Miss thinks he’s some great intellectual mind, reminding us every other day that he has a law degree).

    1. Phillies didn’t play.
      No NBA finals.
      No Stanley Cup.

      But we could of spent five hours talking about Tim Tebow making bad throws when there is no pass rush! You see Jordan Matthews make that one awesome catch when the 60 year old DB assistant coach was defending him?!?! How about 2 hours of sports radio about the upcoming Philadelphia Union game?!?!

      The “talk about sports” callers might be the stupidest in the city. Because they spend 5 minutes talking about “not talking about sports” instead of actually talking about sports. Atleast bring a topic to the table instead of being lazy.

      1. Right! Cause it’s the callers job to make the show.

        There’s a reason Josh mocks the “Audio Roadshow question of the day” with stupid nonsense rather than a discussion about sports. Because he can’t think of a good question that would elicit discussion about sports – only about nonsense.

        1. Actually, twat rocket, the callers do set the tone for daily topics; they can dictate what the hosts discuss. It’s what your boy Mike Missanelli says all the time, at least he used to. Not sure what he says now that it’s all Innes, all the time from 1 to 6pm.

  8. You’re very sensitive towards Josh Innes. Did he steal your girl or something? You’re always bashing him and Andy Bloom. Sounds like they got under your skin a little.

      1. He stole my candy girl.

        But then he gave her back once he realized she wasn’t made out of candy.

  9. This bit was genius. The racial outrage industry that people like Steven A operate in needs to be mocked to death.

    1. Except that it cheapens real racism. As much or more so than Stephen A Smith does.

        1. If you can’t see how clearly on your own, I don’t think I can help you.

          Again, the bit was funny to a point. But Josh took it too far.

      1. Cheapens real racism how? I’m no Innes fan but how would his skit do that? Smith is a fraud and his faux outrage on non issues is really the person to ” cheapen ” real incidents. He’s the one who bears that responsibility. Frauds and imposters and baiters like him need to be exposed on that level. I’m not saying that Innes is the right person to really do it but I have no problem with a fraud being called out.

        1. I agree about Smith. This stunt by Josh doesn’t serve to expose Smith, it just perpetuates the stimga.

  10. This guy is fat embarrassment.

    People want to listen to sports talk….not some fat guys lame comedy routine. How do you expect someone getting off work at 5:15 to pick up on his act 15 minutes into it? This is so unprofessional and unbecoming of a radio host. Jesus.

    Poor Jody Mac. I feel bad for him. Tony Bruno is already destroying his reputation being around this fatass. But notice how Innes didn’t have the balls to do this when Tony wasn’t there. He’s such a fat coward.

    Andy Bloom is pathetic. What a pathetic small man. He’s sad and small.

    1. Let me tell ya something son . Ok! Ok! Josh Innes has been #1 in his time slot for 10 straight weeks. Ok! He’s a proven winner who will be making alot of money soon.Personally I think that should be me making $500 K to talk sports, I’m better than 99% of the local talk show hosts. But I digress.

      Mark my words . Josh Innes will own Philadelphia sports radio ,The Eagles will the Super Bowl,Phillies win the NL East, Sixers the NBA title and the Flyers win the Stanley Cup all this year. And go get a job Ok OK!! I’m getting tired of you eating all my Captain Crunch.

  11. I would love to come back home and take over the midday spot. I am trying to do other peoples jobs and such.

  12. Hey Jodi Mac ,

    Do me a favor?? Get a fucking shower

  13. Innes has to stick to sports… especially in June when so much is going on and all of our teams are contending for titles.

    1. Josh can’t talk sports when news is lean, because he’s not creative enough. And that’s the problem. So he should take himself and his recycles jokes and stereotypes to a different genre of radio.

      1. Josh’s knowledge on popular culture is ridiculously vast. He can carry a show on slow sports days, which in this town is daily.
        You hate him so much, yet you can’t keep his name out of your mouth or off your fingertips.

        The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

        1. You say shit like: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” like you’re some sort of intellectual, but the irony of you rushing to defend Josh Innes every time someone says something negative about him is obviously lost on you.

          Why are so defensive of Josh Innes and what random, anonymous posters say about him?

          Waaayyyyyy too thin-skinned about what’s said about him to not be an actual stalker, or that fat piece of shit himself, or his busted girlfriend.

          Wethinks YOU protest too much.

          1. Not sure you know what irony means, cuz. And coming from a guy who likely has never had a girlfriend, should you really be taking shots at the Number 1 drive-time sports guy’s significant other?

            Pretty tacky, but coming from a stooge Philly sports fan, nothing’s shocking.

            1. The irony would be “fm”, aka Josh Innes, mocking someone else by saying he protests too much, while he simultaneously protests every negative thing posted on here regarding Josh Innes.

              See now, you fucking idiot?

            2. Clearly it is you who is not sure what irony means, chief.

              Short and simple for your feeble mind:

              Since fm is obviously making fun of someone’s propensity to argue over and over again, the logical conclusion would be that fm would not engage in similar behavior himself. But that is betrayed by the fact that fm is doing the exact same thing that he accuses another of doing…arguing HIS point over and over again. “Methinks she doth protest too much.”

              Hence the irony – fm mocks those that mimic his exact behavior.

              You’re welcome, product of Philadelphia Public Schooling.

        2. Pop culture is not sports.

          Slow sports news days are the days that show what a host is made of. Josh is made up of pop culture. Great. If I wanted to listen to pop culture, I wouldn’t tune into a sports radio station.

  14. At least we have the refreshing new views/voice of Rob Ellis to look forward to.

    Cant wait to hear the new things he has to say.

    2 year limit in this market .Done! You are out of here in regards to sports radio host.

  15. To all the people saying to talk only about sports. What exactly is there to talk about right now? The Phillies are going to be historically bad. The flyers don’t start for another 5 months, the Sixers draft isn’t for another 3 weeks. And the eagles are in OTAs. Even the biggest eagles fan, unless you have absolutely no life, cares about 7 on 7 practices. What he did yesterday was kind of funny and it was something different. You want nonstop eagles, go online and read about them then.

    1. You’re like an Innes parrot. That’s exactly what he whines about. “What should I talk about?? There’s literally nothing going on in Philly sports.”

      Josh’s job is to talk sports. Other hosts seem to be able to do this just fine during slow periods. Josh can’t do it because he has no depth or substance to him.

      So he goes for the shallow cheap entertainment that apparently a decent chunk of our population here in the Philadelphia area laps up. I personally don’t enjoy listening to a guy troll his listeners, belittle the people he works with and self loath for 5 hours during my work day. Maybe you do. Good for you.

      I personally tune in to sports talk radio for entertainment, in the world of sports – with the occasional nugget. Josh provides tons of “entertainment” and very little substance.

      1. So you’d rather listen to stuff about Caitlin Jenner or how Dawkins shouldn’t have been let go 5 or so years ago? Come on man its boring. Not saying what Josh did yesterday was my favorite thing but at least it was different.

        1. No, I didn’t want to listen about Caitlyn Jenner, which is exactly why I tuned into Josh. I couldn’t take Mikey Miss anymore.

          I just wish we had better options.

          1. Satellite radio, Bo; embrace it. Open your mind. Other sports teams do exist. Understanding them can help you form educated opinions when your own team(s) sign(s) players from other teams. Oh, the places you will go…

            1. Gargano, is that you?

              I don’t own a sirius capable radio, and I don’t need another subscription service in my life.

      2. Get real, sheep. These clowns on 97.5 brought up the most irrelevant topic yesterday.Did the Eagles do Brian Dawkins wrong 6 years ago by cutting him. Let me repeat the 6 YEARS AGO PART. WTF!!!! WHO CARES what happened 6 years ago.

        I would be tearing the Phillies organization- players,management,ownership a new one. An hour a day should be spent crucifying those losers.
        NBA Playoffs
        NHL Playoffs
        NBA/Sixers Draft
        EAGLES 2015 NOT 2009.

  16. Josh Innes

    June 3, 2015 at 9:11 am

    Hey Brace or should I say “Philly Influencer” can you talk about me and my show? Let’s start with how I dominate you and all your former coworkers. After I bitch slap Mikey Miss I will then go back to toying with The Cuz in the AM when I take over for Angelo.

    If you ever want to be a guest on my show…take a number and I will see if I can squeeze you in.

    Innes Out

  17. People are idiots. Lighten up! Stop hating on the guy just because he’s fat and isn’t from here.

    1. Can we hate him because he’s obnoxious, unoriginal and doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about? …and fat?

      1. No, because he’s a breath of fresh air. And, frankly, it sounds like you’re talking about your boy, Mike Missanelli. Clarify next time, son.

        1. It seems as though that “breath of fresh air” that Josh Innes has provided you is actually dripping off of your chin.

          It’s very unbecoming to have Josh’s cholesterol-saturated semen all over your face, ya know.

          1. You sound well versed in the art of fellatio and are very proud to share your talent with the rest of the neanderthals (present company included) on this thread. To each their own, I suppose…

  18. Can anyone free me from this a-hole

    I can’t escape him.

    Today I should expect conversations about bottled water, Josh’s insecurities, Josh’s waist size, Josh’s girlfriend, Josh’s grandmom, Josh’s dad, Josh’s fight with encephalitis, Josh’s ratings, Josh josh josh.

    1. Bingo. It’s all about him.

      You’ll notice how most good hosts will elicit discussion with their callers. Not Josh. Josh just says “what’s going on man” and then waits for the caller to form the discussion. If it doesn’t interest Josh, the guy gets cut off.

      If it does somewhat interest Josh, he’s say something and then follow up with “what else ya got?”

      The show is all about Josh, and I think that’s the most annoying part.

  19. Jeff Carter was in the entourage movie yesterday! Do a post on how he cheats on his wife!

  20. Josh is so cray cray I can’t stand him sometimes but can’t turn him off either. Lol

  21. I’ve heard some real bad sports radio in my day- Mike Francesa humming endlessly while he looks up someone’s stats, socioeconomic talk time with Mike miss and/or Colin Cowherd, an entire hour of any Mike and Mike in the morning, calm and sober Harry Mayes, an entire half hour of Mike and Mike in the morning, 45 seconds of any show involving any Jon Marks, not to mention endless dopey calls from Bernie in Broomall, Angry Al, and Levi in Overbrook, despite all that, this was the absolute worst 5 minutes of sports radio in recorded history. I feel so bad for Jody Mac, he’s the only guy who can go on in philly and new York locally and have you think he feels your pain, he’s truly a pro, he doesn’t deserve this nonsense. I may have supported the innes/Bruno debacle more out of being a fan of Tony’s, but that was the end for me. I just can’t listen to this nonsense anymore. This city needs better drive time sports options

  22. This blog post is racist. I’m offended and will be boycotting your advertisers. No crappily designed Philly sports-themed T-shirts for this guy! And sorry Mike Costanzo, I WON’T be clicking for a free quote!

  23. Any chance we can get Ellis to fill in for Miss in a permanent role?
    The arrogant Miss needs to go away. Go far away. Go to heII.

    1. So that’s one guy listening to Ellis. Wake us when a second has been found.

  24. Has anyone ever counted how many times Josh says “ah” or “like” in a show?

    I set the over/under at 1,000,000.

  25. Forget all these shows, check out Sean Brace, now known as the “Philly Influencer”. Yes, I also have no idea what that means. But he posted some videos to youtube where he sits in his mom’s kitchen and talks about various sports and culture topics. The best part is his Imac has a Michael Jordan logo on the front, i kid you not. If you need a great laugh, check it out, that bald clown has reached a new low.

    1. It’s actually sad how far he’s fallen. But when you don’t take yourself seriously, why should others… AmIRight?

  26. MediaMogulBloom can’t figure out if he wants a sports talk show or an advertiser supported platform to punk the audience.


  27. I can’t believe how many idiots thought Josh was being serious in that segment. Even Jodie Mac didn’t catch on. People need to lighten up, he was trying to prove a point and all you morons didn’t even get that it was a joke. Jingle-footed, that was classic radio and i thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the white guys full of white guilt calling in and trashing Josh for fooling them. HAHAHA

  28. Lol if you don’t like him don’t listen, I was laughing so hard at all these idiots calling up and thinking he’s serious. Josh was right though, why is it ok for someone like Stephen A. to say things like that… We all know the answer, there is no sports going on right now, so I suggest, unless you want to talk about the champions league final in Berlin on Saturday, quit your bitchin and enjoy the show

      1. Hey if you want me to write you a paper I’ll be formal and proper, and it’ll look professional, I’ve done it hundreds of times. Didn’t know that the grammar police patrolled these lands

        1. No grammar police here.

          But when I read “there is no sports” I cringe a little. As does my 4 year old.

          1. Well I’ll tell you what, I’m a Pre-Med student with a 3.2 at penn state, not to worried about the opinions of others when it comes to my grammar

            1. A 3.2 at Penn state?…pre med?….you rite you shouldnt worry about grammar….you have bigger problems.

            2. You have a B+ average at a middle-tier state school and a mediocre grasp of your native language. Good for you. Calling yourself pre-med does not guarantee you admission to medical school. So says the guy who had a 3.6 at an Ivy League school, a med school degree and 4 boards certifications. And I speak and write English fluently. Can’t wait to have you on rounds as a student or resident if you make it that far.

  29. So many angry hot dudes in tight pants on this thread! I’m so worked up!

  30. Yes, it was a lame attempt at a joke by innes, BUT the problem with him is that he lacks common sense. To reference the jingling shackles of slaves in reference to Lombardo’s quote from 2008 by Kelly regarding “jingle-footed” running backs who dance around and don’t make one cut and hit the hole was a bit much by innes. As others here have noted, innes is all about himself …and it permeates his show. He constantly defends his steering of discussion away from sports by saying nothing is going on in Philly sports. Well, slow periods in Philly sports have always occurred …and the really good hosts have always done enough research and prepared well enough to FIND sports topics that generate discussion. But that takes WORK. I’m becoming more convinced that innes is just flat out lazy. It’s easier for him to come on the radio and spout off about non-sports issues, without any real preparation. And when you’re lazy, you become sloppy. Andy Bloom is trying his best to defend and market innes, but in the end innes will force those above Bloom to send innes packing.

    1. Bingo.

      Josh Innes has been successful in the ratings thus far. Good for him. And I am not an expert. But I think this will be a fad that flames out rather quickly. We’ll see.

      I am shocked that people who “defend” him can’t see through his shtick. Perhaps his personality resonates with a ton of people in the area, and he remains on top forever. What a scary thought that is.

      1. Billy, I hate Josh, too. But maybe take a breather on these posts for a few minutes. You’re all over this thread.

    2. Mikey Miss was talking about Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner during this segment time. Today he will have general knowledge Wednesday. He also has a full week dedicated to random celebs calling in in order for the callers to get prizes.

      Not trying to defend Innes here but stop with the tunnel vision. If he talked about other sports cities teams people would be crying it’s boring and to talk about something else. Somehow it’s unoriginal to not talk about the same stupid talking points EVERY DAY for months on end (i.e. Mariota, Foles, Eagles QB situation, etc.)?

      1. He does talk about other sports towns. Only the ones he’s worked in or follows as a fan…

        Houston, St. Louis, New Orleans. That’s about all he’s got.

        1. Still can’t stop thinking about Josh, I see. It’s adorable, really.

    3. Which is why I’m all in favor of him talking non-stop Stanley Cup/NBA finals today and tomorrow.

  31. Actually miss Brace in the afternoon. The J &S show was better than what they have now. As for Innes, I just listened and he kept on saying “trolling along” Smarten up people

  32. I am the only one that can’t stand his George Takei knock off laugh?

  33. I missed the innes bit, but what the hell makes Jody McDonald such a “pro”? I’ll admit i’m a younger guy so i didn’t hear him back in the day i guess, but when he has filled in lately I just find his takes on sports topics borderline retarded. I mean he just sounds totally clueless when giving an opinion and has zero feel during a discussion. I find Tony Bruno to be the same way some times, but at least he can back off sports and joke about different things and just has an overall more likeable personality.

    Also, I want to stick my face in Brittney Shipp’s zeppelin’s !!!

    1. His dad was the GM for the Mets. He knows baseball inside and out. If you let him talk sports, he is really good. If you pair him with the Jimmy Fallon of radio, you are missing out.

      1. Ok, like i said, only heard him as a fill in and talk Eagles here and there.

  34. Doesn’t matter if Innes says it’s a joke. He’s not a comedian and it’s a completely inappropriate topic. Dude has to be suspended. The lack of sensitivity he has. Isn’t this slander to Kelly too?

    Doesn’t Lombardo work for 97.5 too? Citing a guy from a rival station?

      1. Howard Stern has always been clever and funny. Innes is the opposite of that.

    1. let me guess. you’re over 45 years old and you’re easily offended. grow the fuck up

  35. Innes was great in the 6 PM slot. In the 1-6 slot he’s gone way overboard. His trolling is pretty funny most of the times, but you need to be careful when it comes to race.

  36. we knowwww Kyle…. YOUR boy Ellis was let go blah blah without being told. we don’t give a fuck you tell us every time you post about Innes. Get off the dudes bird he was boring as fuck. You literally can’t write a post about Innes without mentioning 1.) Ellis found out on CB and 2.) Innes is Andy blooms boy. You’re really coming off bitter

  37. My name is Josh and I’m here to say I love playing Reeha in a major way
    Brace is a punk, Ellis is too. Bloom is my dawg, spike is too
    People call me fat, and that ok, but I love munchin reeha every damn day
    Miss and the Cuz, on their way out. Not me, over and out

  38. Josh Innes attempted to Troll his audience, and Jody Mac, in an Orson Wellian attempt to scam his listeners….And instead became the Joe McCarthy of Sports Radio. Who is the Troll now, Mr. Innes???

    1. Excellent Orson Wells comparison. 1938. people comitted suicide over a hoax broadcast.
      Who waits til they are 60 years old to become a Tranny ? $$$$$$$
      was there even a psychiatric evaluation ?
      the media is useless. people will end up with their own opinions…not the spoon fed drivel.
      google: CIA Operation Mockingbird . they got caught buying journalists.

  39. I love how much energy everyone is wasting and how furious they’re getting over a dopey radio host on a dopey sports talk station. Is this really worth getting fired up over? Get better lives.

      1. …because he was totally not funny and his show was lame.

  40. Hey Guys –

    Great to see Rob Eillis back on 97.5 (the old 950am). Remember when he, Harry Mayes, and I were the 700 Level guy? How long did that last? At least Harry an Rob made it. I was never to be heard from again. Afterall I was the poor man’s Anthony Gargano. I was Sean Brace before being ignorant and unintelligent sounding was a thing! Let’s complete this reunion and bring me back!

    Jamie Iannaconne (or something along those line)

  41. Ironically, yesterday was the first time I tuned into WIP because I couldn’t take Missanelli talking about Bruce Jenner for an hour plus.

    I couldn’t listen to WIP either. Innes sounds like a tool and has no value.

    1. Mike Miss’s show was way worse. Guy can’t hear another opinion then his own and it’s infuriating. He invites “intellectual” conversation, buy only if you share his viewpoint. I was a big fan of mike for awhile but can’t stomach him anymore. I can’t figure out if I like Josh or not.

      Can’t believe I am saying this but Josh seems more genuine and his opinions -no matter how dumb – more honest then Mikey Miss. Compare their Twitter accounts-and you can see Miss’s ego is way out of whack and tiring.

  42. Harry and Rob were actually pretty good today. Both need a co host and Shander is not a good option. He sucks. Seriously a whole show on Dawkins getting let go 6 years ago. And then today comparing him to McNabb? It is 2015 right? Josh is getting a little old already. He’s only enjoyable when tony is there.

    By the way, yo bill get a job or something? You seriously commented on 90% of the posts

    1. I thought they were good. also Harry may have found his co-host. Shander is so intense, he needs a couple of Harry’s vodka crans before he goes live.

  43. Is it true that Innes has been taking shots at Cataldi? That is what a co-worker told me. Anyway, if this is all that happened it’s no big deal. I was hoping it was something really big that might get him into enough trouble to get canned.

  44. did anyone catch him calling one the first callers an “Uncle Tom”? jokes are jokes, but when you use a term like that it crosses the line.

  45. These guys in the afternoon suck. So does Mike Mis on the other station. Afternoon sports radio needs to change.

  46. I just listened to the Andy Bloom/JI audio and Bloom sounded rather upset initially, trying to get Josh to confirm it was a joke. The PR attempt was obvious and hilarious (yes friends it was a joke, you got taken in by the best – ??????). The sub-text was also loud and clear – stop doing it right now! I think Bloom’ ass is the one on the line if this donkey’s ass he dragged here doesn’t succeed or ticks enough people off. I still think, despite the ratings, he won’t be here in a year or two.

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