The Eagles Have Released Evan Mathis

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Ian Rappppppppppppppppppoport the first to reppppppppppport the news.

Sounded like he was done the other day once these quotes came out.

UPDATE: Thank you, Geoff Mosher, for you confirmation of this:

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    1. You won’t be saying that when Sam Bradford or Mark Sanchez face major pressure up the middle.

    2. Cutting Mathis was IDIOTIC. What’s worse for Philadelphia? Mathis’ Greed or Chip’s Stupidity/Arrogance. Answer: They equally hurt the team. Chip the GM needs to be FIRED and let a REAL GM handle personnel, while Chip focuses on the ONE thing he MIGHT do well: Coach.

  1. The fan since 09 dude probably heartbroken

  2. Eagles OL going blow.


  3. of course as a fan you would love to have the guy, but the dude isn’t being reasonable at all. I guess i would have waited until at least next week when the mini-camps are mandatory and see what his move was then, Rosenhaus is getting a cut off any deal he gets so he’s happy but i don’t expect Mathis to approach nearly the same amount he was making here, and if a team pays him more it would be a huge gamble for a zone-blocking guard who is turning 34

    Mathis looks like a fool, but i’d have waited it out more if i was Chip

  4. I was tired of hearing about this asshole. I give Chip props for releasing this guy. He had a contract of many millions and held out. Enough.

  5. On ESPN’s ranking the rosters, Mathis was listed as one of Eagles 5 best players:

    6. Philadelphia Eagles
    2014 Ranking: 5
    Top five players: Jason Peters, Evan Mathis, DeMarco Murray, Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham
    Starters who should be upgraded: DeMeco Ryans

  6. This is just one of the many chess moves Chip is using to land Marcus Mariota.

  7. Mediocre o-line(check)
    Injury-prone QB behind makeshift o-line(check)
    running game suffers behind o-line(check)
    blitz up the middle(check)
    potential for disastrous QB injury behind makeshift o-line(check)
    sacks allowed way up(check)
    Ass kissing fans once again defending Chip Kelly(check)
    Eagles not making the 2015/16 playoffs(check)

    1. As an Eagles fan, this is crushing. A team finds an All-Pro player on the scrap heap maybe once a decade – if that. This guy was such a stud the last few years. I have a ton of respect for Pro Football Focus, which regularly rated him among the game’s best players, not just guards. I’m really unhappy that it reached this point. He won’t be easy to replace.

      1. I agree but you know the Chip lapdogs in the media will spin it in Chip’s favor,and say that is was a good thing to cut your all-pro left guard and get nothing in return.

  8. Chips stubbornness will be the reason they don’t win and the big losers will be us. Now a rival will get him on the cheap and we will suffer. I just don’t understand the thinking. At some point performance has to overcome ego.

    1. Not with Chip Kelly,he has to win every battle with his proven players at all costs even if it’s to the detriment of the team.

  9. I want to add this. I don’t give a shit if the Eagles go 8-8 and miss the playoffs this year. WHAT I DO CARE ABOUT is getting rid of garbage players in that locker room, which Kelly is doing. I respect what Kelly is doing. If the Birds don’t win a Superbowl under Kelly, it’s cool with me because at least this coach tried. So be it. He’s a good coach without a reliable QB.

    1. Eat a dick you old fart,the Eagles o-line sucks ass and your giving Chip props for cutting one of his better lineman which is the equivalent of spiting your face by cutting your nose off.

      Now get back to masturbating to your Josh Innes poster you cranky old bastard.

      1. Hey Wade, go fuck yourself. Old fart? I’m a healthy 40 year old. Fuck you kid.

        The O’line will be fine. How do I know? Because I’ve watched 20 times the amount of football you have seen, kid.,

        1. I don’t give a flying fuck how much football you’ve watched in the past,all I know is that in 2015 when your starting guards are Alan Barbre who is very mediocre and Matt Tobin who flat out stinks,you’re setting yourselves up for failure.

        2. The O’line will be fine. How do I know? Because I’ve watched 20 times the amount of football you have seen, kid.,

          What a stupid fucking response.

  10. Way to listen to your douche agent Mathis, he just cost you probably about $4-6 million over the next 3 years.

    Great work Drew!

  11. Sam and Mark are going be flattened. What a sad team this is going to be. Who’s to guarantee our left tackle will stay healthy. Sam welcome to St Louis 2.0. If you loved their OL your going to love ours.

  12. “Chip cut me because I was white” “he has a problem with anyone becoming a better white team member then him” ” Chip is cutting all the good white players”

  13. Mathis was born in Alabama, played football at the University of Alabama. Chip Kelly hates black players and rednecks (except Florida rednecks).

  14. Angelo Cataldi is predicting a 12-4 season or maybe a 13-3 season. That is the same thing he predicted last year. They will be 10-6 if they are lucky but I am more inclined to think 9-7. Chip is a disaster as GM but his minions will still laud him as a genius to the bitter end and make up all sorts of rationales.

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