The New Sixers Uniforms Are Great

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So our boy Conrad Burry just about nailed it.

All event photos by Jim. The Sixers also set up a full landing page with more photos and videos, and descriptions for different elements of the uniforms. One interesting wrinkle:

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The jerseys are already available on the Sixers website. If you plan on getting one (and you should), go ahead and click this link (hit jerseys on the left– they’re there), and we’ll get a little kickback for referring the sale.

More photos after the jump.

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    1. Sixers are racist….all those mannequins are black, why no white ones? Stephen A Racist gonna be all over this story. Sharpton and Jackson to follow.

  1. The Sixers/NBA mentality is as pathetic as the talent level they put on the court in 2015. There is no need to have a dedicated night to “unveil” a new uniform. They want to change uniforms? Fine, no problem. Just come out in the season opener with the new uniforms on.

    It’s not the big fucking deal they are making it out to be. Jesus H. , worry about fielding a fucking competitive team instead of worrying about this uniform bullshit!

      1. Correct. I’m not a marketer. I’m a fan. And this fan is tired of watching the trash the 76ers put on the court these last few years. These over-priced, over-hyped new uniforms being put forward by this organization is a slap in the face to any basketball fan in this city. I think it’s disgraceful for them to do this now. Very bad timing.

        1. Bob, cry me a river dude. EVERY fan has been put through the ringer with the team these past two years. But we’re also smart enough to see the plan, open your eyes.

          1. Bob sounds like one of the clueless old school Philly media guys who would rather make the playoffs as an 8 seed over tanking

            Post some bubble bath pics

        2. Wow Bob, you sound pretty angry! You realize that this isn’t a unique thing to the Sixers; plenty of other teams invite season ticket holders to things like this, right?? You think if the Eagles ever switch to Kelly green they wouldn’t hold a similar night? Let’s put it this way: you’re a troglodyte. The event tonight was FREE. The jerseys will be in line price wise with every other team in the league. Also, let me guess, you’re a HUGE Sixers fan who spends $$$ on the team every year, right? A “slap in the face”??? What year were you born, 1943? Instead of just HO-HUM rolling out new unis in October, they invited their fans to check them out first. How is that a slap in the face? I’m pretty damn sure you do not own tickets and have more fingers on one hand than games you’ve purchased tickets in the last 10 years. You sound like those dummy old heads in 2004 who were bitching about the Phillies “never spending money” as they brought in Thome and had the core under control for a future championship. Who knows what happens and there’s a lot of luck involved, but pay attention to what they’re doing with an eye 3 years down the road. SMDH at these dummies

          1. “Let’s put it this way: you’re a troglodyte. ”

            Only a nerdy hipster would use the word troglodyte. You’ll probably buy 10 of the new uniforms at $150 a pop. Good for you. It won’t make you any smarter as a fan.

            “You sound like those dummy old heads in 2004 who were bitching about the Phillies “never spending money” ”

            I’m not sure how new uniforms for the Sixers have anything to do with what the Phillies spent on payroll years ago. Are you thinking that the Sixers new uniforms are a sign they will spend more money to bring in players? If you believe these are connected, you are a dope.

            You called me a troglodyte. Hahahaha! Go back to playing Dungeons and Dragons loser.

    1. Sorry, Bob. It was cool to see the new jerseys, pay homage to some great Sixers alumni and as Tom McGinnis would say, “Get excited!”

      Plus, it was free. It’s possible to roll out something new marketing-wise and focus on building team, too. Two different departments, actually!

      1. Bob, im willing to bet you haven’t watched a sixers game in 8 years. Quit it with the over-dramatics

  2. If we’re gonna get a jersey, who do we buy that won’t get traded within a year or 2.?

    1. Save your money instead of buying a $150.00 jersey with some other man’s name written on your back. If you want to show your support of the Sixers, by a $5 76ers cap or a $10 t-shirt at Ross.

        1. whoa whoa whoa, stop the clock! I wore a Mets jersey and got laid at Scores in 1997

  3. The dr.j Barkley early to mid eighties were always the best jerseys

  4. Kyle couldn’t show up tonight. It was raining really hard and he was afraid there might be sharks in the South Philly puddles

  5. Unis look nice, but I want a healthy Embiid. Don’t care what color or style uniforms they wear.

    1. He was walking around center city today with NO limp and NO boot on. Doesn’t mean the doctors didn’t see anything wrong or the healing has been slow, but if it was serious I would like to think he would have had the boot on

  6. Great to see MCW/Jrue Holiday/Spencer Hawes/Thad Young/Elton Brand/Lou Williams/Andrew Bynum gear still on sale on the Sixers website. Those were the glory days. Smh

    1. Watching Doug Collins having to sit there and interview Andre Igoudala with a Finals MVP trophy in front of him.

      Only thing that would have topped it was if Mark Jackson had to present the Finals trophy to Steve Kerr. That jerkoff was bitter all series and needed Van Gundy to stroke him all series by letting him know how good a coach he was…..embarrassing

  7. Hinkie should and needs to draft Kristaps Porzingis.
    At 7’1, Porzingis features an unblockable jump shot with insane advanced mechanics. Porz he was draining 37 percent of his three-pointers. He’s at his best spotting up, and as he improves as a screener, he could become a deadly threat in the pick-and-pop with his limitless range. After scouting this kid I would take him #3.

    1. Agreed,and at the same time I would trade the rights to Croatian power forward Dario Saric,along with one of the Sixers four potential 2016 1st round picks to move back into the 1st round,and draft a point guard.

    2. Ask Sam to hire you but I think you already lost out on the job to AI.

  8. KYLE-FOR FUCKS SAKE MAN. I keep trying to read the site and am CONSTANTLY being diverted to download the Lyft or pandora apps. Stop fucking padding your wallet at the expense of the site or I for one (a loyal reader willing to put up with some shit) and I assume many others will stop coming to give you your precious page views. This shit is getting fucking ridiculous.

  9. I am progressive – just ask me – or wait a few minutes no I will say it again. Look within. Second level thinking tells us these uniforms are old school and not progressive, like me. I listen to Alt.

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