Phillies Literally Wave White Flag in 19-3 Loss, Because Bullpen Phone Was off the Hook

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The Phillies lost 19-3 and let Jeff Francoeur pitch two innings and throw 48 pitches – much to the chagrin of Chase Utley – because, I shit you not, the phone was off the hook in the bullpen. Utley became the second player in a week to yell at dopey-ass pitching coach Bob McClure. Total embarrassment.

Videos after the jump.

Why did they leave Frenchy in so long? Oh, bullpen phone off the hook:

The Phillies went 0-8 on their road trip (first time they’ve done that since 1883, when they went 0-9 and then presumably took a wagon home) and were outscored 51-14. They allowed eight home runs tonight. Inexplicably, and literally, Francoeur was their best pitcher this game:

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  1. You wanted excellence?

    You got excellence!

    Excellence of ineptitude!


  2. The worst player on this team will always be Tom McCarthy. I didn’t watch the game. But I can only imagine how awful he was during a blowout.

    1. Doug, not to worry, it was riveting TV dialog – someone sent doughnuts to the booth and that led to a inning and a half of yucks and laughs and conversation.
      Then Murph farted while reporting on the lesbian Phils fans at the game and that led to admiration about the socially progressive upcoming LGBLT night promotion.

        1. The only highlight of tonight was getting to watch the MASN feed and hearing Gary Thorne’s voice. Those HR shots sound like his old hockey days.

    2. That chucklehead Tom McCarthy is the worst…but he does have nice man boobs.

  3. Chase had every right to be pissed. That has to be one of the most unprofessional moves I’ve seen in a while. What a joke.

  4. If Utley DOESN’T want a trade after this then he’s crazy. Ruben and Sandberg need to be fired tomorrow. So embarrassing…

    1. Yea, teams are really going to be jumping at the opportunity to sign his .183 average and broken knees.

  5. The phillies are nowhere near as sad as the entire broadcast team on ESPN right now since their golden boy Lebron went down in another finals. Like a damn funeral right now. The Warriors just won their 1st title in 40 years and they can’t shut the fuck up about him. That bigot Stephen A can’t seem to get over the fact Dellavadova was huge in games 2 and 3 and takes every opportunity to trash a dude who is a back-up point guard, strictly because he’s white, just like he always brings up Eric Decker for the Broncos getting beat by the Seahawks in the Super Bowl….yea that makes sense. Another plus is Mikey Miss might not gargle King James balls all summer

    1. SAS isn’t worth my time to comment on, but you are nuts if you think Missanelli won’t be flipping the fuck out today because James isn’t MVP..and that Iggy is.

      He is going to lose his fucking mind.

    1. Rock bottom is when you realize it’s time to change, otherwise you can keep falling.

  6. Giles yelling at McClure, according to your main line ass was out of line, but your lover Chase doing it was relevant?

    1. Completely different. Giles made an ass out of himself, Utley didn’t make a scene. And Utley has been around long enough to do something like that, not Giles.

    2. Hate to pick up for Kyle but you are not really comparing Giles and Utleys reactions are you?

  7. The Phils couldn’t smooth a silk sheet if they had a hot date with a babe…….I lost my train of thought.

  8. I’ve suffered through many bad Phillies teams in my lifetime, but I never have witnessed such buffoonery and ineptitude as was on display last night. I was a kid during the 1972 season watching a team that finished 59-97. A pathetic lot but at least they had Steve Carlton, who won 27 games for that team. What does this team have? Anyone attending tonights game should wear paper bags with the words FIRE RUBEN! on them.

    1. Uhhh, Cole Hamels. For now at least. He’s not Carlton, but he’s the best we have I guess.

  9. I’ll put my talents up against ur fat ass anyday.

    U know where I am, come and say it to my face you fat load. you be runnin ur mouth about me for too long. shut ur face .

    1. The Andorra library opens at 8:30 am…based on the timestamp, this might actually be Brace. ooooooh shiz.

  10. The way to win in Philly is to leave Philly.

    Ask Iggy. Which of the ex Phillies is going to win the WS now? J-roll I bet. Let’s play a game. Who else won after leaving? There must be a hundred or more.

    Pat Burrell.

    1. Pence, Victorino, Carter, Richards, Gagne, Carcillo (who fucking blows but still), Kimmo, Iggy, Burrel, etc, etc.

    2. NHL: Kimmo Timonen, Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, Michal Handzuš, Patrick Sharp, Dan Carcillo, Chris Versteeg, Justin Williams, Simon Gagne, Mark Recchi, Rod Brind’Amour / MLB: Hunter Pence, Shane Victorino, Kyle Lohse, Pat Burrell, Aaron Rowand, Curt Schilling, Scott Rolen / NFL: Patrick Chung, Chris Clemons, Sean Considine, Duce Staley, Barrett Brooks / NBA: Andre Iguodala, Marreese Speights (probably missing some and yes, some contributed very little to their teams or didn’t go directly from Philly to win a championship–some also won more than one)

    3. Hi Guys! Let’s eat! Let me take these rings off before I dig into this sandwich!

  11. ….that it is probably at least 50/50 that it really was Brace and Innes arguing in the post.

  12. Actually going to 2 games coming up, taking the kids to their 1st and 2nd phillies games for the fireworks and one afternoon in August where the kids can run the bases where I think all of 745 people will be there.

    I may need to buy 4 Phire Ruben shirts to wear while in attendance.

    Kyle – can you cut me a deal?

  13. Yeah, I know it’s that fat load Innes runnin his mouth again. He best be minding his own business. I know a lot of people and know what he is saying about me and a few of my friends. Keep my name out of yo mouth.

  14. Attitude reflects leadership and this teams attitude is in the shitter. Everyone must go. Leave Giles and Franco, let Utley finish the year here so he can retire a Philly and destroy every other piece of this roster, including the managers, coaches and gm.

    Fucking sad times we’re living in bros.


  15. Did anyone else catch Tom McCarthy admitting he’s always knocking the phone off the hook in the bedroom?

  16. They’re a phucking discgrace. That utter DOGSHIT pitching staff is a DIRECT RESULT OF PAYING A BIG PIEC OF MONKEY SHIT KKKKKKKKKKK MACHINE.

  17. Little late chase. Your team has sucked for 4 years and now you show disgust?

  18. Paraphrasing Gary Thorne on the Orioles’ MASN feed: “It kind of reminds you of that old country song, ‘If Your Phone Don’t Ring, Then You Know It’s Me.'”

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