The Rams Add a Second Former Eagles QB, This Time as a Coach


That’s right: Jeff Garcia, the last great Eagles quarterback before Nick Foles, will now be wearing the same colors as Footlong in St. Louis. The once-and-future Los Angeles Rams have reportedly hired Garcia as an offensive assistant coach. He will supposedly work “primarily with receivers coach Ray Sherman.” Why receivers? No idea. Maybe to help them adjust to the shock and awe they’ll feel when catching a beautiful pass from Nick Foles.


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  1. Interesting….I always figured Garcia for a Tight End kind of guy.

    *slide whistle* *bow tie spins*

  2. Kyle, word on the street is our favorite bus boy Sean Brace is starting a view blog (or something like that). Get a post going, need to see the comments on it.

      1. That is too awesome, next thing I expected to hear was, HEY MOM! CAN WE GET SOME MEATLOAF?

        1. A few things that stood out to me when I watched it:
          – his quick move to get the headphones on…which, I’m not sure why he needs those.
          – his cringeworthy Stephen A. Smith impression around the 3 minute mark; if he has a publicist or agent, you can find them on the Walt Whitman right about now
          – you mean to tell me he doesn’t have a Goodfellas or Scarface poster in his apartment? I call bs.

          1. Philly Influencer LOL! Too pathetic. Offers nothing new or interesting or relevant. Dude needs to know when to hang it up and move on.

            1. You guys that’s not his apartment,its the manager’s office at Pitcher’s pub.I told wip weekend host/producer Rob Charry that drunk guy from the other station(Sean Brace) who threatened to beat him up wouldn’t last more than 3 years on the radio,and boy was I right.

              GO DODGERS!!!

  3. I wonder what Jim and Kyle miss more, it being relevant to pretend to talk like DeSean Jackson and make fun of him for bad spelling/grammar (which is ridiculously ironic when Jim tries to do it), or being able to talk about Nick Foles’ dick?

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