Mark Saltveit has styled himself a kind of Chip Kelly expert. He’s written articles on the guy, talked to us about him, published a book called “The Tao of Chip Kelly” and is about to put out another. To celebrate the release of that next book, “Controlled Chaos: Chip Kelly’s Football Revolution,” Saltveit and some others are hosting an Eagles-centric comedy show TONIGHT at Helium (2031 Sansom Street). Here’s how Saltveit described the show:

“On Wednesday, Helium Comedy Club in downtown Philadelphia — the city’s finest, and one of the best in the United States — is hosting a free Eagles-themed comedy show in lieu of a book release party for my new book: “Controlled Chaos: Chip Kelly’s Football Revolution”

No speeches, slides or anything, just standup comedy. I’ll be there to sign books before and after. It’s free, and attendees will get a ticket to the “Comedy Roulette” show at 8pm, which I’ll also be participating in. (Sort of an improv-comedy hybrid).

Local comedy stars Michael Brooks, Shane Gillis, Ari Fishbein and Nicole Yates will be performing, I’ll do a set, and we’ll have a couple of special guest stars.

Did I mention it’s free?”

Free. Chip Kelly jokes. $2 pints. Chip Kelly jokes. Another $2 pint. Funnier Chip Kelly jokes. It should be a good time.