Chip Kelly Expert Mark Saltveit has a New Book on Chip and an Eagles-Themed Comedy Show


Mark Saltveit has styled himself a kind of Chip Kelly expert. He’s written articles on the guy, talked to us about him, published a book called “The Tao of Chip Kelly” and is about to put out another. To celebrate the release of that next book, “Controlled Chaos: Chip Kelly’s Football Revolution,” Saltveit and some others are hosting an Eagles-centric comedy show TONIGHT at Helium (2031 Sansom Street). Here’s how Saltveit described the show:

“On Wednesday, Helium Comedy Club in downtown Philadelphia — the city’s finest, and one of the best in the United States — is hosting a free Eagles-themed comedy show in lieu of a book release party for my new book: “Controlled Chaos: Chip Kelly’s Football Revolution”

No speeches, slides or anything, just standup comedy. I’ll be there to sign books before and after. It’s free, and attendees will get a ticket to the “Comedy Roulette” show at 8pm, which I’ll also be participating in. (Sort of an improv-comedy hybrid).

Local comedy stars Michael Brooks, Shane Gillis, Ari Fishbein and Nicole Yates will be performing, I’ll do a set, and we’ll have a couple of special guest stars.

Did I mention it’s free?”

Free. Chip Kelly jokes. $2 pints. Chip Kelly jokes. Another $2 pint. Funnier Chip Kelly jokes. It should be a good time.


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  1. Wow. I can’t believe this is free. Especially with all of those local comedy legends!

  2. Who the fuck are any of those “comics”?

    What, Graham and Conklin weren’t available?

  3. Is this the event where Chip comes out of the closet once and for all???

  4. I go to all their shows, but they never show up. Just Conklin and Big Duddy.

  5. Even though I never heard of any of them, they have got to be funnier than Joe Conklin and BDG. I was LMAO at a caller on WIP this morning who chose to take a pen as a prize over two tickets for Two Funny Philly Guys. Angelo said “that was kind of embarrassing”. Not as much as BDG is.

  6. These morons have managed to make Chip Kelly tiresome. The Tao of Chip Kelly? An ‘Eagles themed comedy show’? Jesus Christ, don’t ruin one of life’s pleasures, assholes. Oh, and fuck you, rob ellis.

  7. You do realize this guy is a huge sham, right? He’s written two books on a man he’s never met or made contact with. He probably has a Chip Kelly blow up doll at home.

    Heard him on WIP’s morning show too, calls himself the “world pallindrum champ”. He had a great relationship with his right hand.

    1. Hey, Jimmy. I’m a credentialed Eagles reporter in the third year of writing a weekly column on Chip and the Eagles. Chip answers my questions at press conferences. In fact I’m on my way down to training camp in a few minutes.

      It’s true that Chip doesn’t sit down one on one for interviews with writers. The last one he did was in 2011. If that makes me a sham, then Jimmy Kempski and Sheil Kapadia and Zach Berman and Geoff Mosher and Derrick Gunn etc. are all shams too. Dang. I’ll pass on your verdict to them today.

      In fact, I’m shocked that you’re reading Crossing Broad, where Kyle writes almost entirely about people he hasn’t met. He’s never met me. Why are you allowing this?!??

      One question though — are we allowed to keep covering the Eagles as long as we don’t write about Chip? Should we call him “the coach who must not be named”? Can we report his answers at press conferences, even if it’s not a private interview? Your rules are very confusing.

      By the way, Shane Gillis and Michael Brooks were finalists in the 10th annual “Philadelphia’s Phunniest Comic” contest – Shane was 3rd. Of course, none of their jokes are nearly as funny as your “relationship with his right hand” zinger. You ought to try standup comedy! I’d love to see how you do.

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