DeSean Jaccson’s Reality Show Continues to Do Wonders for His Image

desean gang

The first episode of DeSean Jaccson’s new reality show did little to improve his image, the second episode accomplished the same, and the online banners did little to help:”The Gang is All Here,” wrote a BET intern on a video preview for the show, as captured by Eliot Shorr-Parks.

Best part of Episode 2? DeSean’s “I got caught” face when he explains how one might spend $5k at the club:


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  1. Sound’s like a good show. Next week has a cosby cameo shit get’s twisted.

  2. I wonder if that 5 grand came out of the Desean Jackson Pancreatic Cancer Fund

  3. I have a new game. It’s called Slave Name or Real Name.

    I list names that black people give themselves and also looked up some old slave names. You guess which one is which.

  4. Very shocked he’s having his 1st kid so late in life

  5. “Desean,
    Can you pay me back the money I loaned you four years ago? By the way, nobody likes you unless you’re giving them money”
    Your friend,

  6. I would love to slap fat body Jim.

  7. DeSean’s most impressive stat is how long Philly fans have been gossiping about him since he went to DC.

    This blog is like TMZ.

  8. ..just when we thought you couldn’t get any dumber, you go and do a show like this….And totally justify why the coaching staff in Philly thought you were a phucking idiot, self absorbed, arrogant, selfish little dip shit!!! thanks for the reassurance….

    I mean seriously, yelling at cops driving by, smoking cigars, drinking from the bottle?? you are fucking DOOFUS…I am really glad you not on the Eagles anymore…

    So anytime you bloggers can find shit like this to post about this dumb ass, please do, i love it.

  9. Please let this guy go and get over it. He was dropped by the Eagles years ago, and you guys didn’t even write this much about him when he was here. Just stop reporting on every little thing Jackson n McCoy do. They aren’t on our team anymore and no one gives a fuck.

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