UPDATE: Dodgers Acquire Mat Latos, Still Interested in Hamels

Photo Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

We’re just over 50 hours away from the MLB trade deadline, and teams all over the league are making moves. No one has locked in a deal for Cole Hamels yet, but the Dodgers might be on their way to doing so. According to Bob Nightengale of USA Today, the Dodgers have acquired Mat Latos, Michael Morse, and the Marlins #34 compensatory pick in next year’s draft. You don’t hear about picks changing hands very often in baseball, but there is a purpose for this one. Nightengale reports that the Dodgers will likely use that pick in package to try to land Hamels or David Price.

Additionally (and suspiciously), lil’ Ken Rosie reports that Clayton Kershaw – who’s a widdle bit sore – may be scratched from his next start and might pitch next on Friday. It’d be shocking to see Kershaw traded, so it’ll likely set up a Kershaw/Hamels (or Price) back-to-back that is, frankly, terrifying to imagine.

Still not the best Back-To-Back of the week, however.

UPDATE: Nightengale’s report that the pick could be traded looks to be incorrect, as compensatory picks (the only ones who can be traded) can only be dealt once. The report is still that the Dodgers are looking to add another pitcher to their rotation.


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  1. A competitive balance pick can only be traded one time so that pick can’t be used in a Hamels trade.

  2. Jim, ever heard of Zack greinke? Hamels(and price) would be 3rd in that staff. F*ck kyle where do you find these clowns?

  3. My Dodgers will make an offer for Cole Hamels that the Phillies won’t be able to refuse,and then eventually once my Dodgers sweep through the national league,it’s off to the worlds series to reclaim our title and bring it back to LA where it rightfully belongs.


    1. Unless Seager or Urias is in the deal, the Phillies shouldn’t trade Hamels to the Dodgers. If they want Hamels so bad, that’s who the Phillies should be expecting in return. Otherwise the Dodgers should look to another team for a starter. The same goes for the Rangers (Gallo or no deal) or the Cubs (Bryant but we all know this won’t happen). The Phillies have been screwed too many times in the past getting garbage players and prospects. (Schilling/Rolen/Lee) Trading Hamels for marginal prospects will only set the Phillies back even further.

      1. You’re exactly right. They have to go all out or not trade him. Known players.
        Man, I hope they don’t screw this up.

      2. If you hate Ryan Howard and his strikeouts, then you’ll detest Gallo. And no one in their right mind will do Bryant for Hamels straight-up.

  4. As Dan stated above, the compensatory pick can only be traded once, by the originating team (Marlins) that has it through the MLB draft lottery.

    Jesus H., this site always complains about other media members getting their facts wrong. Nightengale was wrong, Adair doesn’t know how baseball works and decides to post on it without doing any research. Unreal.

  5. Way to update the comp pick after commenters told you that they cannot be traded again.

    “It’d be shocking to see Kershaw traded”

    Just the fact that Jim wrote that statement is grounds for firing. Dude’s a moron anyway you look at it.

    1. Love how Jim quickly posted another article to bury this gigantic CF of a post. How do you not know about greinke? He was literally all over mlb news for his scoreless streak just a few days ago

  6. So… is that 4 out of 5 articles today that are on deadspin? the lone article that doesn’t appear on their site is local news.. that is impressive

  7. You “guys” always make fun of Ken Rosenthal, yet you constantly reference him and post his tweets. Why don’t you guys post what you’re hearing about trades via your sources? Oh wait, because you’re not journalists, you’re just dumb f0cks who let everyone else do the actual heavy lifting.

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