Donovan Mcnabb Was Arrested for DUI, Again

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Gilbert, Arizona police statement, via Deadspin:

On 06/28/2015 at approximately 2335 hours, officers responded to a non-injury collision involving two vehicles which occurred just west of the intersection at E Chandler Heights Rd and S Higley Rd in Gilbert, AZ. Subsequent investigation revealed Donovan McNabb (11/25/76) was impaired by alcohol and collided in a rear-end fashion with another vehicle which was stopped at a red traffic signal. Donovan was arrested for DUI at 2358 hours and transported to the Gilbert/Chandler Unified Holding Facility for processing, after which, he was cited and released.

This, of course, isn’t the first time McNabb has been arrested for DUI in his home state of Arizona. In 2013, he was reportedly arrested by Maricopa police for DUI, which brought us this delightful meme:

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  1. Once again proving that Campbell’s Chunky Chicken Noodle and Colt .45 don’t mix.

  2. Really strange. When he played here he was Mr. Goody Two shoes, never in trouble a real straight arrow and great kid role model. I think he is just unhappy now.

  3. Fat, drunk & fat is no way to go about life. Choke artist pussy

  4. -This might be a shirt someone would actually buy.

    -Just put Innes on…and couldn’t make it for more than 5 mins. God, he is fucking awful.


  5. Honestly, is there really such thing as a coke “problem”? The only problem that I’ve experienced with coke is when I run out and I’ve got some ladies over ready to party.

    1. I have a friend that got fired from his job for testing positive for coke.

      But that is the price you pay when you work for Pepsi.

    2. Nothing beats a little key bump of blow once in a blue moon while out drinking

  6. $20 says he thought he could get away with it by tapping his chest and saying “my bad”, then smiling.

  7. Heard he threw up in the car and then threw his license to the wrong cop…

  8. Check out the Philly Influencer….its looking a lot like this site.

    Kinda changed it format. Rather than Brace just saying the obvious….he has a blogger now posting things that this site would post or should post.

    BLOG WARS……Cue the music.

  9. Maybe McNabb will pull a reverse-George Zimmerman and shoot a white kid walking through his neighborhood.

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