Hamels: Playing for the Phillies was “Everything You Could Ever Ask For”

cole presser

A shaky-voiced Cole Hamels took to the podium at Citizens Bank Park to say goodbye to the fans, the Phillies, and the media. He thanked the city for being an amazing place to play, for being a great city to raise his family in, and talked about feeling like a Philadelphian:

“In that parade, at lot of us are not from Philly … but I think we really grasped that when we got to take that parade down Broad Street.”

Hamels continued, saying that “not everybody can do it as long as Jamie Moyer,” but he has every intention of pitching for a long time. Hamels came just shy of admitting that he said no to whatever deal the Houston Astros offered, but said he and his wife sat down and went through pages of criteria to see what the best baseball and life options were.

Playing here was “worth everything,” Hamels said. “It gives you a way to fight even harder … to hear the cheers, and you understand the boos.” Moving on, he said having family and friends in Dallas helped make the decision easier. Hang on, there’s something in my eye.

“Being able to [throw a no-hitter] in a Phillies uniform means an immense amount,” Hamels said. “I’ll always have that jersey in my house.” It had to happen – Marcus – but that doesn’t mean it stings any less. We’ll miss you, Cole.

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33 Responses

  1. This clearly shows how athletes should act and treat their fans. A true gentleman and class act all the way around. He brought us some of the greatest moments in Phillies history. The 2008 season was please someone stick something large and hairy in my anus.

  2. It is a shame how fast this Phillies team fell from grace over the past four years or so. But the good thing about this trade is the fact that I, and the rest of the Delaware valley, may never ever have to hear Joe Conklins stupid impression of Cole Hammels ever again. The impression, as well as joe himself and that retarded sidekick of his Big Daddy, is about as funny as a dead puppy.

    1. Heeyyyy, funny you should mention that. that’s the name of my new one man play: Dead Puppies playing Quizzo!

    2. That was a terrible impression. Bill Campbell, Hochmann, and Arlen Specter are all dead now. They were the only Conklin impressions that were even mildly funny

  3. If only you idiot commenters had the kind of class that Cole Hamels has, this message board would be a much better place.

  4. Got Pence 2 WS rings and an extra for Victornio. Hopefully Cole will get to lead the Rangers in a championship parade.

  5. #1 radio host Josh Innes is calling out Crossing Broad right now as being nothing more than a PR shill for 97 5.

  6. FMK

    Josh Innes-Hitler-K@cie

    F- Hitler
    M- K@cie (not into bestiality but she’d make a nice wife)
    K- Innes

  7. I am really feeling weepy now. Cole, most people in this city loved you except for a few malcontents who don’t like anybody, and knew what a class act you and your wife are. The best of everything to you and I sincerely hope you win another WS ring someday. We will miss you!

  8. It’s beyond my comprehension as to how any respectable advertiser would every pay a dime to advertise here. A busload of dimwitted teenage boys look like the Mensa Society compared to most of the posters on this site. the Gay Bob thing never gets old, does it? Kyle, I surely don’t see a Pulitzer Prize at any point in your future.

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