Howard Eskin Contradicts Himself Again


Last week, the topic of Donovan McNabb’s second DUI came up on the then Innes and Bruno Show (with Jody Mac). Here is what Eskin said, word for word, emphasis mine:

“You know, it’s too bad. He’s actually better on the air now because he’ll speak his mind – which I wish he would’ve done here and people would’ve loved him – but he got moved up in the broadcast teams … he got moved up for this year … so I’m hoping that FOX doesn’t do anything to him because I’d like to see him become successful. But you can’t do that, especially in Arizona. Those cops are brutal.”

Six days ago: “I’m hoping that FOX doesn’t do anything to him.” Today:


This really isn’t surprising at this point, but it’s staggering in how blatant it is. Not doing “anything” to someone doesn’t equal a “severe punishment.” You’re allowed to change your mind, and let people know that you did, but Eskin just forgot (or chose to ignore) that he just endorsed leniency for McNabb less than a week ago. We might have a short memory and attention span, but it isn’t that short. Plus, everything is podcasted and tweeted. So if you’re gonna go around calling out people for (accurately) calling you out, you might want to listen back to your own words first. And it’s shocking that Eskin didn’t, considering how much he loves the sound of his own voice.

UPDATE: Eskin responds:

We never questioned whether Eskin said he was getting better at broadcasting. We put that right up top there, but he still said “I’m hoping that FOX doesn’t do anything to him,” before changing his mind on it today.


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  1. look, i’m no eskin fan, but there’s a difference between being punished by the law and punished by an employer. and it seems to me that’s the legitimate distinction he’s making. how many times should someone be punished for the same crime? let him serve his time but not lose his job, is what howard i think is saying, and i agree.

    1. Anybody who judges someone who gets a DUI is a HYPOCRITE because we ALL have driven after driving at one point or another. This is coming from someone who HATES McNabb.

  2. While Eskin is an idiot, I don’t see how this is an example of him contradicting himself. He didn’t say Donovan shouldn’t get in trouble, he said he hopes they don’t do anything.

  3. Time to put this old dog out to pasture. Eskin knows its time to go but he’s fighting the good fight against the dying of the light, etc etc. He will not go quietly into the night.

  4. Sorry folks! I let Jim push through too many articles today. Each subsequent one more ridiculous than the last one.

  5. Someone at fox sports found out about the comments or fox 29 made him write that tweet. No way eskin turns a 360 on a position…

  6. I never said that about Donovan in the first place, wait where am I?

  7. I don’t get it…Eskin has two different thoughts here; there is no pivot. Typical blog post creating a story where there is none. This scene is getting old.

  8. …where the father tells the son he took his mom to a strip club for his bachelor party.

    You could do a post on Eskin everyday if the criteria was for him to do something dumb. Just bump it up from your once a week Eskin posts. ‘Eskin Wars’ has a good ring to it. Hurry up before steals it.

    1. Would love to Florida state that chick with the annoying voice on Delilah commercials. Flo from progressive too

  9. There’s nothing fresh or original about Josh Innes.

    He’s doing the same tired old radio shtick as everyone else. Calling out your rivals and playing some call-in game with the listeners asking to add to a list is not original. He’s fat though.

  10. What’s his position on someone sending roses to a married woman that instigate an enraged husband to stab his wife to death. Is that still ok?

  11. Forget that I sent flowers to a caller (I thought she was a cheerleader) and she was then murdered and forget I cost my radio station owners over one million dollars libeling an attorney representing Allen Iverson stating the attorney was buying off witnesses. I have never been pulled over for a DUI in a Cadillac, Lexus (from two dealerships) Jaguar or now Audi or any other car dealerships that are royal idiots for my hawking their products.

    1. Forgot to add that I never wrote recommendation letters on WIP letterhead to local law enforcement recommending a drug dealer be let off easy because he was also the mechanic that took care of their comped BMWs.

  12. Fuck that little asshole jue boy! Just likes to run his mouth and I’m praying for the day someone knocks out all his fuckin’ teeth!!

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