Last week, the topic of Donovan McNabb’s second DUI came up on the then Innes and Bruno Show (with Jody Mac). Here is what Eskin said, word for word, emphasis mine:

“You know, it’s too bad. He’s actually better on the air now because he’ll speak his mind – which I wish he would’ve done here and people would’ve loved him – but he got moved up in the broadcast teams … he got moved up for this year … so I’m hoping that FOX doesn’t do anything to him because I’d like to see him become successful. But you can’t do that, especially in Arizona. Those cops are brutal.”

Six days ago: “I’m hoping that FOX doesn’t do anything to him.” Today:


This really isn’t surprising at this point, but it’s staggering in how blatant it is. Not doing “anything” to someone doesn’t equal a “severe punishment.” You’re allowed to change your mind, and let people know that you did, but Eskin just forgot (or chose to ignore) that he just endorsed leniency for McNabb less than a week ago. We might have a short memory and attention span, but it isn’t that short. Plus, everything is podcasted and tweeted. So if you’re gonna go around calling out people for (accurately) calling you out, you might want to listen back to your own words first. And it’s shocking that Eskin didn’t, considering how much he loves the sound of his own voice.

UPDATE: Eskin responds:

We never questioned whether Eskin said he was getting better at broadcasting. We put that right up top there, but he still said “I’m hoping that FOX doesn’t do anything to him,” before changing his mind on it today.