Howard Eskin Needs To Beat It

From the "Dads at Taylor Swift" Imgur page, of which I can't make fun since I'm going to be a dad and went to the concert
From the “Dads at Taylor Swift” Imgur page, of which I can’t make fun since I’m going to be a dad and went to the concert

It’s seriously time to put Howard Eskin out to pasture… or at least a pasture farther out there than the 10 p.m. news on FOX, a broadcast that is saved only by Lucy Noland and her spectacular friends.

We all have favorites, let’s be honest. Any person in a field even remotely related to media who tells you their coverage isn’t colored, at least a bit, by favorites, sources and enemies is lying to you. But Eskin has always taken it to another level. For years it manifested itself in almost comical defense of Andy Reid and the Eagles. Now it’s most apparent in his “coverage” of the Sixers, most recently when he was the only person on the planet who found fault with the Sixers in their trade with the Kings.

Anyway, over the last few days I’ve had the misfortune of inadvertently catching several of Sports Bloviator Emeritus Eskin’s local media appearances, first on FOX over the weekend, and then today on WIP as I tuned in to see if Josh Innes would address the fact that his Afternoon show is in serious jeopardy of continuing in its current form because his partner doesn’t like him. And it’s obvious that Eskin, as reader (@theshyduck) put it, has become a self-parody.

First there was Eskin’s aforementioned ripping into the Sixers for what was widely interpreted as a GREAT TRADE– a reflexive response to decry everything the team does. Then, on Sunday morning, he ranted on FOX about NBA players and their lack of loyalty when opting out of deals and re-signing with their current team so they can get more money (as if Eskin would never negotiate a higher salary)– a take so scorching and so old-timey that it seemed like it belonged on Weekend Update. And today, this jarring 180 regarding first Jonathan Papelbon, with whom Eskin has a huge thing, and then Donovan McNabb, who was recently arrested in Arizona for his second DUI.

Eskin first told Innes and Jody Mac that he had some damning off-the-record info about Papelbon that he wouldn’t share… but continued anyway:

Eskin: “He does whatever he wants. He’s poisoned other players in the locker room. He poisoned Cliff Lee [about Lee telling Sandberg he does things his way because Papelbon started it]. He poisoned Cole Hamels, who was a terrific guy.”

Innes: How can you poison grown men?

Eskin: “He had been there. Hamels won a World Series, but he’s only won one. It’s like anything in the locker room, when this guy gets away with it, the next guy can get away with it. So, [Papelbon] does things he gets way with it, and other players say if he can do it I can get away with the same thing.”

So there you go. His big scoop on Papelbon appears to be that Papelbon is a huge dick. More at 11 10, Lucy.

Eskin, of course, had a run in with Papelbon (and his wife), so I’m sure he’s not at all vengeful here.

There’s no argument from me on Papelbon being a dick, but Eskin stepped into that conversation accusing Papelbon of what sounded like a crime, when in fact it seemed to be nothing more than him being a bad clubhouse presence.

Meanwhile, when the subject of McNabb’s second DUI – an actual crime – came up, Eskin dismissed its severity, openly encourage FOX to cut him some slack, and then admitted to his own DUI some years ago:

“You know, it’s too bad. He’s actually better on the air now because he’ll speak his mind – which I wish he would’ve done here and people would’ve loved him – but he got moved up in the broadcast teams… he got moved up for this year… so I don’t want FOX to do anything to him because I’d like to see him become successful. But you can’t do that, especially in Arizona. Those cops are brutal.”

So, just to recap: Papelbon– bad, bad person who needs to go away for being an entitled millionaire, because Eskin hates him. McNabb– guy caught a rough break from overzealous cops for drinking and driving and endangering the lives of others, again, but should be given yet another chance at his job, at which he’s shitty, because he goes way back with Eskin.

Howard then went on to make light of the time he was pulled over after leaving a bar – admittedly intoxicated to some degree – where he had been celebrating a playoff win with Sixers front offices execs, apparently many years ago.

Go away, Howard. You’re not important anymore.


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  1. “McNabb– guy caught a rough break from overzealous cops for drinking and driving and endangering the lives of others, again, but should be given yet another chance at his job, at which he’s shitty” … so says the shitty blogger. Good lookin’ out. Now, where’s that stupid profile pic of you dancing to Gloria Gaynor while drinking a Shirley Temple? Moron.

    1. I have no opinion on this, but if you hate this blogger so much, why did you voluntarily go on the website, read the link, and then take the time to comment on it? if you don’t like what he is saying, go read something else.

    2. FM- Do you even know what you just read? that was Eskins quote on McNabb you idiot. Kyle did not say that McNabb should have his job back.


  2. When are people in Philly going to wake up and realize Asskin suffers from narcissistic personality disorder? The stupid fur coats (fur coats? This 1978?), bling, it’s all to focus attention on him and his Marshall Tucker Band beard. Beards and fur coats. Good Lord, what a tool.

    1. nice name. Its ok u can use it. I have found Christ and no longer post explicit things online. Kyle Scott does an awesome job on this site. And he’s a straight up classy dude.

      You got aids!

  3. Shitty blogger? Says fm… Why are u on the site fuck face? Maybe you should continue to comb Howard’s hair while whispering sweet nothings in his ear…Or maybe you should comprehend what you read and apologize for being a fucking troll

  4. I can’t even get worked up about Eskin, he’s just boring and tired at this point.

  5. Love the king he’s a Philly treasure. Ric Flair of the media baby !!

    1. Had to reply here due to the username.

      These fuckboys set a new record for the most “me” links on a post! Congrats! Granted Jimbo fits like 4 links to old posts in a single paragraph.

      I hate this blog. But you’re welcome for my visit and the 15 cents you get for it….

  6. I agree. He complains about everything and he does not even present actual facts anymore. He clearly defends guys he likes and goes after those he hates. At one time Howard may have been great, but that time is over.

  7. did he take one of his 20 some-year-old bimbos to the Swift concert? He should sit home and collect stamps or something

  8. Start a campaign for everybody to unfollow his twitter account and the equivalents (I’m not on social media), and if nothing else it would be embarrassing as hell to have a huge drop in numbers, maybe more.

  9. He does the show from the diner and the owner being nice to him lets him get takeout for free. He then proceeds to order virtually everything off the menu so he has a weeks worth a meals in his refrigerator. Then he drives away in his free leased luxury car from the dealership.

    1. Well Eskin admitted that he was drunk when he got pulled over so, he obviously used to drink.

  10. If you don’t agree to an interview or respond to his calls and text he hammers you on every show. It’s childish. Where’s Waldo. He was sitting next to the coach last night watching his rookies play in the Summer League.

  11. Don’t disagree w/anything in this post (how about a Larry Brown mention in his “favorites” list?) Eskin’s desperate need for acceptance prevents him from providing good journalism. His defense of McNabb’s behavior is ridiculous and disrespectful of the severity.

    While not hazardous to the public, one argument for the relevancy of even discussing Pap’s obnoxious behavior is in light of the recently ex-manager losing the clubhouse. There is a season to be played, people have bought tickets and anything he can do to improve the players — even for trade value — is desperately needed.

    He offers nothing we need, is disrespectful to fans, and is a lousy teammate so it’s something to consider. Especially for a younger, bad team. It was a real disappointment to see how quickly Cliff turned into a major jerk and bad teammate when Pap showed up. I think players hurt their trade value (and legacy, endorsements) when exhibiting poor emotional strength — bad attitudes, won’t work with coaches, are lousy teammates, etc.

    But yeah, Eskin’s a jerk who needs as much attention as Papelbon. They’re insufferable narcissistic twins. I’d hate to work with either one of them.

  12. You should check the video from his segment tonight about Maria Sharapova… They couldn’t bring up her highlights so he got up and impersonated her grunting while playing

  13. Haha only Eskin would criticize this deal. Even if Stauskas is the worst player in NBA history, this is still a good deal. The Sixers are giving up nothing of consequence in return for a first round pick and two opportunities to swap first rounders. All they have to do is have billionaire Josh Harris pay about $25M in salary for two players. There is absolutely no way this deal is bad for the Sixers.

  14. No. Innes hated it too Macnow was lukewarm. Seems WIP is the old curmudgeon staion. Even Didinger, who I revere was off on this. He hates Hinkie and any idea of tanking. Win now, eh Ray? For who, for what?

    1. why do you revere didinger because he knows the eagles history and can tell you what the eagles should have done after the game? he was ok in a limited role, but is way over exposed now.

  15. Eskin is the biggest douchebag in Philadelphia. That’s really saying something isn’t it?

  16. Overexposed one trick pony? Yes, but you should see what toupees are costing these days.

  17. Kyle, you’re not a dad YET and went to the concert, so yes, you’re a douche. Stick to blogging about athletes and not fake media hypocrites such as Howard and yourself. It’d be easy not to read your page or even CrossingBroad, but how else would I give myself the reminder to take my blood pressure medicine?

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