RADIO WARS: A Rift Between Tony Bruno and Josh Innes May Doom the WIP Afternoon Show


A well-placed source has confirmed that recent events have turned a rift between Tony Bruno and Josh Innes into a chasm.

The details are murky, but the gist is that Bruno, a longtime radio man who has always made it a point to treat listeners and callers with respect*, was put off by Innes’ constant badgering and trolling of his own audience– a conclusion that is obvious to just about anyone listening. Things may have come to a head a couple of weeks ago when Innes made fun of a caller who was clearly under the influence and had an admitted coke problem. Here’s that audio. By the end of the call, Tony, clearly disgusted with Josh’s antics, was encouraging the caller to take care of himself.

A quickly deleted (perhaps accidental) RT late last week from Bruno’s account about Josh getting fired led to these Tweets from Innes over the weekend:

Voila_Capture 2015-07-07_11-05-39_AM Voila_Capture 2015-07-07_11-04-15_AM

At some point after those Tweets, Bruno made his unhappiness with Innes known to WIP, and that’s why he hasn’t been on the last two days.

I reached out to Bruno, but he declined to comment.

There is more to this story, and I’ll try to bring it to you as the maestro learns reportable details. BURN THE TENTS:

*Something that’s obvious to anyone who’s ever seen Bruno in public.

UPDATE: Bruno is most likely not returning to the show.


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  1. Say goodbye Innes. Everyone knew this would happen you fat troll. You suck, you’re a gross human and your time is up.

    Man I am loving this.

    1. Was bound to happen. Saw this coming a mile away. Should of re-signed with 97.5, Tony!

    2. I am loving this! Some might assume that rooting for Innes’ downfall is pro-Missanelli. It is not, Innes is far worse and is an embarrassment.

      1. Almost every radio host in the city is brutal, some are just less painful than others.

    3. Love innes. He’s a fat pile of dung like me. Actually I’m fatter and a bigger liar

    4. You people are such lemmings. Bruno is retiring that’s all. Crossing broad is a joke

  2. Bruno seems like a stand up dude. Innes and Mike Miss deserve each other, both overrated, pompus d bags with their clocks ticking very fast in this city.

      1. I would love that!!! They would have some awesome on air debates and banter! I listen for the provocative controversial opinions . That would be solid drive time entertainment for sure

    1. Could you come up with your own fucking handle, you bag of dicks? It isn’t that hard.

  3. Sounds like Bruno is out as co-host. Innes is the reason people listen. Bruno can’t carry a show for 5 hours a day anymore. Good riddance. Innes doesn’t need a co-host and will do better without one. It just drags him down. This is what happens when you pair a 28 year-old with a guy over 60. It was never destined to work out.

    1. Half of the people that listen to that show listen because of Bruno. The other half are fucking brain damaged.

        1. Hey Josh, hurry up and finish inhaling whatever greasy pile of slop you feed your fat gut and man-tits so you can get ready to bedazzle us all at 1pm with your edgy and original brand of Stern ripoffs, eh, I mean, sports talk radio.

        2. is that bridge you’re selling shaped like a penis and currently lodged deep in your throat?

    2. You are fucking kidding, right?

      Bruno does not need Innes, and Innes will drown without Tony. It will be the Jody and Tony show by Labor Day.

      1. Jody and Tony show by Labor Day? Hahahaha. If you believe that, you really haven’t a clue about how radio rating work or demographics. WIP will not team up 2 guys who have a combined age of over 115 years old. That’s why Macnow and Jody were forced out 10+ years ago because they couldn’t get the ratings.

        1. Jody isn’t quite as old as Bruno. he just looks it because of his 4 pack a day habit.

        2. team combined age is over 300. That seems to have worked out for them.

      2. but I have to agree with Bob. Tony seems to be on drugs half the time when he talks. Innes or a caller will bring up good points and pretty easy to follow points and Tony goes off on some random tangent that really isn’t tied into the pints that were just made. It’s really awkward and you can tell Innes gets a little annoyed at having to bring Tony back on track. Majority of the time Innes (and me the listener) doesn’t even have a clue what Tony is going on about.

        Tony is washed up. Kaput. Donezo.

    3. Innes is just bad and should be fired… and the morons that like him should be examined… he is anti-philly… NEXT…

      1. I get offended whenever anyone even mentions Howard Stern with any current radio personality. You kids realize he is the Babe Ruth-Michael Jordan-Ali of radio. It’s like trying to compare immortal greatness with ….Mackey Sasser.

    4. If you love Josh Innes just listen to old Howard Stern episodes. At least they are actually funny and from the 90s like Innes tries to be.

    5. I have listened just for Bruno—innes constantly cuts tony off and tries to lead and control the show—-I’m surprised no one has mentioned the commercial promo”where everyone is talking about Josh Innes” 30 seconds devoted solely on innes then promo guy at the end says Innes Bruno 1-6—-if I’m tony that would have pissed me off—–only thing I will say if miss robin pissed everyone off at both stations could be time to ask her to stay home (if those rumors are true)

  4. But what about Bruno’s podcast BO?! Was there anything said on it broths? I can’t get through the annoying shark lady!

  5. Bro, what did I tell you, bro?

    Bro, I knew this dude was no good, yo. Bro, teets was never gonna last, bro. Please with these ratings, bro. It’s all a fad, bro.

  6. I don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bruno is having issues with Innes; however, Innes is always talking about how they need to find a way to stay relevant during this dead period before the Eagles start. I wouldn’t put it past them to have this all staged as a bit. Fake a feud, leak something to Kyle, get attention. This is an advanced version of that fake suspension they tried to convince us of before the show started. #RadioWarsTruther

    1. You’re probably right, there is absolutely nothing of value sports related to talk about for 4 hours each day. I mean, the World Cup? Really?

      1. well it isn’t like you have a crutch of journalistic integrity to lean on.

        why should we actually believe you?

        I understand that you can’t reveal sources, to prove your own integrity would be a catch-22

        Time will tell, but in the short term I don’t trust Innes or WIP more than I trust you

    2. It’s not surprising to you that 2 egomaniacs aren’t getting along? Anyone with half a brain could have seen this coming.

      Bruno wants to do a real radio show and Innes is a soulless fatass who doesn’t even like sports that much. He’s a Howard Stern clone trying to create buzz and Bruno just wants to talk sports. The 2 of them are so full of themselves, like everyone else in that wretched business.

      It was doomed to fail. The minor ratings success couldn’t even keep it going.

    3. I like it. Innes and Bruno are trolling crossingbroad theory. I wouldn’t put it past them and WIP feeding some bogus info to this site.

  7. WIP will dump Bruno way before Innes. Also, aren’t last months rating due out soon?

  8. This was the inevitable conclusion. It was obvious at first listen that Bruno wasn’t crazy about Innes’ style, and at many points, was disengaged.

    I haven’t tuned in much lately, but I heard some of Innes’ “troll” show the day after the Hinkie/Sauce trade.

    It was so obviously a bad troll and really immature radio.

    1. The really big problem with that Hinkie was troll was the message Josh was saying was “I think my audience is really, really stupid.”

  9. put bruno back on the morning show and move rhea to the innes show in the robin quivers role. boom, problem solved.

  10. Ehhhh, this is a lot of drama but not much of importance. Whether you like Josh Innes or hate him (or, like me, liked his shtick at night but think he’s only succeeding here because Philly sports is dead), you have to acknowledge that it’s the Innes and Innes and Innes and Bruno show.

    The particular meatball sitting next to him is irrelevant to the larger ratings war. Like MM said about Bruno, “Who, me? I got nothing to say, I’m just lucky to have a job.”

  11. Bruno brings absolutely nothing to the show. Josh will host his own show if there is a legit problem.

    1. They’ll bring in that dude Sludge (I don’t even know his real name) that swings from Innes’ little tiny cord to do the show with him.

      1. Brian Haddad. He sucks balls. Such a phony. A dude in his late 40’s who wants you to think he is in his late 20’s

        1. I thought he was in his late 20s too because of his immature rap and how he tries so hard to be cool. That would be great – put those two a-holes together and move Tony to the 6 p.m. slot; Haddad is no improvement over Innes there; they sound exactly alike.

  12. These guys should work it out….get together and jack each other off and work through the pain. Maybe throw in Angelo for a reach-around. Just saying….pussies…

  13. I wonder if Tony understands he was brought on only for the purpose of bridging the credibility gap with Josh and the afternoon audience.

    We’ll find out if it worked if they let Tony walk.

  14. If I didn’t know better and didn’t respect Tony, I could see this being another ratings grab ala the fake suspension of Josh before the show even took off.

    They guy has talent, but it is not in sports. I do not understand why he is hell-bent on running sports show. He needs to find his way on a music station or a satellite radio channel.

    I am shocked he and Tony got along for this long. That said, I bet they’ll salvage it.

  15. Innes cant see that his dumbass troll show will die out once his flavor of the month comes and goes… mostly likely because his vision is blocked by all those fat polyps hanging around his eyes. even the cholesterol in his bodyis like wtf get me out of this dumpster fire!

    1. The ratings just came out. Innes is first, Miss 4th, tied with 104.5. Try again dipshit.

  16. Josh’s schtick works better on the 6 to who-gives-a-shit time-slot. It doesn’t work in real hours. He’s a putz who’ll be fired soon enough.

  17. I listened to Teats on my way home yesterday. He was whining about how listeners accuse him of being a fraud and an outsider. He said his listeners are some of the dumbest people he has ever met and wished some of them would try to light fireworks on their heads or taunt a crocodile.

    He sounded broken and deflated, as if he knows the end is near. His boy Andy is now out of the picture and NBC executives are growing tired of his constant ripping of his colleagues, bosses, and customers.

    The countdown is on.

      1. My bad. I must’ve been doing some nose candy with Teats’ boy and gotten confused.

    1. Why do you say Andy is out of the picture? Anyway, I felt from the beginning Teats hates Philadelphia – he constantly made fun of it like he is from some sophisticated background (Poplar Bluff????). I didn’t care about ripping the teams – they are all dreadful right now and why pump them up. But he always sounded so delighted about it. I really don’t know why he stays somewhere he does not like. Someone I am FB friends with from Houston, his previous job, warned me about him, his childish rants, his willingness to back stab anyone and mega fights with co-workers; also that he is extremely thin-skinned but can dish it out. All of it was true. They had apparently had some “Fire Josh Innes” thing going.

  18. this show is boring. tony bruno isnt that great because the thinks hes funny and his humor is lame. innes is just going after shock value. anyone whos over the age of 30 listened to howard and has seen this schtick before. its nothing new.

    here is a recap of every innes show.
    callers call in and say how innes sucks. innes goes after them for ten min, followed by 3 hours of sam bradford talk.

  19. Kyle, you sending a tweet to Tony Bruno doesn’t count as “reaching out”

  20. I know these posts obviously get traffic and tons of comments, but sports talk radio is seriously the lowest common denominator American society and you people are mouth breathing imbeciles

    1. Yeah, I don’t get it either…people can spend their day however they like, i’m not judging, but I just can’t imagine how bad my job or life would have to be to listen to sports talk radio for several hours, every day, to fill whatever void I have. I come on here and other philly websites to stay informed, waste a couple hours of my ‘work’ day, Kyle occassionally types something humorous (Jim does it less) and that’s that. But to listen to same topics every day sounds like self-imposed torture – which lets be honest is a common Philly pasttime.

    2. I like how someone comes up with these terms like mouth-breather and you laugh and smile and say “Gee Whiz that’s funny, I’m gonna use that one as soon and as often as possible!” meanwhile you come up with nothing original on your own – the true definition of a mouth-breather.

  21. About time Jillian Mele’s was showing off her huge natural tities this morning.

  22. If you like josh ones you the type of person who trolls on the Internet and most likely still live in your mom’s basement. Don’t sit there and tell me purposely being a d bag and purposely trolling people is good sports talk radio, dead period or not. The sixers make this huge trade and less then 2 hours into the show josh is trolling people. He isn’t even good enough to spend more then 2 hours talking about a huge trade. What a joke.

  23. That clip from the guy Marty and Innes was the first time I have ever listened to Innes and Bruno.

    That is Missanelli’s competition?

    Jesus. That was awful and tough to listen to.

    I’m glad Bruno stepped in and stood up for that guy at the end.

    Innes now making fun of people working on getting over a drug addiction/trying to improve their lives? This guy is fat and ugly on both the inside and outside it seems.

    1. Why am I supposed to feel bad for some crackhead? I could give a fuck less about that guy. He made his decisions in life

      1. No one is asking you to feel bad for him Einstein. You shouldn’t make things worse for him though by making fun of his addiction to a mass audience.

        Kicking a man when he’s down over the radio, real tough guy that Josh Innes.

        1. Howard Eskin at least had the compassion to send someone flowers when she was on hard times….

        2. THE GUY CALLED A FUCKING RADIO STATION. HE IS ASKING FOR IT. You are probably a liberal pussy who supports Hillary for president

          1. I’m not trying to make this political but “Ethan,” why are you so damn angry at the world? Just because someone is a “crackhead” does not make him a useless person. Sure, abusing drugs and alcohol obviously isn’t good for anyone but attempting to correct those mistakes isn’t something you should ignore, not to mention make fun of when thousands of people are listening. Innes isn’t an idiot (well, hmmm…maybe) he knew what he was doing here and so did Bruno and Bruno tried to step up and be the bigger person.

            Liberal pussy > old angry white conservative who can only think one way because his brain cannot fully function or open itself.

            P.S. Hilary sucks, Bernie in 2016!

            1. I definitely am republican, but I’m young not old. My brain functions perfect, I just don’t pander to illegal immigrants and I don’t blame white people for holding down minorities because of shit some white people did (and black people too) 150 years ago +.

              Anyway, the guy was wasted and called a radio station. Most sports radio hosts aren’t going to act like Delilah (big fan btw) and comfort the guy. I agree if you’re going around throw eggs at hobos its a scumbag move but what Innes did is far from that. And as of Tony’s reaction? I respect Tony alot and I think he’s a good dude and his reaction was admirable, but people don’t want to hear that. Its boring. Theres a reason Tony can’t support a radio show by himself.

              Trump 2016!

              1. Yeah the Trump 16! at the end confirmed your a troll. You had me until that very last sentence.

              2. Article about Innes being a douche –> Rant about slavery 150 years ago blah blah blah black people did it too (No, this is not correct).

                How does this happen? Get Help, buddy.

      2. Josh is an ass but I agree with this, any crackhead that calls up deserves to get trounced live on air.

    2. I’m in the same boat. Never listened to the fat fuck before that clip (live outside of the area) and now I definitely won’t. That was some seriously sad shit, and Innes made me cringe every time he opened his fucking mouth.

      1. If the crackhead felt he was being insulted all he had to do was hang up. I would much rather listen to that than Bitchanelli tell me how much I suck because I’m white or how I’m “small minded.” The guy is a tool who yearns to relive he glory high school years

  24. Of course Innes will use this blog post to spend another show talking about himself.

    1. As if he needs another excuse to talk about his favorite subject: The Continuing Persecution of Josh Innes.

      1. Innes against the world:

        whiny nasally voice – “you ever notice how everyone hates me???” “don’t you find it odd that a guy just trying to make a living here in Philadelphia has been attacked so relentlessly” “I mean I get it, I do but its just that I mean I am Philadelphia…”

        no one actually says Philadelphia unless you are a clueless outsider #1

  25. Why would the guy who sent Kylie the video of that call, all of a sudden start recording before that call started? Unless he drives around recording radio shows with his phone all day which I doubt. Innes and Bruno are atop the ratings and someone is finally wiping the floor with that never was little mikey. I don’t care if Innes F-ed miss Robin, these two would make it work. You’ve all been played

  26. Man this sucks I was really wishing for mike miss to use his “rehab” bomb in this war that’s turned civil now

    1. Won’t ever happen. Innes would bring up the ex wife and mikey’s head would explode

      1. Not a host so use some second level thinking…Who at WIP that is not on-air talent is high profile enough that we would actually know their name?

  27. Tony and I had real chemistry. We could joke and laugh. We could cry. We could give people beer. I could bring Tony’s ridiculous elitist sports “journalist” perspective down to earth. Just good all around fun radio.

    Miss Robin would probably ruin it if we tried to bring it back anyway…

  28. this is def staged like a wwe storyline. Bloom and Josh will do anything for ratings

  29. Good lord, can either 97.5 or WIP get someone on the drive home who isn’t a total D-Bag and just talk sports? I have never had a problem with Bruno, but its really Innes’s show and I can’t take more then 5 minutes of him. Missanelli is the king of D-Bags as I can maybe take about 10 minutes of him. Which leads me to sadly avoid Philly Sports Talk Radio on the ride home….

  30. So Tony and yoko Bruno walk off the show, and now what?
    Are they going to fall back on his podcasts?

    That afternoon show is Innes’s. They’ll give him a wingman like Jody Mac, Sludge, or Rhea.

    1. Oh yea, that’ll make for compelling radio. Give an ignorant blowhard an annoying yes man (or woman). Sigh, I guess it works for the WIP morning show.

  31. Tony is making a big mistake. Standing up for your morals is good and all but in 3 months when he’s evicted from his condo and Ms. Robin is sucking off a cub she met on Tinder he will regret this decision.

    You got aids!

      1. I considered it. But between servicing your wife, mom and sister, it’s a full time job

          1. i guarantee I could doing a sports radio show in Philadelphia that would be # 1

              1. I think so. It’s not hard. People just want to laugh, you know what i mean? Serious sports talk doesn’t play well in this day and age for the drive time slot. There are too many shows out there doing that

      2. You got called out by Kyle and now you’re trying to stick with this “you got aids” thing, just shut the fuck up and go back to not commenting.

  32. This was about as predictable as the Phillies finishing in last place.

  33. Why must this fat man-child constantly be compared with the King of all Media??? Nobody will ever be me, and this tubby bastard is no different from the rest. Watch me on AGT tonight at 8 on NBC, i’m going to lick Heidi’s butt hole on live tv!

  34. Good-bye Innes’s audience without Bruno. They beat Missanelli with Bruno’s audience from the mid-day show with Harry. Time to just listen on music on the ride home.

    1. Been doing that for months. Music and Podcasts. WIP and 97.5 are truly pathetic at this point. They’re just way too annoying at this point.

    2. You’re aware that Bruno and Mayes lost routinely to Barkann and Ike, right? I know you’re an idiot and all, but Bruno brought in a marginal following, and that’s being kind. Innes carries the load… no pun intended.

  35. I have it on good authority that Josh Innes was avid tape trading buddies with Jared from Subway

  36. I got the scoop…

    Innes hates Miss Robin
    Bruno Hates Innes
    Reeha hates Bruno
    Miss Robin thinks she is more than she really is
    Morganti doesn’t care
    Jillian Mele likes women
    Rob Charry stinks like old carpet

  37. 1. Is Bloom allowed to come back to WIP after he gets out of rehab?

    2. Is Reeah still going to F Josh if he doesn’t have a show anymore?

    3. If Josh/Tony leave WIP, how quickly until The Land of Misfit Toys (97.5) snatches them up?

    4. How long until that coward Innes addresses this on his show where “we say everything.” Is Mike Miss on the air now? I wonder if he’ll bring it up.

  38. All Josh had to do was have a radio show that was slightly entertaining and he would crush fake ass Mike Miss. Instead he decided to be the show instead of conducting a show. He will now go through the Eskin phase where nobody wants to work with him and people will switch back to mike – the lesser of two idiots. You blew your huge chance Josh.

    By the way, Tony is senile. He can’t follow a conversation and constantly disagrees with himself. He is done.

  39. Sometimes I get curious and switch on Innes. I just did this and I listened for a whole 96 seconds before turning it off, which is a new high score. I don’t think I’ve ever heard sports being discussed on that show. Ellis and Mayes are my favorite. There is no over the top reaction. They provide sound and rational analysis/opinions. They aren’t contrarian or trolling for calls. And they ask the right questions in interviews without being abrasive like MM or a total ass kiss like AG. They also don’t try to force being funny or entertaining. It’s a lot easier to listen to than anything else.

    1. ellis / decamara: pure sports negativity (listened to decamara go on and on about how the stauskas/sixers trade was a “joke” even though he loved it – you’d think it was a bad thing for philly)

      mayes / bruno: good mix of both sports and social commentary, with some positivity thrown in so its not all negative

      innes: pure philadelphia hatred with about 1% sports talk

      missanelli: ego maniac, know it all

      didinger: respected sports talk

      1. You know what really ruins all these shows though? The callers. Top 3 comments by callers that make me immediately change to music:
        “Hi I called in about X weeks ago and said something stupid, do you remember me?” (Or I met you at a remote X years ago)
        Any variation of some unrealistic personnel move that would make no sense. Example: Sign LeBron, trade Sean OSullivan for Mike Trout, etc.
        “Next we have on the line” (Ingy, Murray, Ish, Levi, Angry Al, Avalon Brian, etc) Except Bernie. I will listen to Bernie all day.

        1. good point. angry al is horrible – whenever i hear that drunk skunk i change the channel immediately.

          1. Johnnny Maarkks and the Amazing Brace! But, worse than that fool Al is Bob that calls Mike Miss. “Miiike, did you get my email?” Or that guy “Mr Missanilla, Plano got love for ya”

    2. I’m a longtime (female) listener of the show. In fact I listen all day at work. I want to listen to sports talk PERIOD. I don’t want to listen to him babble on about nonsense. I stopped listening in the afternoons because John Innes is the most annoying thing on the radio. If you disagree with him, you’re a “moron”. I tried listening yet again this afternoon, hoping that perhaps things might have changed there at the station. Nope, he’s still an ass. Furthermore, when he went on to mock God, that’s the final straw. I can tolerate a lot, but Innes is not one of them. Can’t this station just stick to sports? Get him off the radio please.

      1. Not sure how my bedroom skills are. I usually throw your mom out before she has time to give me any feedback.

  40. man this guy Innes is a bigger pussy than me and that’s saying something!

  41. Now this is a real surprise. Nobody could have expected this with Teats!

    1. Easy, Bitchanelli. You’re still losing and will continue to lose until Greater Media drops the all-sports format. Now get back to dying your wig and chasing 19 year olds. Perv.

  42. Yo Yo Yo..Who says the don’t like my Philly Influencer job? Man this is living,I graduated from Ramen noodles to Chefboyardee Ravioli’s.Good eaten.Life is good

  43. I can’t believe how weak these comments are. Bruno gets lost in parking lots. Teri Schiavo is more exciting than Jodi Mack. Enough with these octogenarians. Innes is hilarious. YOU PEOPLE SUCK

    1. Won’t be long before summer is over and you and your well-developed sense of comedy can return to your desk in the sixth grade, junior.

      1. Are you upset because you are out of applesauce? Let’s talk about the broad street bullies! Vermeil, he sure was something! How ’bout the tits in Sophia Loren? AMIRITE????

        Arts and crafts time is at 2PM today!

  44. Tune in as we will be coming at you live form my basement.
    Guests include:
    – My Dad
    – Some local rapper
    – Someone form the Philadelphia Union

  45. Miley Miss and Innes both suck! Bruno is alright but old as dust and a complete bore. Hopefully the fact that Mikey Miss’s ratings are dropping will get him ousted. Hopefully Innes will shoot himself in the foot again and get ousted. Bruno will just dry up anyway. That way we can have a shot at getting some decent sports radio going during the drive home.

  46. I was listening when he was talking to that guy about coke, and it was the first thing I thought of when I started reading this post. It was painful to listen to…they should’ve dumped the guy after he couldn’t put together a coherent sentence, and instead talked to him for a good 15 minutes. You could tell Bruno was super uncomfortable. It all might’ve been fine if the dude wasn’t so obviously fucked up. I don’t feel any sort of way about Innes, I just think Mikey Miss is boring as fuck. But at some point you have to stop being an asshole just for the sake of being an asshole.

  47. I posted,this when they got hired—if the do well and beat miss–it will be “all” innes —if they lose management would blame Bruno—I think people listen because they like bruno and because missenelli is boring and people had enough’–innes on alone and that ratings gap will close

  48. The obvious solution is to fire Barkann and put Tony with Ike. Whether you love Josh or hate him NOBODY likes Barkann. Put Macnow or Jody Mac with Innes and the show will be fine.

    *by the way unless you’re in Missouri or Illinois I’m not licensed in your state, but that’s OK our attorneys in your state are.

  49. Bar stool sports talk is dying. In a social media driven world, the majority of people want current events, entertainment, blurbs, memes, and nonsense mixed into their sports talk. It’s just the way it is now. WIP is a business just like any other, and they will do what it takes to have a thriving one. Josh caters to more people than the old school crowd, which is slowly dying(both literally and figuratively).

    Josh will not go the route of Eskin and wear on users as the shock jock, because he’s younger and can adjust, unlike Eskin who couldn’t.

    That is the future of sports radio, and honestly, I can’t blame it. Just sitting there and listen to the same points over and over again is boring. How many times can you break down the Eagles QB situation and talk about Sam Hinkie? Other stuff needs to be mixed in to keep it fresh. If you don’t like it, don’t listen, but the majority want it this way and it will grow even more so in this direction going forward.

  50. Tony Bruno is like listening to paint dry. I’m not a big Innes fan, but at least he made Bruno tolerable. Homer fan base wants homers on the radio.

  51. Enjoy retirement Bruno. Bring in Jody Mac to work with innes and it will still be the highest rated show in Philadelphia.

  52. It’s obvious that Josh is the real talent here. If this were a reply string about Bruno and any other radio personality there would have been a dozen comments posted, tops! And yet, there are too many to read. In new will go on to fame and fortune the likes of Angelo. We will be lucky to keep him in our number 5 market for as long as we can. He is controversial, witty and creative. He is the reason I tune into WIP again and he his the reason we are all on this site. He is box office, baby…BOX OFFICE!

  53. Just listened to the clip. What the hell is so terrible about Josh’s treatment of that caller? I know addicts. That man was under the influence when he called. He is far from recovering and Josh was a softy with him. Eskin would have berated the guy for calling the show drunk. Jealousy is the number one driving force of Innes’ success. Number two is talent. He has a growing audience because he knows his sports and he is creative and humorous. His audience is increased ten-fold by those envious of this rising star at only 28 years old. If you listen, Innes is one of the most self-humbling, down to earth people on radio. He never says anything egotistical, quite the contrary with his inadequate love making and his overweight sloppiness comments. I have never even seen a picture of Josh. I only know his short comings from his own self-proclaimation. Josh will not only survive, he will climb to the top. Stay here in PHILADELPHIA. You brought sports talk radio back to life.
    PS: I was born in Philadelphia Metropolitan Hospital and raised in this, my city, and I say Philadelphia.
    Yo, we don’t always have to say Philly, Bro.

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