RADIO WARS: The Innes and Bruno Show Is Most Likely Done


Multiple sources indicate that Tony Bruno will likely not return to co-host alongside Josh Innes on the WIP Afternoon show. As reported yesterday, discord between the hosts – stemming from Bruno’s displeasure with Innes’ style and general buffoonery – reached a breaking point over the weekend, when a misunderstanding revolving around deleted accidental RTs from Bruno’s Twitter account about how Innes should be fired led to Innes subtweeting Bruno.

Bruno declined to comment. Innes hasn’t responded to multiple requests for comment.

Bruno was not on with Innes on Monday or Tuesday, and I’m told that, by last night, any shot of a reconciliation was all but gone. The focus, as of now, seems to be on managing the fallout – for all involved – rather than saving the show. The theater has shifted to Appomattox Court House. The maestro will have more later. SCORE IT:



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    1. That show actually seems to pretty smooth. Johnny Marks is really irritating at times (when he gets into ‘hot take’ territory) but it’s exponentially better than Angelo’s… whatever that is.

          1. I don’t disagree, but it doesn’t make an appearance nearly as often as Marks’…

            It’s like a squirrel eating an acorn or a chipmunk talking to another chipmunk… It’s really bad.

          2. Gargano ‘s is far worse. In the last few months before his contract issue he used it to cover up EVERYTHING his co-host Glen Macnow tried to say. He was so overbearing and determined to show he was the king of radio it was as if he was alone. Glenn has always been one of the top guys. Great sports knowledge, good sense of humor, well respected. It got to the point that every time he tried to make a point or talk to the caller all you could hear was “Haaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa. I also believe Gargano is probably a fat old Italian Grandmother God Bless

      1. Until Marks gets fired, it will never be a good show. He is a nothing who has zero chemistry with Gargano and is a sports zilch.

        1. Don’t blame me my radio show sucks. It’s summertime theres nothing going on,nothing to talk about.

          1. Bro dont even bother making excuses .Do what I do. Be upfront and tell your listeners I got nothing, I’m mailing it in today.

          2. If you cant find nothing to talk about then go find another job.

            Give the microphone to someone who can provide entertaining sports talk.Like me for instance.

  1. Good riddance. Please please please get rid of Innes already. Just knowing he’s on the airwaves in Philadelphia is so embarrassing.

    1. Is it bad karma for me to root for someone to get fired? Ah screw it, I hope Innes gets shit canned so I can end my WIP boycott in time for training camp to open up.

      I had to boycott 97.5 yesterday as well. Who the hell thinks it’s a good idea to devote a whole day to hockey? With no radio to listen to, I had to actually pay attention to my kids

      1. Silly male soap opera…Innes with his fat yap and manboobs, Missanelli with his white guilt, Bruno with his cackle, Gargano with his faux goodfella schtick and Cataldi who seems incapable of retiring despite all of our efforts. WXPN never sounded better.

    2. Not two shits given. Talk radio sucks. Play me some music. Why do I want to hear the opinions of a-holes on the radio every day who know less about sports than I do? Plus they just plain suck.

  2. i told you, bro. total clown show.

    now, you want a general knowledge question or not?

    1. Looking forward to it. The stupidity of the average sports talk radio caller/listener never ceases to amaze.

    2. I can’t listen to your show on Wednesday, general knowledge is brutal and I would love to go toe-to-toe with you on U.S. history. You botch plenty of things yourself.

  3. Didn’t those blowhards promise a “hater” a new air conditioning unit for his house if their show was off the air in 90 days from like June 1st?

  4. So Innes will be the sole host? He can’t seem to get along with anyone mainly because he does not respect anyone including himself. He is kind of a sad person because he cannot see nothing he does wrong.

  5. It ended at the Battle of the Bulge (Innes pun intended) .

    I guess WIP thought Bruno would join the classless team like when Morganti says nothing when Cataldi makes fun of the guy that had the coma.

  6. It was reported in that when asked Innes did not know where Bruno was yesterday (I call bullshit on that one from the guy who claims to be honest with the people). Maybe Josh learned that Bruno was not at work by reading Crossing Broad. Or maybe Andy Bloom learned about the rift between the two on Crossing Broad.

    1. Agreed. Kyle is not as important or influential as he thinks he is.

  7. What a great day for America and the city of Philadelphia. Karma is alive and it is real.

    Innes is a disgrace to society, radio and this fine city. He got what he had coming to him. Now he can take his fatass troll crap back to Houston or whatever Louisiana swamp Parrish he crawled out of. Good riddance to that fat creep.

  8. wait, what did Bruno think he signed up for? It took 5 minutes of listening to the night show Innes had last year to realize exactly what the afternoon program would be.

  9. Yea I got a General Knowledge question.

    Who is a fat loser who couldn’t last 5 months with his partner because he’s such a unconscionable prick? You know that one Martinez???

  10. Kyle,
    can you explain this?
    “when a misunderstanding revolving around deleted accidental RTs from Bruno’s Twitter account about how Innes should be fired led to Innes subtweeting Bruno.”

    It sounds like schoolyard he said she said BS. Seems like Tony is getting a pass for not admitting what came out of his twitter account, which is silly, but come on.

    1. “He said, she said”
      Would the “she” be Innes?
      He can’t get a woody, so he might as well go the Csitlyn route.
      Plus, he is Andy Nloom’s bitch already.

  11. This is just stupid. Bruno brings NOTHING to the show and his opinions are useless. Innes is the best and extremely entertaining. What do we want to talk about how bad all the teams are 5 hours a day? Or more Bradford? Innes talks about things you would talk about and joke about with the guys when talking sports. Innes is going nowhere and goodbye Bruno.

    1. Yeah I want to talk sports on sports radio.

      Innes can go do a show somewhere else. Hopefully on the surface of the sun.

    2. Don’t worry, your childhood hero will remain on the air for at least the foreseeable future.

      However, I don’t normally joke around with my friends the way Josh trolls his audience. And I certainly don’t make light of very serious issues.

  12. Innes may be a 90’s radio retread, but Bruno is just an unlistenable old man. Who the hell is listening to anything to hear Bruno?

      1. It’s not like he didn’t just have a show on 97.5 that was a failure. He is what he is, washed up.

  13. TB should have walked away from this loser long ago or should have never agreed to do a show with him. Innes gets on the air and does nothing but rip the callers and talk about anything Louisiana and Houston, TX. This piece of worthless garbage needs to go back to his roots and get the hell out of this area.

  14. A really long time ago on WIP, Craig Carton was on with G Cobb. This old guy called in and Carton was really rude to him, calling him a bad caller and mocking him. G Cobb got really pissed and said something like, “that guy might have stormed the beaches of Normandy for all you know. Show some respect.”
    This Bruno/Innes thing reminds me of that.

        1. Give me a break, the Greatest Generation and their demon spawn the Baby Boomers have destroyed this country.

          1. If you need to escape your destroyed nation, come join us, we are always looking for new citizens victims.

      1. The fuck does that have to do with how Cobb picked up for the dude? Dope

  15. “around deleted accidental RTs from Bruno’s Twitter account”

    How do you know they were accidental? Because the info is coming from Bruno’s twitter/life manager? I doubt anyone at WIP would know for sure if a RT was accidental.

    How do you know you’re not getting played/this isn’t a bit? Miss Robin pinky promised you that it was the truth?

    Sorry, I don’t mean to come off as a jerk, but if I were you I would have a hard time trusting anyone involved

    1. Regardless of whether it was accidental, Innes acted like a teenager “subtweeting” Bruno instead of talking to him about it like an adult.

      Its clear they don’t get along. I can’t believe anyone at WIP thought this show would last.

      1. I’m not saying what Innes did was mature or defensible (I’d say it was expected from him), but why is what Bruno did any more mature/defensible? If Josh retweeted stuff about Tony getting fired and then Jilly told Kyle that the tweets were accidental, I feel as if no one would believe him and everyone would be blaming Josh

        1. I mean, you’re right, they’re both acting like children here because they don’t want to work with each other. I guess, like you said, such behavior is more “expected” from Josh so it would be less believable that a retweet from his account would be accidental, where as Tony is the more “respectable” guy in the situation.

          For what its worth, I don’t think it was accidental at all. Tony probably retweeted it while he wasn’t thinking or something and then realized how bad it was and deleted it. Or maybe Miss Robin did it. Who knows? Either way, I think it shows how Tony really feels about the situation with Josh.

          1. I agree and FWIW I think (if this isn’t just an elaborate bit) it was either a drunk retweet by him or Robin… also, soon after this happened Tony was saying he doesn’t know anything about any retweets so either he was flat out lying or robin went completely rogue:

            Tony McCann ‏@anthonypmccann · Jul 3
            @TonyBrunoShow did you really retweet wanting Josh to get fired? Odd considering how awesome you two come across on the air waves.
            Tony Bruno ‏@TonyBrunoShow · Jul 3
            @anthonypmccann huh? What the hell are you talking about. When did I tweet anything like that?
            Tony McCann ‏@anthonypmccann · Jul 3
            @TonyBrunoShow not saying you did Josh is drunk tweeting and made references about it. Others stated you and Miss Robin took the tweets down
            Tony Bruno ‏@TonyBrunoShow · Jul 4
            @anthonypmccann I knew nothing about any of this stuff.

            1. You two pussies should go have coffee, douche and get in touch with your masculine side.

  16. “Innes hasn’t responded to multiple request for comments?”

    He’s either on an eating binge at Dunkin’ Donuts or…….or…….that’s the only logical explanation. This guy loves hearing himself talk and has no problem calling out others but when thinks are looking bleak for his horrible radio show he goes silent. I can’t say I’m surprised.

    Can only imagine the punching bag this guy was growing up.

    1. he doesn’t know anything yet. hasn’t been told anything definite.

      you got aids!

    2. Well theyre running the History of Stern on Sirius this week so he’s probably at home taking notes.

  17. I can save anyone the trouble of listening to Philly Sports Talk Radio: They will milk The Eagles talk that you will end up hating the Eagles and the NFL because its just too much. They will talk about Hinkie’s plan for the 2,000th time on whether it was worth it or not to tank. They will talk about how Ruben is an idiot. And they won’t mention the Flyers.

    1. The problem with Philly sports talk is the town is so frigging provincial. National shows are interesting because they have a slew of events and topics to work with. Since Philly fans are so obsessed/fixated on local pro sports and will tolerate nothing of national importance, the host’s are hamstrung and have to recycle and recycle and recycle. Want someone to blame? Look in the mirror.

  18. Not sure which is worse – Innes going solo on the airwaves or the douchebag on 97.5 afternoons about to get higher ratings.

    1. UGGGH

      anybody have any other station ideas? Right now I’m afraid I’m stuck with jersey 101.5 or 102.9 which plays the SAME FUG&ING SONGS OVER AND OVER…….

      Someone raid a rap station and put bruno and mayes back on there prime time!


    2. Why is he a “doucebag?” Because he reminds you of how smart you could have been if you only paid attention in class?

  19. I just took it too far, I take everything too personally and I add gas to every fire. I never know when to let petty shit go. My Gunt is huge, I can lick my own Boobs, I listen to horrible music and talk about how great it is because I know nothing about real music and make fun of people who do, yada yada….Howard Stern. Hanzi, No No No No nononono. I make fun of people who have real problems, addictions and probably should not do sports radio but more of a show like Opie and Anthony, or with much respect; Preston and Steve. The End. Feel real bad for Tony, seems like a good guy who needs a break. I hope they find him a right fit. Him and Harry Mayes had a really good thing going and it all went to shit in a year.

    1. Yeah Bruno/Mayes was a good show. It would be great if Tony got a gig somewhere other than wip or the Fanatic. Then he’d feel free to unload on the behind the scenes drama from both places. And Jose from Norristown could co-host!

  20. Did anyone else hear Teats ripping into CSN (Michael Barkann) yesterday? Saying it’s pointless to do Eagles coverage when there is Social Media? This guy is the most swollen asshole in the city…he can’t stop throwing his co-workers under the bus

  21. So, somehow the Bronzine is reacting to the poison she’s giving you…

  22. Someone commenting on the moral implications of Innes’ opinions with the handle “Mele’s Strap-on” is someone to take seriously. Very seriously. Unreal.

      1. I notice anytime a salient point is made on this website, the only comeback to it is “Hey this is Josh Innes”, etc.

        The lack of originality from most of you people is outstanding. A monkey could provide me with more incite.

  23. Yo Yo Yo I can see it now, Innes and the Influencer!
    Fridays live from Show & Tel!

  24. Between crossingbroad,, and the other “blogs” on the internet, I’m convinced now that there are 10 dudes making up 98% of the “fake handles” and comments in the comments section that are unemployed.

    None of these internet comment sections are to be taken seriously until there is an effort made to ban multiple ip addresses and logons.

  25. Radio update:

    Gargano & Marks – It’s a solid show. I enjoy it better than Mike & Mike, way better than WIP. Although I like WIP when it’s just Al and Jones. MCW still is awful and adds nothing. I liked it yesterday when Unnis (spelling) was filling in for Jamie. Jamie adds nothing.

    I don’t listen to mid-days much, but Ellis is vanilla, but vanilla can be good. Mike & Ike suck.

    Afternoon – Mike has improved a bit lately, though there’s been more to talk about other than LBJ vs Jordan. I still think he could use a younger co-host (co-host not producer).

    Bruno/Innes – When there is nothing at all to talk about and Innes is playing it straight, they were ok and probably better than Mike. Other than baseball (Josh), both are totally clueless on sports. (OMG They’re talking chip kelly time of possession?!?!?! AAAAHHHHHHHH *crash*) so if there’s sports to talk about, I would never tune into them.

    That’s your round up for the day.

    1. Lyndon Baines Johnson was a horrible president, afterall he ordered the hit on Kennedy. Jordan would make a much better president.

  26. The problem here is here is that scumbag Andy Bloom! Bloom’s hard-on for Innes is the issue. First Gargano, then Ellis and now Bruno. FIRE ANDY BLOOM!!!!!!

    1. Andy just came out of rehab. His NYC bosses are about to zip him. He has made that station a train wreck because of his coke habit. Yu heard it here first.

    1. I did what I could but never got my hands on blacks unfortunately. I’m sure the chinese and iranians will finish what I started.

  27. This is so WWE. Bruno is only working part time through the summer anyway. Nothing better than a fake rift. What’s next? “suspensions” or an injury?

    I’d love to hear a Josh and his grandmom show. She sounds like a hoot.

  28. Another thought. Kyle Scott is in business with Tony Bruno as they promote each other’s podcast via the Liberty Broadcasting nonsense. In all reality, any opinion he has on this matter should be viewed as a biased one and not to be taken seriously. Conflict of interest and he knows it.

    1. conflict of interest? I dont think that applies to bloggers who live in there moms basement and play the skin flute until raw

      you got aids!

      1. Yea, you’re probably right. I just get really upset when Kyle or anyone else says negative things about Josh. I just….just love him SO much. He’s the greatest. I wish I could have his babies. I think about his hot man butter all day, every day. Also sucking on his huge teets. Hmmm…..I can’t wait to hear his sexy voice this afternoon without that hack Bruno interrupting every 20 minutes or so.

  29. The exceptionally-talented always self-destruct. Josh Innes is a white hot, LDL cholesterol supernova. He’s the William Howard Taft of radio, the morbidly obese Icarus of the airwaves, carried aloft on a heaping plates of 25 cent Buffalo wings with extra blue cheese. Innes is like James Dean, Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, River Phoenix, David Foster Wallace, and Corey Haim slathered in pan drippings and rolled into one, stuffed into Chris Farley’s body, coated with breadcrumbs, dropped into a deep fryer, and cooked to smoking black cinders.

    1. Pretty good. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Taft reference. Icarus was notable as well.

  30. I guess ol’ Fat Tits McGee is missing that 6 to who-gives-a-shit time slot.

    Hi Josh.

  31. I’ve switched to listening to Valenti and Foster on 97.1 in Detroit on iheart because I can’t take these insufferable buffoons anymore. Yes, they talk about Michigan football and the Tigers, but at least it’s engaging radio and not a grown ass man calling someone “Bitchanelli” while on the other station a 60 year old man calls people “bro.”

    1. subwayyyyyyyyyyyyyy beat fresh!

      I hate both of these stations but I’m not listening to a michigan football station – you do realize this is philly right?

  32. i got a sweet titter account, give me a follow AT stonefacekill3r

    you got aids ! muahahah


    1. i forgot what it was but now i remember – its been along time since i was in 5th grade sorry.

    2. Is that where Greg Maddux went to contest a speeding ticket back in the 80s? My pops loves him some Greg Maddux. Something about 70% water and an afro or something like that. No shit though, pops tells me Auntie Rhea is going to work with Innes…and by work I mean take his ball sack like a teabag. What’s Uncle Glen up to? That would be the da bomb and by da bomb I mean like the deuce I dropped on pop’s couch. They would have better radio if they turned it over to me a Lil’ Clarkie. We could talk about new crayola colors that are coming out, spongebob, cooties and jell-o pudding that sold by that really friendly old black man….

      I’m out…off to Primos for some lunch…pops left me 20 spot to go by me some lunch. HAKEEM OLAJUWON

  34. As someone who used to listen to WIP at work from 7AM until 7PM, I now find myself sliding up the dial to listen to Rob Ellis and Harry Mayes – and sometimes hang around for Mikey Miss. More because I just can’t stand Innes than anything else. He can be funny at times, but his schtick is the same thing over and over. He reminds me of Eskin, but more annoying.

  35. No way that tweet was ‘accidentally retweeted’. Any time you go to retweet something (on mobile platforms and pc/laptops) you get the popup window before it’s retweeted. You again have to click a second Retweet button. Bruno realized he did something wrong and scrambled to delete it. This show has always been about Innes. Bruno was only brought on to give him a shred of legitimacy at the start. If you’ve ever listened to their show, Bruno speaks about 35% of the time. He’s not needed, for good or bad. This has been Innes’ show since day one and will succeed or fail on him alone.

    1. I agree and disagree—it’s def innes’s show its obvious by the Philadelphia is talking about Josh Innes show promo where tony doesn’t get a mention—however if tony leaves josh may still win but that lead will not be as great—I was a huge fan of tony w harry—I don’t care for innes –don’t hate him like many but he’s def not one of my favs-either—-I tuned in in the beginning solely to hear Bruno—once I realized he could never speak and got constantly cut off I listened less and less

      Food for thought—-what if 975 didn’t hire ellis—- tony and innes beat them and tony wants out—they could have did a huge pro campagne–we listen to our fans back by popular demand mayes and bruno now 10-2—-they damn well would have won their slot this time

  36. Josh is TRUE, tells it like it is and some jerkoffs like the above commentors cant accept SOMEONE REAL ! Josh is FANTASTIC, YOUNG, HIP & TRUTHFUL ! Last year it was ANT &Ellis FUCKING BOREDOM OR SNITCHINELLI ! BORING, LAME ASS SHIT. Innes brings the TRUTH and I hope HE STAYS HERE ! POWER TO JOSH ! They better not get rid of him !!!

    You want a trivia question brah

  37. innes will not make it to the end of the show they will yank the cord on him. his rant is epic right now

    1. In the car, coming back from lunch. the boi is melting down. Poor Joe Giggly. First he’s dumbstruck when Innes asks when his first man hair appeared: “under your pits or down there?”…then JI starts the meltdown: I can’t talk, they won’t let me talk, this is embarrassing, maybe I’ll just walk…and Joe Giggly is just sitting there wondering if he should just call out sick but he can’t because he already showed up for work.

      Then I switched to Harry and Rob who were talking baseball.

  38. So what your saying is ill never have a comeback?

    Bruno is the best regardless of who he works with. Brings sports and comedy to perfect balance. Back to the other station if Bruno is gone.

  39. Josh needs to go SOLO. He’s a good BY HIMSELF. But he makes his co-hosts feel INVISIBLE or UNCOMFORTABLE. He makes every show about HIMSELF and ignores or insults everyone else. So, to solve this problem, let Josh work SOLO. Stop pairing him up with other people. They will just get ignored, insulted or feel uncomfortable the whole time. Just like Tony Bruno, Rob Ellis and everyone else who worked with him. Farzetta is the only guy that worked out but he wasn’t even a co-host at the time, he was the news guy. JOSH should bea SOLO ACT.

  40. I just turned it on – he is back on the air and acting sullen (what a surprise). I guess I missed the fireworks so I turned it off. I don’t recognize the other guy’s voice but I don’t think it is Jody Mac.

  41. What an absolute shit show this is right now.

    Is this what WIP wants for it’s drivetime slot? Honestly, they need to be smart, football is coming up. There needs to be somebody on who at least knows about the sport and can discuss it intelligently.

    Either fire this moron, or put him alongside Big Daddy Graham on overnights, either way I don’t care as long as he’s not on when I listen. And it’s NOT the fact that his caustic attitude turns some people away – it’s that he KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT SPORTS.

    It’s a SPORTS TALK station still, isn’t it?

    Tony Bruno and pretty much anyone else would be better. Tony is funny, he knows enough about Philly sports to at least have a conversation and doesn’t come with the idiotic thoughts like past hosts have (Rob Ellis).

    Just please end this shock jock’s time on the air. He’s got a market, but it’s definitely not on a sports talk radio station, and absolutely not during drivetime.

  42. Bruno needs to get off twitter, this is the second time he’s crashed his own career with it.

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