Multiple sources indicate that Tony Bruno will likely not return to co-host alongside Josh Innes on the WIP Afternoon show. As reported yesterday, discord between the hosts – stemming from Bruno’s displeasure with Innes’ style and general buffoonery – reached a breaking point over the weekend, when a misunderstanding revolving around deleted accidental RTs from Bruno’s Twitter account about how Innes should be fired led to Innes subtweeting Bruno.

Bruno declined to comment. Innes hasn’t responded to multiple requests for comment.

Bruno was not on with Innes on Monday or Tuesday, and I’m told that, by last night, any shot of a reconciliation was all but gone. The focus, as of now, seems to be on managing the fallout – for all involved – rather than saving the show. The theater has shifted to Appomattox Court House. The maestro will have more later. SCORE IT: