Photo Credit: Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

On the air with Anthony Gargano and Jon Marks this morning, Jeff McLane called in to talk Sam Bradford, his injury, and his attitude. Along the way, he mentioned that in the past Nick Foles let the criticism from fans and the media get to him last year. Gargano asked him to elaborate:

“Nick wasn’t really comfortable in that [franchise QB] role. And I think there wasn’t much written about that and we’ve learned more about that since Nick has been gone …

It really got to him, some of the criticism here in Philadelphia about his play last year. I heard from a couple of players that he’d get down … I understood that he’d let it get to him. I think that had to do with the decision to part with him … they felt like Nick wasn’t the guy for this team and this city.”

Gargano, who works full-time in sports talk radio, couldn’t remember people being negative about Foles.

But it all makes sense now. The quiet way he carried himself. His all-important lack of swagger. He’s just not built to be the guy in a city like Philadelphia. Which, to be honest, makes the deal with the Rams a little scarier. Foles could thrive in a city like St. Louis. And if the Rams get moved to LA, a place where literally no one cares about football at all? That’s the dream. In the complete absence of pressure, he could be an all-time great. Hall of Fame for Nick.