Jonathan Papelbon is Using His All-Star Media Availability to Say the Phillies Should Trade Him

Right now, the AL and NL All-Stars are having their media availability. The Phillies’ lone representative, Jontathan Papelbon, is probably talking about how nice it is to have his kids with him or how it’s an honor, right?




Oh yeah, that makes much more sense.


15 Responses

  1. Dude has been a douchelord his entire career, does anyone expect anything different?

  2. This guy has been this way his entire career, can’t say i blame him in this instance though

    1. What if the Phillies shit and refuse to get off the pot? What if Papelbon shits on Ruben’s head? What if the Phillies need at least a week before their bowel movement? What if Chollie’s morning prune juice and apple juice take effect when Papelbon is in the bathroom? What if Papelbon waits for the Phillies to shit, but it never happens? What if the Phillies shit on Papelbon’s head while he’s waiting for them to get off the pot? The possibilities are endless.

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