Ken Rosenthal SKEWERS Ruben Amaro

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On Tuesday, I wrote that Ruben Amaro would probably have to apologize (again) for the completely unnecessary comments he made about one of the most beloved Phillies of all-time. Well, the bow tie man himself, animated munchkin man Kennethal Rosenthal, also feels an apology is forthcoming. He laid into Amaro with a vicousness that only someone chosen to represent the lollipop guild could:

Amaro is going to get fired, the entire industry knows that. But he figured to last the entire season as the Phillies transition from Pat Gillick to Andy MacPhail as club president. The question now is whether ownership will simply decide that Amaro is embarrassing the franchise, and that enough is enough.

Heck, it’s already fair to ask why the team is allowing an embattled lame duck to retain full authority as GM — Gillick, on the day the Phillies hired MacPhail, told ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick that Amaro was still in charge.

Frankly, it’s difficult to believe that actually is the case, but Amaro’s public remarks are a separate issue. If he has a filter, he sure does a good job of disguising it. And again, this was not Jeff Francoeur that Amaro was talking about replacing Tuesday. It was Chase Freakin’ Utley.

An absolutely scorching – and fair – take from Rosenthal. There’s more, too.


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Get one.


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  1. Rube needs a severe beating . Hate everything about this fat face ***

  2. As embarrassing as the Phils are Amaro is that much more so. No way another team would hire him in any capacity after showing how completely incompetent and unaware he really is. He should be in charge of office supplies.

  3. At this point it’s not whether Ruben will get fired, it’s whether Stanford is going to demand his diploma back.

  4. Tell us again why you mock Rosenthal? I almost can’t read posting that involve him.

  5. Hello, this is Bob’s brother, Todd. Our family is very concerned about Bob. We caught him late last night in pantyhose wasted on a 5th of Vodka playing around again on the family’s computer. We are taking him today to get the help he desperately needs. Please say a prayer for us.

  6. PHUCK YOU RUBEN! And PHUCK YOU McFAIL, GILLICK and saggy balls Monty for not firing this PHUCKING ASSHOLE already.

    1. To be fair, MacPhail isn’t the GM yet and, therefore, has no power to fire Rube. I’m 100% with on everything else though.

  7. Isn’t there a double standard with this Utley drama. One day it’s, “oh Ruin Tomorrow holds on to guys too long blah blah these guys are so old blah blah worst offense in baseball.” So Utley goes down with HISTORICALLY poor numbers, Cesar comes in and lights the league on fire, and Amaro thinks it’s probably a good idea to keep play César over they guy under the Mendoza line. Sounds like a good freakin idea to me too. Stop with the what about a trade BS and stop with but but it’s Chase feeakin Utley. It’s a double standard.

    1. Its more of how to handle it, out of respect for the YEARS of incredible service Utley gave to Philly….. I think everyone knows Utley is not coming back as regular 2B, but how he worded it, and handled it is what made everyone surprised by it.

      1. Yea, you’re right about this. Should Chase be benched? Yes. But, Rube should have had a bit more tact in the situation. Its more about respect for what Utley has done in the past not necessarily keeping him as the starting 2B.

      2. On top of this, Amaro did a shit job handling Charlie Manuel’s dismissal too (how many people remember that sad shot of him walking out of CBP with his Wa-Wa bag?)

    2. “Cesar comes in and lights the league on fire,”

      Hyperbole much? Dude is hitting .294 wth a .753 OPS. Why don’t you calm it down a little.

      1. He’s hitting .411, with 9 steals in the last 2 weeks. Hitting .365 with 12 steals over the last month. Safe to say he has set the world on fire, relative to expectations.

  8. Its clear he doesn’t understand how to do his job, constantly needing to apologize for things he NEVER should have said. His ability to take a roster at the peak and GM it to the ground is enough performance wise to remove him from his position. He had absolutely NO foresight that players aging and playing at high levels, MAY not be able to repeat it year in and year out (helllloooo?!?!) He does not have a good shot of landing anywhere else (except as maybe an assistant GM for Brewers or something).

    I really think he bites on the criticisms he reads in Philly media and in turn wants to give back some honesty to the public to demonstrate he is not stupid and understands the game…..yet in those comments/actions, he becomes even worse off and is then required to step back on his comments and actions. ALL the meanwhile he has yet to make any major trades with teams to load up on quality blue chip prospects, furthering the rebuild plans.

    He will be gone soon enough everyone, lets just hope he/Gillick end their tenure’s with the Phillies by loading us up on future assets and not trading our last remaining trade-able assets for nothing!

  9. Ruben won’t get fired mid season because to do so means he would be kicked out of the Phillies management club. We all know that that club comes with a lifetime membership. We are stuck with this loser one way or another until death.

  10. I never hated anyone more than amaro. I miss the days of going to cbp to watch a good team, nice looking females & cold beer. Coming home after work & putting the game on . Fuckk I miss it

    1. you’re right…that and the games against the mets, where even though they were down 4 runs in the 8th, you just believed the team would battle back…and a lot of the times they did….

    1. Hmmmmm tough one. I’ll go:

      1. Eva Pilgrim (She doesn’t get nearly enough love)
      2. Alex Holley
      Close 3. Jill Mele

      1. You guys are late to the game on Pilgrim. Clearly she smells like fresh strawberries.

  11. Amaro’s beyond terrible but you guys are way too sensitive. Why do you have to walk on eggshells for a guy hitting under .200 and making eight figures. We all know he was a great player but that doesn’t mean he needs his ass kissed. Great career, beloved player, got old, time to move on

    1. We don’t… But the GM of a team who wants to insure his team is an attractive option to future players (which usually isn’t helped by the GM taking a dump on the player in the media) should a little bit.

      It’s just professional courtesy. He could have easily said when asked:

      Chase was really struggling when he went out and we’re hopeful this time he’s taken to heal well help correct that. In the mean time, we have Cesar and we’re really happy with what Cesar’s done. If Chase can come back and contribute, too, that would be a great problem to have.

      1. That was a beautiful example of saying nothing and being downright charming while doing it.

        There’s a future for this one!

  12. If Ruben can’t conduct himself professionally when it comes to discussing the team and the players, why would anyone think he conducts himself in a professional manner dealing with other teams in trade negotiations?

    Other GM: We think Papelbon is worth a prospect but not the one you want to give us and we’re going to need you to pay some of his salary.

    Ruben: You have no idea what you’re talking about. Do you even understand baseball?

    Other GM: …

    Ruben: Hello? Hello? Hello!

  13. All Ruben had to say was, “Pete’s our manager, HE writes out the lineup card, and HE says who’s going to play and where.”

    Right? … Guys?… What?

  14. It was epic. Then Miss Robin did a YouTube video of her and Tony watching it at their condo.
    That was even more epic.

  15. nobody wants your stupid phire ruben shirts kyle. Keep that shit along with your pre load web questionnaires to your ad whoring self.

  16. The best way to think of the Phillies is just to understand that Amaro functions as if he were the owner of the team. That explains everything. He will not fire himself. he might file Gillick or the new guy but he will never fire himself.

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