UPDATE: LeSean McCoy Would like to Invite The Ladies to His Creepy AF Eyes Wide Shut Party

Voila_Capture 2015-07-23_03-45-41_PM

Bills running back LeSean McCoy posted this on his Instagram today. I’m sure the Bills are thrilled that he used their logo to promote his creepy, female adults only probably sex party with location TBA. I mean, what could go wrong at something like this? It’s not like you run the risk of getting kicked off the party bus en route to God knows where.

Once again, for contrast, new Eagles running back DeMarco Murray, out with his wife last night, paid for a random couple’s Japanese dinner. McCoy is setting himself up for an indefensible extortion attempt. #culture

But for real, I’d go ahead and email shadymccoyprivateevent@gmail.com. I did:

Voila_Capture 2015-07-23_04-04-15_PM

UPDATE: And yep, here’s the automated response:

Voila_Capture 2015-07-23_04-04-59_PM

It… actually answered my question. Touché.


Voila_Capture 2015-07-23_04-09-04_PM

UPDATE 3: The Instagram post has been deleted.

H/T to reader Jesse

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86 Responses

    1. Yo this ni99a is asking to be the next darren sharper. I’m predicting a scandal that sees shady in court in a suit and sitting out the season.

      Will the defendant please rise?

      1. Yea, betcha because she’s not a smokin’ hot blonde…Gold digger Basics 101…
        Btw…Any over/under bets on how many will be at this party?

  1. So basically Shady basically just put out a flyer that read

    “Email us if you want to have an orgy with LeSean and his friends.”

    I hope he’s wearing a hat. The girls who sign up for this are going to more busted up than the Bubble Bath skanks.

    1. Well I like to think that the idea of send a pic and your social media info is so they can filter all the slam pigs out and invite only the sex pieces. I figure the slam pigs do not get the pick up/drop off and attire confirmation email since it looks like someone is heavily montoring the inbox.

    2. I will bet any amount of money that Paul Jolovitz has not seen his own dick since the Reagan administration.

  2. July 26th: Shady throws orgy party

    July 27th: crazy stories start to be reported throughout the week

    August 3rd: Shady is in Roger Goodell’s office trying to explain why he thought this was a good idea.

  3. And THIS (non-)story is why the Phillies need to be competitive. All the time. Fuck this crazy slow time of year for Philly sports.

    Oh, and “Phire Ruben.”

    1. 10pm on a Sunday night, guaranteed to attract the most out-of-work, biggest pieces of welfare shit that you’ve ever seen. The CDC should be there to draw blood, they’ll probably discover several STDs they had never known existed.

  4. Some chick is definitely getting knocked out & knocked up

    1. he whited-out the guy’s name that responded. but some of us emailed them ourself & got it

  5. Mein Fuhrer has commissioned me to build a 600 story obelisk to honor Rob Ellis’ towering mediocrity. I suggested, rather impertinently, that there wasn’t enough stone and mortar in the Reich to build an edifice to Herr Ellis’ staggering lack of talent.

    1. Now that is funny. +1 for using Albert Speer. Vast majority of morons here wouldn’t have a clue about him.

    2. There can be no 600 story obelisk. It’s a “storey” as well. A storey is used to measure buildings with actual floors. An obelisk has no floors. By my calculations though tell me this will be in the neighborhood of 6000 feet above sea level. That’s big.

  6. Is that a flash from a camera phone in the top right corner?

      1. Holla! I’m up for this party. I’ll bring the dip…..and the dead pregnant girl

  7. Is this party taking place in Buffalo? They are probably getting flooded with responses from adult women. But, unfortunately everyone know a Buffalo 10 is like a 2-4 in most big cities.

  8. Someone should drop Caitlyn Jenner an invite to this shindig. When s/he shows up and gets tossed by Sir Shadiness, he will become public enemy number one in media.


  9. I’m bored at work spamming the shit out of that email address. Can’t stop loling to myself

  10. Look within lil’ skips, use second-level thinking. Don’t be such bigots like the Eagles WR.
    Just because a brotha’ wants to get his groove on with da’ ladies, doesn’t mean there’s anything bad going on. If it was a white player would we be talking about this ?

    “Now relax Sidney, have a cream soda”
    “Pretty soon you’re gonna be sufferin’ from fistaphobia”

  11. I’m driving the party bus and won’t be exiting the highway if anyone is causing a problem

  12. LeSean just moved past DeSean as the biggest jackass to play for the Eagles in the Chip Kelly era.

  13. Sounds like the makings of a celebrity paternity test episode of Maury.

  14. I’m going to catfish that invite email address by sending a sexy chick pic. You know the ape running the party will take the bait

  15. Shady, you better be careful. These girls are going to come back and haunt you.

  16. My sources says Chip Kelly believes culture beats pussy as well.

    PS..My son SPike is a jerk

  17. Is this any more creepy than 97.5 giving away tickets to any female that merely calls in? I picture about 10 okay looking girls getting harassed by about 100 meathead douchebags thinking they’re cool because theyre meeting d list radio personalities

  18. I was bored at work & spammed that email from 4:30-6 at work. Can only imagine how pissed off the sex party email runner is getting nonstop emails from Sears, gap , Home Depot etc

  19. I would be very surprised if this flies in Buffalo. They don’t tolerate bad behavior from players. He may be told he has to shut this down. Is Buffalo that different from Minnesota. The boat incident that you may recall 10 years ago or so.

  20. So the other day i moved into a new house, i finally got my own place ya know. And I’m in my garage loading boxes out of the moving truck and all of a sudden this guy walks over and introduces himself. Turns out he’s my new neighbor and we begin to get acquainted and all that. So after a few minutes he says “hey, I’m having a party later tonight and it would be great if you could stop by”. I told him I wasn’t sure, I was little tired from moving, but asked him what kind of party it was, ya know birthday or pool party or something? And the guy goes “eh you know, a little drinking……a little fightin……a little fucking” I said wow that’s great, what time should i come over? The guy turns and says to me “it doesn’t matter, it’ll just be the two of us!

  21. You guys are so friggin’ judgmental.I planned this party and it’s gonna be rockin! Lesean will be there and 40-45 members of his posse too. We are capping the number of girls in attendance to 150. We will get photocopies of all their IDs, send them a free outfit to wear, and give them a pick up location. A bus will come around, and based on their ID, the driver will validate their attire. If that passes they are allowed on the bus. We will drive them to an undisclosed location and “party”. The girls are free to leave whenever they want, but they will have to walk quite a bit in the appointed attire before they can get picked up. Otherwise, they will need to stay and “party” until the bus is ready to leave.

    The best part is that after the party, we have the girls addresses, birthdays, social media info, etc! Anyone of us can stalk them, or better yet, try opening credit cards in their names! (That’s a neat little trick I learned back when I was pimping. Now I just work for LeSean)

    I really don’t see why you guys aren’t on board with this. You Philadelphia Eagles fans are all racists!

    1. You Bring da hoes I’ll bring the jello pudding with a side of quaaludes

  22. Now do you jackasses see why I let go of this punk!? He’s even worse than Desean!

    Stay with me (and Bradford) Eagles fans. I will take you to the promised land!

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