Previously: The Innes and Bruno show is most likely done.

Here’s how Josh Innes opened the show today [all quote, hastily transcribed by Jim, who’s a hero today]. This was followed by an extremely long break, music, back to break. [UPDATE: There was a nearly 20-minute break after Innes’ opening rant – which included his threat to only play music because the “suits” wouldn’t led him address the situation on air – then a return to music, then back to break, then a brief exchange with Sue Schilling, whom Josh kept interrupting during her update. Then back to regular radio. No idea what is happening.] Here is the open:

“Trust me I know there’s a lot of stuff out there, man. And all I can tell you is, because of people that wear suits, I’m muzzled. I can’t tell you anything. When I know something, you’ll know something. I’m embarrassed that I can’t come on the radio and tell you what I know or what’s out there, but I can’t. So let’s get that out of the way right now: When I know something and I can tell you something, I will do it. It will probably happen over the course of the day, that’s all I can tell you on that. And I wish that I could tell you more, and I would if I could, but essentially what we’re doing is letting everybody else dictate what’s out there … and I have to sit here like a dingleberry on the radio with my balls hanging, and say nothing. But that’s the way it goes, because why not, right? It’s embarrassing.”

“We’ve had fill-ins all throughout the week and we’re probably gonna have fill-ins tomorrow if I had to guess and fill-ins the next day as well, because I honest to God don’t know what the hell is going on and what I can say on the radio, and I hate being in this position. I think it’s embarrassing. I think it’s a bad look. I can acknowledge that to you guys, but I can’t do anything. Right now, I’ve got people yelling at me, I’ve got people screaming at me, and honest to God it’s a really bad spot because it’s something that I had absolutely nothing to do with, big picture, but it is what it is …”

“I know people were trying to call in yesterday to talk about stuff that’s going on, listen, not my call. And at some point it will be my call and at some point we can do all this stuff, but that some point [is probably] some later point in the show. And whenever we can, we can. But the last thing I wanna do is keep information away from people who listen to the radio show. I don’t wanna do that. That’s not what this show is built on, that’s not the foundation of this show, what I’ve been doing since I got here is not keeping information. And I didn’t lie to anybody yesterday. And I’m not gonna lie to anybody today. But I gotta wait until people walk down here and give the ol’ thumbs up — ‘Alright we understand that we’ve taken a sledgehammer and alright good, you’re all clear, talk about the Titanic hitting the iceberg, go ahead.’ I have to wait for the all clear, so I can do nothing for you at this point.”

“Yesterday I know people were tying to call, sorry. Not my call on that. I was on remote, I didn’t know that they were blacking out the phones. I didn’t know until we were in the middle of the show that we were blacking out the phones on that stuff. Sorry. I didn’t know that. People trying to call yesterday, I was at the Borgata, because there’s stuff out there in the blogs and in the paper, I respect all that. And I know you wanna know what’s going on and you wanna know truthful stuff and not stuff that’s put out there by people who have any sort of agenda. I’ll tell you what’s happening, but I’ve been told I can’t right now. People walked down the hall and said ‘If you say anything, see ya later’ basically. We’re all going to hell at that point. And at that point, if I do that, then there’s absolutely no show. So I’m doing what I can for ya and I’m really frustrated by this stuff today, and this whole week has been very frustrating and it didn’t have to go down the way it’s gone down and it’s just a bad deal. And I’ll tell ya this, I’m pissed off about the way things are happening so, we will get into it when I can. I promise. And it will probably happen by the end of the show today. Because if they don’t let me get to it by the end of the show today then I’m gonna have to do what some people do and just walk. I think that’s what I’m gonna have to do at that point. Because it’s embarrassing. They can’t ignore that things are out there.”