RADIO WARS: Mike Missanelli Pounds Chests In Blog Post, Plays “Man of the People” Card



That’s the reaction I imagine Mike Missanelli had this week as his competitor’s show devolved into complete lunacy, ultimately disintegrating live on-air before being quickly spackled over by Josh Innes while his boss, Andy Bloom, scraped away the powdery white residue to complete the whitewashing of WIP’s fresh, new wall. Figuratively speaking, of course.

It took just under 48 hours for Missanelli to address his victory at Inane Hill with this column – or, if you’d prefer, blog post – for Philly Mag.


Many people lately have asked me to comment on the state of Philadelphia sports talk radio, which finds a competitor station acting out a myriad of desperate acts and claims that attempt to prove their viability.

They have used personal insults, sophomoric phone calls and embarrassing bits on the street, in the wake of the Caitlyn Jenner announcement, that had 19-year-old interns go up to random men on the street and ask whether they would “hit” Caitlyn Jenner.

The topics discussed at that station — where I worked during the time of the true Genesis of sports radio in Philadelphia, when most of the hosts came from legitimate sports reporting backgrounds — during evening drive became so distasteful to one of the co-hosts of this evening drive show, this week he abruptly resigned.

I have been doing sports talk radio for 20 years now. And while I have pushed an envelope or two over the years, my discourse has always served what I think is the most important part of this industry: the great sports fans of Philadelphia.

If you look closely enough, you can actually see the celebratory cigar ashes and  cu champagne stains in-between those letters. But, everything he said was quite accurate and, really, fair.

He then went on to play the “Man of the People” card, which is an interesting strategy seeing as though his final thought took aim at the “Average Joe”, who, according to Mike, is too stupid to interpret radio ratings. As if they’re some indecipherable matrix containing the hidden truths of the galaxy in numerical form.

Look at this shit:

From this other station come claims that their ratings are now beating mine. Claims like that resonate with the average Joe because the average Joe really doesn’t fully understand how ratings work. There are different measurables in radio ratings, the numbers are grouped by different age group listeners. There are elements like TSL, which is the amount of time an audience spends listening, and CUME, the overall number of people who listen to you. Other stations can fudge numbers publicly to make it look like they are winning.

Ratings numbers also work like this: ANY new show is going to get an automatic boost in the ratings. It’s called “sampling.” People will tune in to a new show just to see what it’s about. At first, perhaps, a show that sends interns on the street to ask men whether they’d “hit” Caitlyn Jenner, might be amusing. At first. And then anything akin to that is simply a cheap and bad imitation of Howard Stern, which is better served as a morning zoo, than an important evening drive slot.

The concept of “sampling” is not unlike the concept of opening a new restaurant. People will flock to something new. And maybe in the first couple of weeks of the restaurant, the food and the ambiance are an interesting change. But unless that restaurant stays excellent, people won’t come back. It was just a blip on the radar screen.

OK, there are two responses here, if we want to “look within” and “keep it real,” as Mike might encourage his audience to do:

1) I can assure you that Mike would’ve previously claimed – oh around last December – that all that matters in radio is the men 25-54 demo over a three-month period – one ratings book – upon which hosts’ bonuses are typically based.* He’s right in that anyone can contort ratings to their advantage, because it’s exactly what he’s doing here. Tony and Josh won 25-54 quite handily for about five months, and Mike typically beat them in time spent listening and CUME (total audience). What matters? To radio people, it’s the 25-54 ratings book. But it’s all bullshit anyway. The PPM meters used to determine radio ratings are precisely the sort of imprecise tool that is dooming mainstream media. They produce estimates agreed upon by those in the industry to be the snake oil that gets sold to advertisers. Are they accurate? Who cares… as long everyone’s making money. All involved know the ratings are unreliable at best. A recent article by FiveThirtyEight explained how PPMs may have unexpectedly killed smooth jazz (WHAT WILL CARRIE MATHISON DO NOW?!).

So both sides here can boast about their ratings, but all it amounts to is who can be furthest from the pool when they decide to measure their own dick. And in this specific case, Mike’s doing everything he can to not be George Costanza. Mike was in the pool! Mike was in the pool!

*I reached out to Mike to reconcile this shift, but he declined to comment on the record on the matter and instead berated me for being a salacious blogger who creates mayhem in people’s lives and argued that a real journalist would’ve instead followed up on his tip from a few weeks ago and called the wife of a rival employee and asked her to confirm that her husband was indeed in rehab. Presumably, that would’ve been the less salacious route. The more you know.

2) Ratings numbers also work like this: ANY new show is going to get an automatic boost in the ratings. It’s called “sampling.” People will tune in to a new show just to see what it’s about. This is a totally fair and reasonable claim, and it’s not a new assertion about Innes and Bruno’s success. And while it might be accurate in a vacuum, unfortunately for Mike, he doesn’t exist inside the bowels of a Hoover and completely neglected the fact that this phenomenon did not impact 97.5’s new morning show. So before capitalizing “ANY,” maybe it would’ve been wise to examine the obvious retort.

Mike liked to call the Innes and Bruno Show a clown show. Maybe it was. But in reality, all of sports talk radio is a clown show. All that matters is which birthday party you choose to attend. But remember: always stay away from the pool. BLAZING NOTES:

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147 Responses

  1. This whole thing has passed the point of absurdity into full blown pre-school nonsense. But hopefully it means the demise of that fat slug Teats in this town. The ends justify the means in that case…

    1. Josh carried the show, and will continue to pummel Bitchanelli. Innes is the best show going today.

    2. Mike needs to STFU about race, social issues, and pop culture and stick to sports. His hypocritical preaching and Uncle Tom routine made me stop listening. On the other hand, Innes is some fat punk trying to pretend to be a Philadelphian. IF Mike stops the hypocritical Uncle Tom routine, I will go back to Mike, even though he is a wannabe tough guy and arrogant Left Wing prick who needs a few of his teeth knocked out. Hopefully by one of the Mike Brown criminals that Missanelli sucks up to.

        1. Wah wah its summertime. Its deadsville in sports talk, did you like how I just covered my ass Wah wah, Im Rob Ellis.

          Wah wah 3 weeks until Eagles season thank god.Theres absolutely nothing else to talk about.
          Wah wah Im Martinez.

          Wah wah theres a lull in sports talk.
          Wah wah I’m Philadelphia sports talk radio.

          They seem to do ok in Boston’ in the summertime.
          Bostons #2 sports radio station has higher ratings than Philadelphia’s #1 station.

          Stop whining about the summer and get off your lazy asses and put out a decent product.

    3. He can do that but shouldn’t expect the turnout Howard Stern got here – Howard was a really big, mainstream show at the time. Everyone in Philadelphia does not listen to sports radio or even know who these people are.

    4. Neither of them are that interesting for this manufactured feud. Why did it even start? The radio wars posts are just fun to read with the comments, well some of them some people really are bigots. But I don’t listen to either of these men (I did listen to Innes awhile, but I never listened to MM or that station. The Tony Bruno thing was the most interesting thing that has happened and having JI and MM keep this up now has played out.

  2. I was happy when MM got overthrown in the rankings and now that Bruno left I don’t know what will happen. I just hope this clown show MM retires at the end of the year.

  3. White Guilt might be the first person ever to celebrate coming in 4th.

    1. Bro did you see what MMR is starting to play on the airwaves? Royal Blood.I guarantee they ve listened to us because Ive been telling everyone about Royal Blood for the past 6 months. Cause I’m cool + hip eventhough I’m 60 years old , its hip to listen to these 20 year olds.

  4. This reeks of pure desperation from Missanelli. He knows he can’t beat Innes in the ratings and has to resort to lies. Man of the people? Hahahaha. Missanelli has never been a man of the people. He has mastered the art of talking down to the listener.

    Innes rules!!!

    1. Seriously?

      Don’t talk about desperate without mentioning the whole “bitchenelli” thing.

      Don’t talk about desperate without mentioning the whole fake suspension thing.

      Finally, don’t talk about desperate without mentioning posting on a local sports blog under the name “Bob”.

      (I really hope Bob is Innes or else Josh is going to need a restraining order)

      1. Five months on top of the city sports-talk world, douchebag. The “Bitchanelli” taunts were the opening salvos; the complete and utter dominance were the Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombs! Stop being a Bitchanelli starfucker, you twat rocket. Get on the right side of radio history.

    2. What exactly does Innes rule anyway? He has one competitor and he sucks too! Philly talk radio needs to just go away. It’s a disgrace across all channels.

      BTW, are you 15? “innes rules!”

  5. A “man of the people” should not have to tell everyone he is.

    His article reeks of pomposity, arrogance, and zero humility.

    1. So, in other words, it’s Bitchinelli’s ego in a nutsac. There’s a shocker…

  6. When you wrestle a pig, you get muddy and the pig gets happy.

    Mike realized the only way to win the game is to not play the game.

    Mike deserves his victory lap.

    1. He’s responding and thus continuing the story.

      He’s playing right into the game.

        1. He won by getting crushed in the ratings? Victory lap? This is a pathetic old washed up man desperately trying to distort the facts

          1. In case you missed it, Tony Bruno quit on the show.

            It doesn’t matter what the score is when one team quits. The non-quitter is the winner.

            1. Bruno quit/retired as the winner. Innes (Missanelli’s competition) still has his job and currently beat Missanelli five months straight. You’re as delusional as Mike. If the July book comes out and Mike beat Innes then he can pump his chest. Until then he’s still a loser. And a delusional one at that.

              1. If you think the way Bruno went out was on a high note u are about as intelligent as your name suggests. And I’m not a fan of that weak blowhard Meatball…but cmon.

        2. When Innes destroys Mike by himself, it’ll be the turning point in Mikey Piss’s career. Which WILL happen, it’s as plain as day. Innes isnt the best thing ever on radio (Howard Stern is), but if his competition is only a woman beating violent old fuck who likes to quote stupid movies and take the opposite view (havent listened to him in yeara but Im assuming its the same) of every caller, you can assume this is the final year Missannelli.

      1. Holy Shit….Uncle Ray is going to be on Celebrity Rehab!!!!! I would never have thought he would be hooked on coke. Bet he takes lines off his bulldogs backs. Thanks to Crossing Broad, now I know and can tell EVERYBODY.

    1. Was it Bruno? It seems people need to go through his wife to get to him so maybe it was his wife MM was talking about.

  7. Dude, whoever does the photoshop for you is awful. Atleast they matched the black and white color scheme spot on…

  8. so we know the guy in rehab was a WIP employee and has a wife. can we narrow it down further?

    1. Jesus Christ! He’s talking about Andy Bloom. Where the fuck have you been?

  9. MM won’t even be around this time next year. Innes is a talent and honestly most likely will be picked up by a bigger entity in the near future. The guy is too witty and funny to not progress towards greener pastures in years to come.

    1. Talent? Listening to Howard Stern every day, watching private parts hundreds of time, and copying what he sees and hears is talent?

  10. ****SPECIAL EDITION****

    Bernie from Broomall: …..This Cesar is playing good. He’s good. I want to see more of him.
    Mike Miss: Sure, bro.
    BfB: Thanks, Mike you’re the best.
    MM: I just try to give you guys my best everyday, bro. If you’ll look within, bro, you’ll see, bro, what I mean.
    Bfb: You’re right, Mike.
    MM: Thanks, bro. So, bro. You want a general knowledge question, bro?
    Bfb: Sure, Ok.
    MM: Ok, bro. This comes the general knowledge category, bro. Bro, what city was President John F. Kennedy assassinated in?
    Bfb: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    MM: Now bro, look. What city was President John F. Kennedy assassinated in?
    Bfb: Which President Kennedy, there were 2 of them.
    MM: Bro.
    Bfb: Let’s see. 1932….to 1948.. I think it was Warshington.
    MM: No, bro.
    Martinez: Unbelievable.
    MM: Bro, it was Dallas. In 1963.
    Martinez: Wow.
    MM: I figured that one would be easy. I try to make these relatable, bro. I’m just a man of the people, bro.
    Martinez: Yea, Kennedy. His brother was also assassinated. Robert was his name. Ted Kennedy died a few years ago!
    MM: Sure, bro.
    Martinez: JFK was his name.
    MM: You know that one, Martinez?
    Martinez: Of course!
    MM: Jose for Norristown, you’re on 97.5 The Fanatic. What’s up, Jose?
    JfN: Hey, Mike. Thanks for taking my call. I want to talk about Saric. When’s he coming over ….

    1. This whole post losses credibility for not having José start his call with “what up.” I got to give you a “bum bum bum buuum”

    2. Are you getting MM mixed up with the Cuz? MM does not say bro that often. That’s the other italian in the morning.

      1. Italians…will never under stand them. If you didn’t know my pops is Italian and my mom is black so I’m 3/4 Italian. Guess I better get used to this

    3. I love you and look forward to your posts every Wednesday!!!!!

  11. ‘Man of the People’

    Lets see here. On one hand, we have Innes. He rides SEPTA, has hung out with fans, lives in the city, is constantly self depricating. On the other, we have Missanelli, who brags about his houses, constantly puts down and belittles the fans, and puts himself on a pedestal above everyone else. Pretty clear to see which one is more in touch with the people.

    1. Don’t forget his shore house, country club membership, and vacations to Florida, etc.
      Oh, and he’s also a “professor” at St. Joe’s.

      1. Hey… don’t forget he’s a LAWYER …as he constantly tells listeners, albeit – not a practicing lawyer and probably has never practiced law. And he did a terrible Phillies post-game tv show on PHL — the one who stumbled with his script and had the expression of a deer in headlights.

    2. innes is self-deprecating? he’s a whiny little sh** always complaining that hes not treated fairly- i listened to him bitch about how he literally didnt get an ice cream cone, when someone else at the station mysteriously had one. this is not a joke, this is a 28 year old man. typical spoiled brat stuff.

      missanelli still sucks more though.

    3. This.

      I used to really like the MM and now I cannot stand him. He’s the guy that thinks he has a lot of friends but secretly every single one of them can’t stand him

  12. What a piece of shit. Part of his spin was to tell Kyle to call someone’s wife and ask about rehab? The fuck does that have to do with anything? Even bigger bitch than I thought. Low rent. Wasn’t he the one who called Bruno a “rat”?. GTFO

  13. Once again, I love the hypocrisy of people who make a living giving an opinion and talking about other people’s lives getting upset when someone comes along and finds a way to monetize talking about their lives. Why are the lives of athletes, both professionally and personally fair game, but not the personalities that cover them?

  14. Yo yo yo , Tony Bruno busted some caps in my ass. That boy don’t play. Dag.

  15. Josh ranted on the story at 2pm. Told Mike to walk away Feb 2016 as Mike said in his last paragraph. Jody is definitely uncomfortable with all this.

    1. This coming from a guy who is welching on a bet with a caller because they didn’t shake hands first.

      I’ve never listened to a sports talk show that was more about the host and his life then we’ll..sports.

  16. I love it that Mike is gleeful and some people are discussing the demise of “teats.” Trust me he is not going anywhere and Kyle has missed a solid point about what happened at WIP this week: It was radio gold. Josh isn’t crying in a room somewhere and Bloom isn’t either. They’re gleeful. They know that all the attention paid to this story as it was happening meant more and more people were tuning in to see…”what happens next?”

    It was radio gold and now the best part of it is that Josh’s show will be known, as it already is, as controversial, edgy and best of all the show where things can happen unexpectedly and no matter what you think of Innes, and you can loathe his style all you want, industry people know that controversy either positive or negative is a good thing and never a bad thing. Mike, it’s all snores over on your end of the dial buddy and you’re going to keep losing to the “clowns.”

    1. I can assure you they weren’t gleeful about this. Short-terms ratings bumps don’t solve the problem of them not having a co-host.

      1. They’ll fill that co-host spot within two weeks. I like Bruno. But, that show was driven by Innes. This was a huge win for WIP.

      2. I think the worst thing WIP can do is give him another co-host. Isn’t Jody Mac soon partnering up with Macnow? Innes needs to be by himself with a limited partner/producer that doesn’t interject much. Or give him a younger guy to be with like Reigner (who i hate) but at least it’s a guy who is less likely to be offended when Innes asks him if he’d still bone Madonna or something

      3. Kyle, seriously Bruno may be a cool cat, but he brought NOTHING to the show. Jody can step right in, they seem to have very good chemistry. The ratings ( which I’m apparently not smart enough to understand) will bear this out. Great job covering all of this, it’s must read stuff.

    2. But if it’s true that Innes is wondering on air if his adult co-host wants to have sex with minors, the controversial and edgy quotient will max out when Innes is perp walked out the studio door.

  17. Jody takes a step back when josh talks shit, but when they talk sports they’re really good together. Jody seems to legitimately enjoy being on with Josh.

    1. Jody also seems to legitimately enjoy being on with George from the Northeast.

    2. False. Jody like being on the radio and having some solid work. Can you imagine Jody joining along when Teats is trolling or going at someone who is clearly intoxicated on air? There is no way Jody could deal in the long haul. Teats needs to be paired with someone younger or no one at all.. or a retired athlete trying to make it on radio. Someone like say my former teammate Hollis Thomas. Josh will get exactly what he wants, the heheheheheh after everything he says and no one to interrupt him.

      1. They should bring Craig Carton back. That would be a good fit, but Carton loves to talk too. Him and Boomer are mornings in NY and they have a similar dynamic that Josh and Tony had.

        1. I’ll never understand how that show is #1……they never talk, it’s always commercials. and then when they do discuss something they never know anything about the subject and have to ask their producer to look up all this stuff. Boomer never shuts the fuck up about his kid’s hockey games and Carton is the worst kind of New York sports fan as he drools all over Melo’s nutsack, he also thinks he’s hilarious but his jokes just fall flat….another 40 yeard old who thinks he’s still in high school

  18. i remember when mcnabb was here and stated he was leader of this team. MM went on telling everyone that a true leader or person in charge doesn’t have to let everyone know they are the leader. Isn’t he doing this exact thing by telling us he is ” the man of the people ” if he truly was then he wouldn’t need to remind us. His act is played out in this town along with the jackass cataldi and the pompous ass gargano. Josh innes is destined to take over the morning show on wip as soon as bloom and ray field pull there heads out of cataldis ass long enough to look around and realize he is the breath of fresh air this town needs.

  19. Mike Miss suffers from small wiener syndrome. Doctors can confirm he has a one inch weiner. Mike miss will not be in this weekends world masterbation championship at the sugar house casino.

  20. Read that FiveThirtyEight article on ratings…. that’s a pretty unreliable and narrow way to judge an entire industry.

    Kyle – Any thoughts on either station using a Voltaire like they talked about at the end? Not sure exactly how it works, but let’s say it could be switched on and off throughout the day. Would you put it past a snake to buy one and turn it on only during his new show? Just a thought…

  21. I would tell you to go talk to my wife, but she slept with everybody in site and then dumped my loser ass. Then I would cry into the loving arms of Steve Fredericks.

    Remember that one time when I physically went after Cataldi?
    Remember that one time when I got into a fight with someone at Chickies?
    Remember that one time when I got into a fight with someone at Wing Bowl?
    Remember that one time when I sucker punched my producer?
    Remember that one time I got suspended for using h0mophobic slurs towards a listener?

    I’m a man of the people don’t you know

  22. kyle, as a colored American, that gorilla picture offends. Can you please take it down?

    You got aids!

    1. As someone who has aids, your statement offends me. Please refrain from saying that in the near future. Thank you.

  23. This whole #radiowars fascinates me, is there any truth to the speculation that WIP and 97.5 cater to different demographics?

    People comment on here all the time that Mike brags about his houses and cars and I don’t get that at all, and I’ve listened to Mike for several years. On the other hand you have people praising Josh‘s style and how he “rules” and is “waaay better” than Mike, but to me and others Josh’s style is a turnoff. Not to mention the debauchery that WIP hosts each year around the super bowl. I just think each station has a different demographic they cater to with a little cross-over between both.

  24. Mike really does come off as a pompous baby in this piece…and it reads like it was copy edited by Brace.

    1. Yo Johnny Marxes I applyed for dat copy editor job but never got a interview!

  25. WTF. All of you debating which show “won” or is “better” Please put a bullet in your own heads. This would greatly improve the gene pool for the future generations of this country.

      1. I wish I used that douchenozzle hooked up to a garden hose the night you were conceived. BTW your father still wishes he made to the condom drawer that night…

  26. Holy shit “man of the people”, This fucker can’t go an hour without telling everyone how great of a guy he is. It’s either boasting about something he did or is going to do for somebody, letting everyone know what’s going on down at his shore house, mentioning he drives a Benz ( i know it’s a sponsor, but he clearly takes advantage of that for his own self-indulgence) or he’s bitching about what someone else did that he felt was offensive or oppressive and preaches how everyone can do better and let’s not forget his underrated flaw of name-droping. He’s like Stephen A on Percocet. He is exactly what he says he despises….an elitist.

  27. Not a big Josh fan…but he is somewhat responsible for Gargano, Ellis, Brace, Shander and Bruno for losing/giving up on their gigs. Impressive for an ‘outsider’ to do in a short amount of time.

    1. Exactly! He’s a steamroller …trouble is he has vision issues — he can’t differentiate between the enemy and his own co-workers. Check out what the people in Houston think about him. They were having parties when he left town.

  28. I used to listen to Mike a couple years back when the teams were better and he talked about sports. But now with no sports to discuss, it turns into 4 hours of liberal talk radio, like a Bill O’Reilly but left wing. Havent heard 1 show since football season ended.

  29. Obviously Mike knows he is cooked. Claiming victory while losing on the scoreboard is weak. I guess he had to grab a pretend win when he had his only chance.

    Mike calling people immature? Seriously, “bro” you are about as childish as it gets old man.

    Glory days pass you by, Mike. You can listen to Alt and dye your hair, but you are just an old man in 4th place.

    Congrats on the “win”.

    Really objective blog entry.

  30. He’s a man of the people alright. Rich white people,who pretend they care about poor black people.

  31. Anyone see Jillian Mele’s tits this morning? Rock hard Peperoni nipples!

    Think angry Rob Ellis is hittin that?

  32. MM: Joe from Mayfair, you’re on 97.5 the Fanatic
    Joe: Hey, Mike, long time first time
    MM: Thanks
    Joe: So do you think we will trade Hamels to the Red Sox or Dodgers?
    MM: Who knows, did you want to make a comment on the topic of the day regarding (fill in the blank minority group) should be helped and if you disagree you need to look within?
    Joe: Ahh, no..
    MM: Fine, here is your general knowledge question, the category is “Fish swim in this”. Oh, before you answer, let me tell you about a new alt band i found looking in my daughter’s iphone.

    1. Haha, fish swim in this. The general knowledge bit is so fucking lame at this point

  33. I don’t listen to this leftist hack’s show since he started to infuse his political views. Can anyone tell me if he commented on the illegal alien who murdered the woman in cold blood on a pier in San Fransisco? I’m guessing he’s as silent as a virgin in a confessional.

    1. I haven’t listened to MM’s show much because I find him arrogant and not the least bit entertaining. I still recall when he was partnered with Eskin and he was crying because Howard was mean to him. He walked off the show. Real tough guy. Bet you won’t hear him mention that chapter in his career.
      And, now that I know he’s a left wing nut. I’m even more comfortable with my choice to listen to WIP or music

  34. Great Scott!

    I turned on WIP for a few minutes and heard Teats talking about holding a radio funeral for Missanelli. Then I flip on the History of Howard Stern on Sirius and hear a 1991 Howard ripping people for ripping him off.

    Apparently that hasn’t stopped.

    1. He can do that but shouldn’t expect the turnout Howard Stern got here – Howard was a really big, mainstream show at the time. Everyone in Philadelphia does not listen to sports radio or even know who these people are.

  35. Mike you are not a true philadelphian you lost. You didn’t beat Bruno he went out on top. Your in a no win situation if you beat Innis you only did it because Bruno was gone and if you continue to lose your still a loser. Mike your so sad

    1. Bruno left without notice; hardly going out on top more like running away. Today someone on the morning show (caller) nominated Innes for weasel of the week because he can’t work with anyone. Howard Eskin was filling in for Angelo and started a big defense for Innes saying he is bright and talented while the rest of the hosts did not say much. Howard says he does not have any trouble getting along with him; he is too much of an egotist to realize that the only reason Innes is friendly with him is because he is Spike Eskin’s father.

  36. The good days are gone. Bruno and Mayes mid-day, Bruno loses his damn mind every other day at the “crossover”. Innes and Mike Miss have run Bruno out of the business. That’s kind of a shame.

  37. Someone has to edit the opening theme song to MM show. Nothing that local rapper says is true anymore.

    1. Sports talk is the League, and Mikey Miss is the LOGO!!! Jerry West is the only person you can compare to the Greatest Sports Talk Host in the History of this great Nation.

  38. Missanelli has a terrible tan and Innes can’t see his dick. That’s all I got


  39. Hey Jody Mac, do me a favor. Stop saying, ‘and the like’ 5 times an hour. Ixnay on the akefey afflay, too. I’m gay.

  40. This got deleted last time: protecting Mike?

    Mike says morning zoo show is childish….Mike actually had a whacky morning zoo show. Hypocrite. Show sucked.

    Mike says ‘would you hit Caitlyn’ is childish. Mike used to do a segment called “Steve Fredericks – would ya?’ Hypocrite again.

    Mike has nothing, but bad ratings and obvious agendas. Mike is now Eskin.

  41. I get it Mike.

    You aren’t losing, but if you are still losing after football season, you will quit.

    See ya.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

  42. I definitely prefer to listen to Josh over Missanelli. If I was dating one that would be a different story – Mike Missanelli easily, great looking guy!

  43. MISEEE thinks he is black and PANDERS to the negro population, Brah ! He also frequently uses the WHITE BOY term so WHY would he never EVER DREAM of saying Black BOY ? Cause he is a PUNK ! He needs to STFU about race, social issues, and pop culture and stick to sports. His hypocritical preaching and Uncle Tom routine is played.
    His ex Wife and mother of his daughter Blew me 4 times. She loves to chew on bones!

  44. josh anus is unlistenable….hopefully he will make his vacation next week PERMANENT!(i can’t believe that he was devoting a sig portion of his show to WRESTLING!U GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!)….if u want to again hear some real serious and entertaining sports talk listen to mac and mac thsi week while anus is (thankfully!)off the air!

  45. I caught Kyle jerking off to a picture of Jeff Francoeur. In a royals uniform. I want my mtv.

  46. The problem with Missanelli is that he’s the worst teammate anyone could ever want. Bruno pretty much confirmed this.

    In the latest example, the two shows before him apparently have some bit that resembles his Sound Off show-closer and when one of his callers complained that those shows needed to stop copying his stuff, he basically agreed. The Fanatic is in desperate need of traction — especially with their non-Missanelli hosted shows — and he’s not even willing to give the other shows on his own station a pass. He’s a douche.

    I still hate Innes more, though.

  47. Hi, I’m major leaguer Chase Utley. When I’m not watching film, taking infield or hitting .181 I jerk off stray dogs. My wife, Jen, loves the taste of pooch semen. I know Mike Miss’ daughter. She’s a whore.
    I don’t like black people.

  48. Great show today , bo. You’ll have double digit listeners soon,, bo.

  49. I love these cats that think my bits are fresh and edgy. I can’t believe they have no clue I’m a total copycat. Let me RT more of my hate, it gets me the kind attention I only got from Grammy growing up

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